How to Make Time in Little Alchemy 2: Best Methods Revealed!

how to make sand in little alchemy 2

How to Make Time in Little Alchemy 2: Best Methods Revealed!

Key Points

  • To unlock the time element in Little Alchemy 2, you need to have discovered at least 100 elements out of a possible 720.
  • You can start off by making the cloud, clay, and space elements to unlock more combinations.
  • Once you have access to the time element, you can use it to make over 30 other elements.

Little Alchemy 2 is all about strategically combining elements in ways that make sense. Alternatively, it can be about maniacally mixing them up in a frenzy and seeing what sticks. Either way, the game has a lot of fun to offer, and it’s even better that it can be played on your browser or phone. But there’s actually one element you can’t discover by matching up two of the others. Who would’ve thought? We’re talking about the time element. This is a useful one to have, but there’s a special condition required to unlock it. We’re going to give you all the details you need in order to make time in Little Alchemy 2. Let’s get into it.

How to Make Time in Little Alchemy 2

As we’ve alluded to, there is, in fact, no combo for making time in Little Alchemy 2. It seems strange, right? Instead, the way to unlock this elusive element is to reach a certain requirement. To gain access to time, you need to have discovered at least 100 elements out of a possible 720. Once you’ve done this, the game will notify you that the time element has been unlocked. This is vastly different from most elements in the game, such as sand, milk, stone, or cow. Usually, all you need to do is combine two of the right elements to get the one that you need. But, almost ironically, you’re going to have to put some time into the game to be rewarded with the time element.

Time in Little Alchemy 2.
Once you have 100 elements in your collection, you’ll gain the time element.

The Best Method to Make Time in Little Alchemy 2

Fortunately, it’s not all bad. Since you begin the game with four elements, you only have to discover 96 elements, rather than 100. This may seem like a tall order, so we’re going to give you some tips to help you along the way.

You can start off by making the cloud, clay, and space elements, as these are fairly simple to create and will help you make other combos. Next, making the wood and tool elements is a good idea, not only because they require more steps (and thus unlock more elements), but because they’re very useful in and of themselves. The tool element is especially handy, as you can use it in 58 different combinations!

More Tips and Tricks

This should give you a pretty good base to jump off of. But if you’re itching to unlock the time element, check out the table below for some more combinations that will help you hit that 100 in your collection.

Element 1Element 2Result
PlantFireAsh, Tobacco
HumanHumanLove, Family
SunPlantSunflower, Oxygen
WallBirdBirdhouse, Birdcage
EggSeaRoe, Fish
RainbowBirdPeacock, Toucan
HumanBladeBlood, Corpse
WallGrassFence, Ivy
PressureLavaEruption, Granite
AnimalFlowerBee, Butterfly
BarnLivestockCow, Horse
WindFlowerLeaf, Pollen
WaterChickenDuck, Chicken soup
FlowerContainerGarden, Vase
FarmerTreeFruit, Nuts
ContainerWoodFireplace, Bucket

And there you have it! It might seem like a long-winded process, and, to be honest, it sort of is. But if you follow these steps, the time element will be yours.

Collage with alchemical symbols of four elements - air, earth, water and fire
Other than the four basic elements, you need to collect 96 to get the time element.

What Can I Use the Time Element For?

Luckily, once you have access to time, you can use it in lots of different combos. Basically, anything that transforms with the passage of time is a good candidate for a valid matchup. Check the table next to see all the elements you can make with time.

Element to CombineResult
Dinosaur, PterodactylBird
Electricity, Wheel, Tool, MachineClock
Sun, DawnDay
FamilyFamily tree
Deity*Father time
Dinosaur, Bone, Grave, SkeletonFossil
Sand, Glass, ContainerHourglass
Animal, MonkeyHuman
Story, Fairy taleLegend
Primordial soupLife
Bread, Fruit, VegetableMold
Moon, Day, TwilightNight
Swamp, GrassPeat
Castle, House, Village, City, Skyscraper, Hospital, FarmRuins
Ocean, SeaTide
*Only available in the DLC pack.

How to Make Time in Little Alchemy 2: Wrapping Up

Time is a strange element in Little Alchemy 2, in that it can’t be obtained through the combination of two specific elements. Instead, you must add 100 elements to your collection in order to unlock it. While there are many ways to go about this, we’ve provided an easy-to-follow outline in this article to help you get there. Once you have the time element, you can use it to make over 30 other elements.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I play Little Alchemy 2 on mobile?

Yes, the game is available to play on both mobile devices and the computer. Either go to the App or Play Store to download the app, or play it in a browser.

Why can't I create the time element?

The time element can’t be created by combining elements. It must be unlocked by acquiring at least 100 elements.

How many elements are there to discover?

In total, there are 720 elements to discover in the main game.

What's the quickest way to get the time element?

There are many ways to go about collecting your first 100 elements. However, some of the simplest methods include making the cloud, clay, space, wood, and tool elements, as these are fairly easy to obtain. After this, it’s a good idea to work on getting the house and animal elements, as these are used in lots of other combos.

What combos can I use the time element for?

The time element can be used in almost 40 combos. When things are related through time, i.e., birds and dinosaurs, humans and corpses, plants and trees, the time element can be used to make a combo.

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