How to Make Life in Little Alchemy 2: What You Need to Know

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How to Make Life in Little Alchemy 2: What You Need to Know

Key Points

  • Life is a key element in the game Little Alchemy 2, and it can be made by combining an ocean, primordial soup, energy, and a volcano.
  • There are two methods to make life in Little Alchemy 2, one involving creating an ocean and the other involving creating a sea and lava.
  • Life can be used to create various interesting items in the game, such as Pinocchio, zombies, and aliens.

Life is one of the key elements in Little Alchemy 2, and we’ll show you how to make it in this article. This game is relaxing and enjoyable. You can combine all sorts of elements to make useful, cute, or creative items.

However, the process of making some of the more complicated things in Little Alchemy 2. Moreover, as someone who loves this game, you’ll get a few insider tips and expert hacks, giving you even more fun and adventure in Little Alchemy 2.

How to Make Life in Little Alchemy 2: Method 1

Go to the Little Alchemy 2 website or open the app. Then, locate the items you’ll need in the menu to the right. Of course, you can also use the search icon in the top right corner of the workspace. Scroll through the steps in the tutorial below and start from the beginning or skip ahead to the step that you need.

Our readers who are in a hurry can use this quick reference guide:

  • Combine six water until you get an ocean.
  • Combine earth and the ocean to make primordial soup.
  • Combine two fire to make energy.
  • Combine the energy and primordial soup to make life.

Step 1: Make an Ocean

Make LIfe Little Alchemy 2
Stack water on top of itself until you get an ocean.


Combine six water to make an Ocean.

Grab a water from the menu on the right. Then, grab another water and drop it on the first. This makes a puddle. Add another water to your puddle to make a pond. Drag and drop another water to make a sea. Finally, drag one more water to make an ocean.

Step 2: Make Primordial Soup

Make Life LIttle Alchemy 2
Primordial soup is one of the key ingredients to making life.


Combine earth and ocean.

Grab the ocean you made in step one or grab it from the menu on the right. Then, add an earth. Little Alchemy 2 will give you a pleasant pop-up, letting you know that you’ve made a new discovery.

You’ve now made primordial soup! This is a key ingredient to making life in Little Alchemy 2.

Step 3: Make Energy

Make Life Little Alchemy 2
Combining two fire makes energy.


Combine two fire.

You’ll also need some energy to make life (metaphorically speaking, the process isn’t that strenuous). Combine two fires to make it happen.

Note: You can also combine atmosphere and fire, which takes longer. If you prefer to do it that way, combine a planet and air to get the atmosphere. Then, add fire.

Step 4: Combine Energy and Primordial Soup

Make Life Little Alchemy 2
Energy and primordial soup make life.


Combine energy and primordial soup.

Finally, grab your two products, energy and primordial soup, and put them together. Now, you have life!

How to Make Life in Little Alchemy 2: 2nd Method

Perhaps you already have a few items and want to know how to make life using what you have. Or you want to make a few more items in the process. No matter your motivations, this is the second method to making life in Little Alchemy 2.

Step 1: Make a Sea

Make Life Little Alchemy 2
Place five water on top of each other to make a sea.


First, make sea. This part is pretty easy. Combine five water to make sea.

Simply grab one water and place another on top. Then, repeat this process until you get sea.

Step 2: Make Lava

Make Life Little Alchemy 2
One fire and one earth make lava.


Next, we’re going to make lava. Grab a fire and put an earth on top of it. Now, you have lava.

Step 3: Make Primordial Soup

Make Life Little Alchemy 2
When you put lava and a sea together, you make primordial soup.


Primordial soup is essentially the life force in Little Alchemy 2. Fortunately, there are several ways to make it. Combine a lava and the sea you’ve made so far to make primordial soup.

Step 4: Make a Volcano

Make Life Little Alchemy 2
When you add earth and fire, you get a volcano.


Now, it’s time to make a volcano. Fortunately, the process is straightforward, and you already have everything you need. Grab earth and put the lava on top. Now, you have a volcano.

Step 5: Make Life

Make Life Little Alchemy 2
Combine the volcano and primordial soup to make life.


Now, take the volcano and primordial soup and put them together. The result will be life! You can continue to build more cool, new items.

Making Life in Little Alchemy 2

There’s more than one way to make life in Little Alchemy 2. All you need is primordial soup and a volcano or energy. Fortunately, those items are relatively easy to make. However, there are more items that make life too.

Check this list out:

  • Primordial Life + Time = Life
  • Lake + Lightning = Life
  • Ocean + Lightning = Life
  • Sea + Lightning = Life
  • Lightning + Primordial Soup = Life
  • Primordial Soup + Storm = Life

Making life is incredibly simple when you have the right ingredients. Unlike other items, there’s no shortage of options to make life in Little Alchemy 2. There’s a fast and simple way to make life, no matter what progress you’ve made in the game. Grab the items you’ve already made, and get to work!

Using Life in Little Alchemy 2

You can use life to make even more interesting items in the game. From Pinocchio to zombies and aliens, almost anything is possible. Before we close our tutorial, let’s cover the things you can use life to make:

  • Life + Wood = Pinocchio
  • Life + Time = Death
  • Life + Corpse = Zombie
  • Life + Fire = Phoenix
  • Life + Rainbow = Magic
  • Life + Metal = Robot
  • Life + Galaxy = Alien

Life makes all sorts of fun things. However, we haven’t discovered all of them. Keep trying new combinations and see what you can come up with!

Wrapping Up

Little Alchemy 2 is a bit addictive. You can build so many things, and figuring out what you can build is half the fun. Of course, it’s also a tedious process at times. Fortunately, you have the experts here at History-Computer to give you some guidance. Follow the steps above to make life in Little Alchemy 2. Then, keep combining things until you discover all of them!

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to make life in little alchemy?

Not necessarily. However, if your goal is to make items you’ll need life to create, then of course you will need it. Furthermore, if you want to discover all items, you’ll need to create life.

How do I find out how I made life?

Little Alchemy 2 has an encyclopedia on the left side. Click that and click Items. Then, search for life. The encyclopedia will show you how you made it and other items you’ve created with it.

How do I know if I've made everything possible with life?

The encyclopedia in Little Alchemy will tell you if there are more items you can make. For example, it will say, “5+ undiscovered items.” If you see a disclaimer letting you know there are more things to make, you still have some combining to do.

How many items can I make in Little Alchemy 2?

Currently, there are 720 possible items. However, the developers may add more in the future. You can see how many are possible by clicking the Encyclopedia and going to the Home page.

What's the easiest way to make life in Little Alchemy 2?

The easiest and fastest way to make life is by following the steps in method one. You can do this by starting with the first four elements and quickly complete the process.

Why can't I make life?

Little Alchemy 2 won’t let you make items that you’ve already made. If you combine the objects and they jiggle, it’s because you’ve made life already. Click the magnifying glass icon in the top right corner and type “Life.” You’ll see it appear in the menu on the right.

If you haven’t made life and you continue to run into trouble, click the Contact Us option in the Settings.

How do I find more combinations?

You can use the Hints option on the right, or you can put Life in the workspace and try combining items from the menu on the right.

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