How to Make YouTube Dark Mode Step by Step With Photos

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How to Make YouTube Dark Mode Step by Step With Photos

Dark mode is priceless when using your device at night or dimly-lit environment. Most apps and websites support dark mode, and YouTube has recently joined the club. Youtube’s dark mode lets you enjoy your videos without the annoying bright screen glare in the background. This way, you can watch videos for hours without straining your eyes. If you’d like to enable this feature but don’t know what to do, don’t fret. Our step-by-step guide will show you how to make YouTube dark mode.

#1. YouTube Dark Mode on Your Computer

Now that you know why YouTube dark mode is essential, it is time to learn how to go about it. Fortunately, this feature is available when using YouTube on your iOS device, Android device, or computer. 

If accessing YouTube on your computer, you can turn it to dark mode either by adjusting YouTube settings, installing a dark mode extension, or changing your system’s default theme. Here is how to go about each of these modes. 

Method 1: Adjusting YouTube’s Settings

Step 1: Log into YouTube.com 

Sign in to continue to YouTube with your Google account.

Open your browser and search www.youtube.com. If you are already logged on to that device, it opens directly to your YouTube home page. Otherwise, enter your Google account details to continue to YouTube. 

Step 2: Open device themes 

Select Appearance: Device theme.

Click your profile icon at the top right corner of the YouTube home page. On the drop-down menu, select Appearance: Device theme. 

Step 3: Set Dark Theme 

Select dark theme.

Under Appearance: Device theme, you get a menu with three options. Select the middle option, which is the dark theme. 

After selecting a dark theme, the YouTube page will reload and open with a dark background. However, YouTube follows the device theme by default. Therefore, this dark theme will apply only to this computer but is not saved to your Google account. You must update the setting when you use YouTube on another computer

To see this method in action check out the video below which walks you through the process.

Method 2: Installing a Dark Mode Extension to Your Browser

You can install a dark mode extension on your browser that will make all your browser pages, including YouTube, in dark mode. Here are the steps for adding a dark mode extension like Dark Reader to your Chrome browser. 

Step 1: Open Chrome’s settings 

Select Settings.

Open the Chrome browser and click on the three lines at the top right corner. On the menu, scroll down and select settings. 

Step 2: Open the Chrome web store

Open the main menu.

Select Open Chrome Web Store.

Under settings, click extensions, the second last option on the left sidebar menu. The extensions open on a new tab. Click the three lines on the top left to open the main menu and select open Chrome web store. 

Step 3: Search for the Dark Reader extension

Search for Dark Reader.

On the Chrome Web Store, search for the dark reader extension in the search bar at the top left. Enter the name and hit enter to search, then select your choice among the results. 

Step 4: Install the extension 

Click Add to Chrome.

After selecting your preferred option, click Add to Chrome on the new page to download and install the extension to Chrome. 

Step 5: The extension is added to Chrome 

You can adjust the Dark Reader extension settings.

The extension is automatically added to Chrome; with it, all your Chrome pages, including YouTube, open in dark mode. You can click the extension to make adjustments or specify sites you don’t want to open in dark mode. 

Method 3: Changing Your Device Theme

By default, YouTube follows the system’s theme settings. Therefore, if your system is set to dark mode, YouTube will open in dark mode. Here is how to change your computer’s theme to dark mode on a Windows computer. 

Step 1: Open the settings app 

Open settings.

Click the search icon at the bottom left of your screen and type settings, then hit enter to open the settings application. 

Step 2: Open color settings 

Select colors.

Under settings, go to personalization, then select a color from the left sidebar menu. 

Step 3: Set dark mode 

Select the dark option.

Check the box to the left of Dark under ‘choose your default Windows mode’ and the one next to dark under “choose your default app mode.’ With this setting, most of your applications, especially those from the Windows store, will turn to dark mode. You can open the YouTube website to see if it obeys the system settings. 

#2. YouTube Dark Mode on Android

If you are using the YouTube app on your Android device, you can turn it to dark mode by adjusting your device settings. However, if you need only YouTube in dark mode, you can adjust the setting in the app. Here is how to go about the two methods.

Method 1: Adjust the Phone’s Settings

Step 1: Open the display settings on your phone 

Open display settings.

Open the list of apps and click settings to access the phone’s settings. In the settings app, scroll down to display. 

Step 2: Turn on dark mode 

Toggle on the dark theme.

Under the display settings, scroll down until you see the dark theme option. This part may vary based on the type of your phone. Some will have it as a Dark theme, others in dark or even night mode. Whatever the setting is, turn it on to activate dark mode on your phone. 

Method 2: Change YouTube Settings

Instead of changing the phone’s theme settings to dark mode, you can adjust YouTube settings through the app. Follow these steps:

Step 1: Open the app and select settings 

Open settings.

Open the YouTube app and click on your profile icon at the top right corner. On the list of options that open, select settings. 

Step 2: Open appearance settings 

Select appearance under general settings.

Under settings, select general, the second option on the list, then select Appearance. 

Step 3: Set to dark theme 

Select the dark theme.

Under appearance, check the box next to the dark theme, and the app will immediately adjust to the dark theme.

How to Make YouTube Dark Mode on iPhone or iPad

In these steps, you can adjust the YouTube app settings on your iPhone or iPad to make YouTube dark. 

Step 1: Open YouTube and turn on the settings 

Select Settings.

Open the YouTube app and click on your profile icon to open a menu. On the menu, click settings. 

Step 2: Select Appearance 

Tap on Appearance.

Under settings, select general, then select appearance on the next menu. 

Step 3: Set the dark mode 

Turn on the dark theme. 

Select the circle to the left of the dark theme to enable this theme on YouTube. Your app will instantly change its interface to dark mode. 

Why Should You Use YouTube Dark Mode?

The dark mode seems cool and sleek, which is why many prefer it to the default light mode. Nevertheless, there are other reasons why switching to dark mode is a great idea. These are: 

Boosts Sleep

Health experts advise avoiding screen time for about two hours before bedtime. Keeping up with this recommendation is easier said than done. By switching to dark mode, you reduce the effects caused by screen time before bedtime. Dark mode has less circadian rhythm interruption compared to light mode, making you sleep better when using your phone in this mode than in light mode. 

Reduces Eye Strain in the Dark

Your eyes struggle to balance light when looking at a bright screen in the dark, thus causing eye strain. YouTube dark mode makes the video background and playlists dark, making it easier for your eyes to reduce eye strain. 

Increases Battery Life

Ideally, your phone requires more battery power to display light than dark mode. Therefore, using YouTube dark mode on your phone is likely to use less battery power than you would when using YouTube light mode. 

Reduce Photophobia

Photophobia is feeling uncomfortable in your eyes when you are in bright light. The condition is usually treated or controlled by avoiding bright light. Now that it could be impossible to quit YouTube, switching to dark mode will significantly reduce the light hitting your eyes, thus avoiding photophobia. 


Dimming your YouTube platform enables you to enjoy the content in a more friendly way to your eyes. Additionally, using apps in dark mode prolongs your battery life and reduces the adverse health effects of long-term screen usage. Use the steps above to help you make YouTube darker on your device. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is YouTube dark by default?

YouTube is not dark by default. Instead, it takes the default computer system settings. However, YouTube can be dark by default if you have a dark mode extension that darkens all browser pages.

Why does YouTube keep switching back to light mode?

The YouTube dark mode settings are not updated in the Account but on a specific device. Therefore, if you open YouTube on a different device whose default mode is light mode, you will have to set YouTube to dark mode again.

Do I need to set YouTube to dark mode every time I log in to the website?

You don’t need to set YouTube to dark mode every time you log in to the website using the same device. If it keeps changing back to light mode, install the dark theme extension for your browser or change the default system theme to dark.

Is dark mode harmful to the eyes?

The dark mode is friendly to the eyes, especially if used in a dark environment. Unfortunately, it causes eye strain if using it in bright light. To avoid eye strain, it is advisable to toggle between dark and light modes based on your environment.

Does YouTube's dark mode affect the color of YouTube images?

YouTube dark mode does not affect the color of YouTube images but instead affects only the background. The images retain their original color and effects after activating dark mode.

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