How to Make Godzilla in Little Alchemy 2: Best Methods

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How to Make Godzilla in Little Alchemy 2: Best Methods

Key Points

  • Godzilla is not available in Little Alchemy 2, but there is a Kaiju element that represents the giant monster.
  • To create the Kaiju element, you need to combine the city and dinosaur elements.
  • There are alternative ways to make the Kaiju element, including using the skyscraper or DLC-only monster element.
  • The Kaiju element does not have any combos and is purely for collection purposes.

Who doesn’t love a bit of fantasy now and again? Demons, wizards, gods, and… huge reptiles capable of destroying cities, of course! While many of the concepts that make an appearance in Little Alchemy 2 are relatively mundane, it’s safe to say that some of them are fairly outlandish. Aside from elements like the witch and the vampire, the infamous reptilian monster, Godzilla, has his very own cameo. However, it’s not entirely as you may think. If you’re looking for details on how to make Godzilla in Little Alchemy 2, we’re going to give you all the information you need.

How to Make Godzilla in Little Alchemy 2: The Quickest Combo

At this point, it should be said that technically, Godzilla isn’t available in Little Alchemy 2. While the King of the Monsters is an official element in the prequel, there isn’t one named after him in the second game. However, all hope is not lost. In place of the Godzilla element, we have the “Kaiju” element. This is the general Japanese term used to refer to these impossibly gigantic monsters, as well as the movie genre based on them. As a bonus, the graphic of the Kaiju element does feature an artistic rendition of Godzilla, so this is about as close as we’re going to get. Next, we’re going to reveal the best method for creating the Kaiju element, so stay tuned.

Step 1: Make Pressure

To begin, you’re going to want to combine two air elements to make the pressure element.

Pressure in Little Alchemy 2.
We’re feeling the pressure already.

Step 2: Create Stone

After that, mix your new pressure element with the earth element to unlock the stone element.

Stone in Little Alchemy 2.
Stone is made from earth and pressure.

Step 3: Make Puddle

Back to basics here. Mix two water elements to get puddle.

Puddle in Little Alchemy 2.
Mix water and water to get puddle.

Step 4: Combine Two Puddles to Get Pond

Similar to before, mix two puddle elements and the pond element is yours.

Pond in Little Alchemy 2.
Two puddles make a pond.

Step 5: Make Lake

You’re almost done combining the same elements, we promise. Mix up two pond elements to make lake.

Lake in Little Alchemy 2.
The mixing continues. Combine pond and pond to get lake.

Step 6: Create Sea

Two of the same again here. Combine two lake elements to get the sea element.

Sea in Little Alchemy 2.
Add lake to a second lake to get the sea element.

Step 7: Soup of the Day

If you like soup (or science), you’ll like this one. Mix sea and earth to get the primordial soup element.

Primordial Soup in Little Alchemy 2.
Things get science-y with primordial soup.

Step 8: Create Life

Simply add time to the primordial soup element and you’ve got the life element.

Life in Little Alchemy 2.
You’ve created life itself.

Step 9: Make Land

Add one earth element to another to unlock land.

Land in Little Alchemy 2.
Combine earth and earth to get land.

Step 10: Combine Land and Life

Do this, and you get the animal element. You’re about halfway there.

Animal in Little Alchemy 2.
Next, mix land and life to unlock the animal element.

Step 11: Create Lizard

Animal combines with stone to give you lizard. That seems accurate enough.

Things get scaly when you add animal and stone together.

Step 12: Add Time to Lizard

Given time, lizards become dinosaurs. Sort of.

Dinosaur is made from lizard and time.

Step 13: Make Mud

Water and earth give you mud.

Mud in Little Alchemy 2.
Remember to wipe your feet.

Step 14: Create Brick

Time to put your construction hat on. Mix fire and mud to get the brick element.

Combine mud and fire to get brick.

Step 15: Combine Brick and Brick

Two bricks combined make the wall element. It must be a very small wall.

Make wall out of two bricks. Easy peasy.

Step 16: Make House

Mix two walls and you’ve got the house element.

Two wall elements make house. We’d prefer two more walls and a ceiling, to be honest.

Step 17: Create Village

Again, two of the same give you a new element to play around with. Combine house with another house to get village.

Mix house with another house and you get the village element.

Step 18: Mix Village and Village

Following the same process, we get the city element after mixing two villages.

Combine village and village, and you’ve got a lovely city ready for Godzilla to destroy.

Step 19: Make Kaiju

For the last step, combine city with dinosaur to unlock the Kaiju element. Don’t forget to run for cover.

Simply mix city and dinosaur, and you’re done!

How to Get the Kaiju Element Without Using Time

You’ll notice you needed the time element for step 8. But you won’t have this element if your collection is under 100. Don’t worry, you can still create the huge reptile another way. If you mix two fire elements, you’ll unlock the energy element. Conveniently, you can use energy instead of time and continue with the rest of the steps.

What Can I Use Kaiju For?

As big and intimidating as Godzilla is, unfortunately, the Kaiju element’s utility is pretty underwhelming. There aren’t actually any combos that you can use the element in, so it’s purely for the sake of your collection. Luckily, there are a lot of other elements that are much more useful. Check out our guides on how to make wood, clay, cloud, tool, and big to add more options to your alchemical efforts.

Alternative Ways to Make Kaiju

There are a few different ways to make the Godzilla-themed Kaiju element. Most of them involve the city or skyscraper element, or the DLC-only monster element from the mobile-only Myths and Monsters expansion (available for iOS and Android). But if you’d like to know how to fully round out your collection, check out the table next.

Element 1Element 2
*DLC only.

How to Make Godzilla in Little Alchemy 2: Wrapping Up

Godzilla doesn’t officially feature in Little Alchemy 2, but the Kaiju element is heavily based on the gargantuan reptile. The easiest way to obtain the Kaiju element is by combining the dinosaur and city elements. However, you can also make the reptilian beast by combining dinosaur with skyscraper, legend, or story, or by using the DLC element Monster. Unfortunately, Kaiju can’t be used in any combos itself, but it’s a great and fearsome element to add to your encyclopedia.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I play the Little Alchemy 2 Expansion?

The DLC expansion Myths and Monsters is only available for the mobile app version of the game. While the main game is free, the DLC has a small cost.

What's new in the DLC pack?

The DLC pack gives you four additional elements to start with: Immortality, Monster, Good, and Evil. In addition, over 100 new elements have been added in the expansion, most of them with mythological themes. You can download the DLC at any time while playing the main game.

Is Godzilla available in Little Alchemy 2?

Technically, no. While Godzilla was an element in the first Little Alchemy, there’s no element named Godzilla in the second title. However, there is the Kaiju element, which is heavily based on Godzilla and features a monster graphic that resembles him.

What is a Kaiju?

Kaiju is both the term for the Japanese movie genre featuring gigantic monsters and for the monsters themselves. The first Godzilla film, which came out in 1954, is often considered the first example of a Kaiju movie.

What's the quickest way to make the Godzilla (Kaiju) element?

To make the Kaiju element, the best method is to combine the dinosaur and city elements. You can also combine dinosaur with skyscraper, legend, or story, or use the monster element from the DLC pack in a similar way. These alternative methods aren’t as quick but are useful to know if you want to complete your encyclopedia.

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