How to Make Someone a Mod on Twitch, in 7 Steps

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How to Make Someone a Mod on Twitch, in 7 Steps

Key Points

  • Twitch mods are essential for managing trolls, answering questions, and moderating your channel.
  • To make someone a mod on Twitch before going live, go to your Creator Dashboard, click on “Community,” then “Roles Manager,” and add the username of your mod.
  • During a live stream, you can make someone a mod by typing a command in the chat and submitting the user’s username.
  • Moderators have the power to moderate your Twitch channel, including managing chats and channel tasks, but it’s important to choose trusted individuals who align with your channel culture.

Twitch is a great place to live stream and gain new and interesting followers. Those who enjoy your content can chat and engage with it. But, unfortunately, so can those who aren’t your biggest fans. That’s why we’re about to show you how to make someone a mod on Twitch.

Picture it: you’re busy running around Tamriel, fighting off the Daedra, and conquering new lands. Then, your chat starts going wild.

You have trolls, your loyal followers start violating Twitch’s guidelines while coming to your defense, and before you know it, you have to stop your gameplay to handle the chaos in your chat.

That’s where Twitch mods come into play. These are the people you can trust the most. They’ll kick the trolls, answer questions, and, well, moderate your Twitch channel so you can focus on what’s important.

Any seasoned streamer will have at least a few mods. And if you’re ready to level up, the following sections will teach you how to add one!

How to Make Someone a Mod on Twitch

There are two ways to add a mod on Twitch. We’ll start with a short tutorial on how to make someone a mod on Twitch before you go live. Naturally, it’s better to assign your mods before you have a problem. So, if you haven’t gone live yet, follow these steps:

Step 1: Go to Your Creator Dashboard

how to make someone a mod on twitch
Accessing the Creator Dashboard.


Start off by going to Twitch’s Creator Dashboard and signing into your account. For those who are unfamiliar with it, you can click on this link and go directly to your dashboard. Or, click on your profile icon on twitch.tv and click the Creator Dashboard option.

Step 2: Click on “Community”

how to make someone a mod on twitch
Selecting “Community” on the left-hand side.


Next, scroll down the page just a bit and click Community on the left-hand side.

Step 3: Click on “Roles Manager”

how to make someone a mod on twitch
Selecting “Roles Manager.”


Three options will drop down. Click the Roles Manager option to keep going.

Step 4: Click on “Add New”

how to make someone a mod on twitch
“Add New” can be found in the top right corner.


The Roles Manager will open and you can click Add New in the top right corner.

Note: If you have no mods, click the Add a Role option in the pop-up window that opens when you click the Roles Manager option.

Step 5: Type the Username of Your Mod

how to make someone a mod on twitch
Typing in the username.


Now, type the name of the person who’s going to be your next mod. If you got their name right, it will appear on the list.

Note: Don’t type the @ symbol. Only type the username.

Step 6: Select Moderator

how to make someone a mod on twitch
Clicking on the Moderator box.


A new pop-up window will appear and you can select the Moderator box to make them a mod.

Step 7: Click “Save”

how to make someone a mod on twitch
Saving changes.


Finally, click Save to ensure that your changes stick. Although it does take a few steps, you now have a new mod on your Twitch channel that can help you perform all sorts of administrative tasks and keep your chat clean.

How to Make Someone a Mod on Twitch During a Live Stream

Assigning moderator roles to your most trusted advisers is even easier if you’re already in a live stream. This is fortunate because sometimes you really need to add a mod quickly. If you’re already in a live stream, follow these steps:

Step 1: Type the Command

how to make someone a mod on twitch
Using the command “/mod.”


Go to your chat and type:


Step 2: Type the Username

how to make someone a mod on twitch
Entering the correct username.


After typing the first part of the command, type the user’s username.

Step 3: Submit the Command

how to make someone a mod on twitch
Tapping the Enter key.


Now, tap Enter on your keyboard.

Your new mod will be automatically promoted and they can now start taking care of channel tasks for you while you continue streaming.

Things to Know About Making Someone a Twitch Mod

Twitch lets creators assign several roles to their most loyal viewers, friends, and contest winners. But what power does the moderator role actually do? As mentioned above, it gives other people the power to moderate your Twitch channel.

Your moderators can take care of these tasks for you:

  • Put users in timeout
  • Ban users from your channel
  • Enable slow mode (if too many people are commenting too quickly)
  • Make your channel subscriber-only (those who aren’t subscribed can’t chat)
  • Put your channel in follower-only mode (only those who are following your channel can chat)
  • Conduct polls

Moderators can’t control your entire Twitch channel, but they do have a lot of power over your chats and how your channel runs. Before you promote someone, ensure they have the same vision for your followers and channel culture.

Unfortunately, mods who are too overzealous with their power often lead to channels losing followers. But if you choose people you trust, you’ll have a fun and entertaining channel with the right balance of moderation and freedom.

Twitch Mods: Wrap-Up

Adding a few mods to your Twitch channel means you get to focus on making content while others focus on basic administrative tasks. Fortunately, Twitch makes it easy to assign mods before you go live, or during your livestream.

Summary Table

Step 1Go to Your Creator Dashboard
Step 2Click on “Community”
Step 3Click on “Roles Manager”
Step 4Click on “Add New”
Step 5Type the Username of Your Mod
Step 6Select Moderator
Step 7Click “Save”

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I remove someone as a Twitch mod?

If one of your mods isn’t as helpful as they could be, or you just aren’t great friends anymore, you can remove them. Follow the steps above to go to the Roles Manager page. Then, click the minus (-) sign to the right of the Moderator.

How do I choose a Twitch mod?

Your mods can be close friends who are happy to donate their time or your most loyal followers who deserve a promotion. You can choose anyone with a Twitch account.

But it is important that your mods understand how you want to run your channel, what behavior isn’t acceptable in your chats, and even Twitch’s community guidelines. Also, they must have a basic understanding of Twitch commands.

What is Mod View?

Mod View is a customizable Twitch site for mods that help them better manage everyday tasks. Your mods can customize tiles making Mod View more like a command center than the standard Twitch site.

How many mods do I need?

The number of mods you need really depends on how often you go live rather than how many followers you have. It can be challenging to find enough people you can trust to adequately fulfill their role.

So, focus on getting a few good mods who can be active every time you go live on Twitch. Even if only one mod is online while you’re streaming, they can slow the chat and limit it to subscribers only to better keep up with all their tasks.

Can my mods put people in timeout?

Yes. Your mods can do nearly anything that you can do. If they need to put someone in timeout, have them use the /timeout username X command in the chat. Replace the username with their Twitch handle. You can also have your mods type seconds to set a timeout period.

How do I see which people are my mods?

You can easily tell your Twitch mods from other users due to the mod badge that appears next to their name in your chat. But you can also see a list of your mods, as well.

Follow the steps above and go to the Roles Manager page. Everyone with assigned roles will appear there. Your mods will have Moderator to the right of their name.

You can also display your mods in the chat for everyone else to see. Type /mods and click the pop-up that appears.

Is there an easy way to teach my mods how to be a mod on Twitch?

Yes. You’re busy and you probably have too many important things to do to teach your mods how to use Twitch. Fortunately, Twitch has a site to help them here.

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