How to Make a Lizard in Little Alchemy 2: Best Methods

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How to Make a Lizard in Little Alchemy 2: Best Methods

Key Points

  • Little Alchemy 2 features over 700 elements, including a variety of animal companions like the lizard.
  • The easiest way to obtain the lizard element is by combining the stone and animal elements.
  • Other methods to make the lizard element include using stone or animal in combination with other elements like rock, swamp, or heat.
  • Once you unlock the lizard element, you can use it to create other reptilian-themed elements like alligator, chameleon, and dragon.

One of the coolest things about Little Alchemy 2 is the sheer variety of elements it features (there are over 700!). Gamers are a diverse bunch, so it’s great that there’s something for everyone. Aside from the collection of abstract concepts (like big and space) and a slew of everyday items (i.e., milk, sand, and clay), there’s an abundance of animal companions to discover as well. The humble cow and goat will please those who are farmers at heart, but supporters of our scaly friends will want to get their hands on the likes of the lizard. Much like the reptilian critter, the process for unlocking this element might be eluding you. To this end, we’re going to show you the easiest way to get the lizard element in Little Alchemy 2, so you can add your desert-dwelling friend to your repertoire.

The Best Method to Make Lizard in Little Alchemy 2

The method for making the lizard element might not be easy to guess, but once you have the steps, it doesn’t take too long at all. Check out the method below for the quickest way to obtain the lizard.

Step 1: Combine Air and Air

Mix two air elements, and you get pressure.

Pressure in Little Alchemy 2.
First, mix air and air.

Step 2: Mix Earth and Pressure

For this step, combine pressure and the earth element. This unlocks the stone element.

Stone in Little Alchemy 2.
Stone is made from pressure and earth.

Step 3: Make Puddle

Water combines with water to give the puddle element.

Puddle in Little Alchemy 2.
Mix water and water to get puddle.

Step 4: Create Pond

Two bodies of water make a… bigger body of water. Combine puddle and puddle to get pond.

Pond in Little Alchemy 2.
Puddle and puddle make pond.

Step 5: Mix Two Pond Elements

The theme continues. Combine pond with pond to get lake.

Lake in Little Alchemy 2.
Just as before, mix two of the same element to continue.

Step 6: Make Sea

To finish your watery exploration, mix two lakes and you have the sea element.

Sea in Little Alchemy 2.
Combine lake and lake to get the sea element.

Step 7: Get Primitive

Next, combine the sea element and the basic earth element to unlock primordial soup.

Primordial Soup in Little Alchemy 2.
You don’t want to be served this in a restaurant, but it will help you make the lizard element.

Step 8: Combine Primordial Soup and Time

Given some time, life springs out of what was once chaos.

Things liven up once you mix primordial soup with time.

Step 9: Create Land

Earth plus earth gives you land.

Land in Little Alchemy 2.
Earth mixed with earth gives land.

Step 10: Make Animal

You’re almost at the finish line. Mix land and life to get the animal element.

You’re almost done once you mix life and land.

Step 11: Combine Stone and Animal

Since lizards do love to lie around on rocks, this makes enough sense. Mix animal and stone, and you’ve got lizard!

To finish, combine stone and animal to unlock lizard.

How to Unlock the Lizard Element Without Using Time

Using the time element is the most convenient way, but it does require you to have obtained 100 elements already. However, there is another way to follow this method, and it only requires one extra step. Combine fire with another fire element to get the energy element. Luckily, you can simply use energy instead of time in step 8 and still create the life element.

Other Ways to Make Lizard

Most of the methods to make lizard require stone or animal. And the method we described earlier is the easiest one. However, if you want to fill out your encyclopedia with all the combinations possible, check out the table next to see how else you can create your crocodilian confidante.

Element 1Element 2

Combos That Use Lizard

There aren’t a huge number of combos that make use of the lizard element, but it can still be used in a few different ways. See the table below for the lowdown on lizard matchups. Keep in mind that the monster element is only available in the DLC on the mobile version.

Element to CombineResult
Swamp, River, LakeAlligator
Rainbow, Double rainbow!Chameleon
Time, BigDinosaur
Fire, Air, Sky, Airplane, Story, LegendDragon
*DLC only.

How to Make Lizard in Little Alchemy 2: Wrapping Up

Overall, making the lizard element in Little Alchemy 2 isn’t too much of a tedious process. If you follow our quick guide, it’ll only take you 11 combinations to add the lizard to your collection. The best way is to combine the stone and animal elements, although you can use alternatives such as animal and rock, swamp, or heat. If you have access to the egg element, this can also take the place of the animal element. After unlocking lizard, you can use it to make other reptilian-themed elements, such as alligator, chameleon, and even dragon.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I access the Little Alchemy 2 DLC pack?

The DLC is only available on the mobile version. You’ll be able to buy it as an in-app purchase once you download the game.

How much does the DLC cost?

The DLC pack costs $2.99.

How many elements are in the game?

In the main game, there are 720 elements. There are a further 110 elements available in the DLC.

How do I make the lizard element in Little Alchemy 2?

The quickest way is an 11-step process, culminating in combining the stone and animal elements. However, if you have the swamp, rock, or heat, you can use these instead of stone. Or, if you have the egg element, this can be used instead of animal. Potentially, you can use the blood and cold elements, but these usually take longer to unlock.

How do I use the lizard element?

The lizard element can be used to make the dinosaur, alligator, chameleon, dragon, and egg elements. If you have the DLC pack, it can also be combined with monster to get the salamander element.

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