How To Make Someone A Co-Host On Zoom, Step By Step With Photos

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How To Make Someone A Co-Host On Zoom, Step By Step With Photos

Sometimes, you need a little help hosting Zoom meetings. Fortunately, Zoom has many features, including making someone a co-host. Unfortunately, there are a few limitations to who can co-host a meeting, and it takes a few steps to get your Zoom account ready.

We’ll walk you through the steps in a moment! If you’re unfamiliar with Zoom co-hosting, read the next section first, and we’ll teach you some critical information about the feature. If you’re already an expert, scroll down to our tutorials.

Getting Ready to Make Someone a Co-Host on Zoom

If you’re reading this section, it’s likely you are unsure where to start with Zoom co-hosting. But first, we’ll go over the basics before we jump into the steps to make the process as smooth as possible.

Start by downloading the Zoom desktop client, or Zoom Android app from the Google Play Store, or the iOS version from the App Store. The Co-Host option isn’t available to free Zoom subscribers. If you want to add a co-host, you must upgrade your plan. Go to the Zoom website and sign up for one of the paid subscription plans. Lastly, you need to use a compatible Zoom version. If you don’t see the option to co-host in the tutorials below, try to update or delete and reinstall Zoom.

How to Enable the Co-Host Feature on Zoom

Before you can add a Zoom user to help out in meetings, you must enable the feature first. As stated above, you’ll need a paid subscription to use co-hosting. Once you have that, you can go back into your account and turn the feature on. Here is how to do it.

Step 1: Click Account Management

First, go to the Zoom website and sign into your account. Then, click Account Management in the menu to the left.

Under Admin, scroll down and click Account Management.


Step 2: Click Account Settings

The menu will expand, and you can click on Account Settings.

Navigate to Account Settings under Account Management.


Step 3: Toggle the Co-Host Switch On

Scroll down the page to the Co-Host option and toggle the switch to the right so it turns blue.

When you toggle the switch, you’ll be able to add a co-host to your meetings.

Helpful Hint: Use Ctrl+F (on a PC) or Cmd+F on a Mac to type Co-Host in the search bar and arrow down to find the option.

If you’ve already started your Zoom meeting, you must end it then restart it to add a participant as a co-host. But now that the feature is working, scroll down and start your meeting!

How to Make Someone a Co-Host on Zoom- Desktop Guide

You can use Zoom on a web browser or the desktop client to add someone as a co-host on Zoom. However, we’ll cover the desktop client steps in this tutorial because they’ll work for the web browser version too.

If you’re hosting a Zoom meeting on your desktop, follow these steps to add someone as a co-host:

Step 1: Click Participants

Naturally, you must start your Zoom meeting before you can make someone a co-host. After your participants join, click Participants in the menu at the bottom.

Click on Participants at the bottom of the screen.


Step 2: Click More

A new window will appear to the right. Hover your cursor over your co-host’s name. A More option will appear. Click it.

Click on More under your preferred Co-host’s name.


Step 3: Click Make Co-Host

Now, you’ll see the option for Make Co-Host. Click it and confirm by clicking Make Co-Host in the pop-up window.

Under More, there is a drop-down menu with the option, Make Co-host.


Learn the simple steps to elevate your virtual gatherings by adding a co-host. Check out this informative video on how to seamlessly make someone a co-host on Zoom, and enhance your teamwork and engagement during online meetings!

How to Make Someone a Co-Host on Zoom – iOS Guide

Perhaps you’re hosting a meeting on the go and need a little help. Fortunately, you can make someone a co-host on Zoom using an iPhone or iPad too! Simply follow these steps to do it:

Step 1: Tap Participants

Similar to the instructions above, start your meeting and add your co-host. Then, tap Participants at the bottom to open the participants’ window.

Scroll down and tap Participants.


Step 2: Tap the Co-Host

Now, tap the Zoom user you’d like to make a co-host.

Select the person you want to make a co-host from the list of participants.


Step 3: Tap Make Co-Host

Finally, tap Make Co-Host in the pop-up window and confirm.

Tap the option that says, Make-Co host.


How to Make Someone a Co-Host on Zoom – Android Guide

Not all mobile users have an iPhone or iPad. If you have an Android smartphone, you can add someone as a co-host on Zoom while on the go. Here’s how to do it:

Step 1: Tap Participants

Start your meeting and add your participants. After your co-host joins, tap Participants at the bottom to open the menu.

Scroll down and tap Participants at bottom of your screen.


Step 2: Tap the New Co-Host

You’ll see your meeting participants in the list. Tap on the one you want to make your co-host.

Tap on any person you wish to make a co-host in your Zoom meeting.


Step 3: Tap Make Co-Host

Finally, as we did above, tap Make Co-Host.

Scoll down and tap the option, Make Co-host.



Zoom is much easier to navigate and use after enabling a few features. At first, it can be overwhelming, but the features are great and are certainly worth knowing. After you assign your helper, you can get some much-needed help to moderate and manage your Zoom meetings.

Frequently Asked Questions

What can a co-host do on Zoom?

A co-host can do nearly everything that a host can do. They can admit users, start and stop the meeting, utilize breakout rooms, kick participants, and moderate most in-meeting features.

How do I stop someone from being a co-host on Zoom?

If you decide that your co-host isn’t doing a very good job, you can revoke the privileges. Follow the same steps above and tap Remove Co-Host Permission.

Does my co-host need to log into a Zoom account first?

No. You can make any user attending your meeting a co-host.

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