How to Make Space in Little Alchemy 2: Combinations to Know

how to make sand in little alchemy 2

How to Make Space in Little Alchemy 2: Combinations to Know

Key Points

  • Little Alchemy 2 is a free game where players mix and match elements to discover new combinations.
  • To make the space element in Little Alchemy 2, players need to combine the solar system and sky elements.
  • Alternative combinations for making space include star and sky, star and sun, star and moon, and solar system and night.
  • Space can be used to create various astrological elements such as galaxy, Cthulhu, meteoroid, space station, spaceship, and more.

While an intense FPS or racing game is always exhilarating, sometimes you want to kick back and chill instead. If you’re looking for a free game to relax with, either on your computer or on the go, Little Alchemy 2 is a good choice. This unassuming title has quite basic mechanics going for it. All you need to do is mix and match elements to discover new combinations, such as plant, wood, stone, and more. Progression does become more difficult, however, as you add more elements to your collection. If you want to collect all 720 elements, you may need some guidance along the way. Creating the space element will help give you lots of more combinations, but many players aren’t sure how to make this element. To this end, we’re revealing the best method for making space in Little Alchemy 2 below.

The Best Method to Make Space in Little Alchemy 2

Overall, space is a pretty quick element to make, but it is quite abstract. Follow the steps below to unlock the element.

Step 1: Create Land

To begin, simply mix two earth elements to get the land element.

Land in Little Alchemy 2.
Make land to begin.

Step 2: Make Continent

Land and land together make the continent element. Go ahead and mix them.

Continent in Little Alchemy 2.
Continent is made with two land elements.

Step 3: Make Planet

What is a planet except for a collection of continents? Well, some other things, to be honest, but in Little Alchemy 2, two continent elements is the answer.

Planet in Little Alchemy 2.
Combine two continent elements to get the planet element.

Step 4: Create Solar System

Planet plus another planet gives you the solar system element.

Solar system
Mix two planets to get solar system.

Step 5: Make Sun

We’re fairly sure you need a sun for a solar system to exist. But this game is pretty flexible. Either way, mix fire and planet to obtain the sun element.

Sun in Little Alchemy 2.
Fire plus planet equals sun.

Step 6: Make Atmosphere

Strangely, you can make planet before atmosphere. For this quick method, though, it makes sense to combine air and planet to make atmosphere.

Next, combine air and planet to make atmosphere.

Step 7: Create Sky

Next, mix air and atmosphere to unlock the sky element.

The sky’s the limit with air and atmosphere.

Step 8: Combine Solar System and Sky

For the last step, combine solar system and sky, and you’ve got the space element.

Your cosmic journey begins by mixing solar system and sky.

Other Combos For Making Space

The method we gave you above is the easiest way to make space, but you can use some different elements if you like. These alternative combos are shown in the table below.

Element 1Element 2
Solar systemNight

What Can Space Be Used For?

A lot of mysterious and astrological elements can be created from the space element. If you want to know what you can make with space, see the table. Although you may have some of these elements already, i.e., sun, part of the challenge of Little Alchemy 2 is discovering all possible combos.

Element to CombineResult
Monster*, Deity*Cthulhu
Star, Solar system, SpaceGalaxy
SwordLight sword
Stone, Rock, BoulderMeteoroid
House, Wall, VillageSpace station
Airplane, Metal, Steel, Pirate ship, Boat, Steamboat, CarSpaceship
Telescope, Sky, Night, SunStar
*Available only in DLC.

How to Make Space in Little Alchemy 2: Wrapping Up

Space is a pretty cool element to have overall. The best way to make it is by using the solar system and sun elements, but most astrological-themed elements can be used to make it one way or another. Once you have space, you can make lots of other elements, too. These include universe, supernova, space station, spaceship, alien, and other intergalactic possibilities.

Summary Table

StepActionResulting Element
Step 1Mix two earth elementsLand
Step 2Mix land and landContinent
Step 3Mix two continent elementsPlanet
Step 4Mix planet and another planetSolar System
Step 5Mix fire and planetSun
Step 6Mix air and planetAtmosphere
Step 7Mix air and atmosphereSky
Step 8Mix solar system and skySpace

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I play Little Alchemy 2 on my phone?

Yes, the game can be played on a browser or downloaded on a mobile device. Just go to the App or Play Store and search.

Is Little Alchemy 2 free to play?

Yes, although there is some DLC that must be paid for, the majority of the game is free.

Are there a lot of elements to discover?

Yes, there are over 700 elements to be collected. 720, to be precise.

How do I make space?

The best way is to combine solar system and sky. However, you can also use star, moon, and night, but it’s easiest to make solar system first.

What can I use space for?

Space can be used to make many things, such as alien, spaceship, space station, light sword, and more.

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