How to Make Evil in Little Alchemy 2: Key Combinations

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How to Make Evil in Little Alchemy 2: Key Combinations

Key Points

  • The evil element in Little Alchemy 2 is available from the beginning if you purchase the DLC Myths and Monsters pack.
  • To create evil, mix the human and Pandora’s box elements.
  • To make Pandora’s box, you need to create the philosophy element and then combine it with the house element.
  • Evil can be used in various combinations to create elements like necromancer, elf, hellhound, demon, and more.

There’s a lot of whimsical fun to be had in Little Alchemy 2. Making cute elements like milk, cow, and dog is part of the fun. But so are deep concepts like space, big, and even evil itself! Yes, malice in all its forms is available for collection, but there are a few steps required to create or access it. Read on to find out the best ways to make the evil element in Little Alchemy 2!

The Quick Way to Make Evil in Little Alchemy 2

It might surprise you, but the fastest method for creating the evil element is… not to create it at all! Yes, this element is available from the beginning. But this isn’t the case when downloading the main game. Rather, if you purchase the DLC Myths and Monsters pack, evil will be granted to you immediately. In other words, without buying the DLC, you can’t access the evil element at all.

If you’ve decided you’re ready to invest in the extra content, you’ll find the option within the “Store” tab on the mobile version. For iOS, the store can be found in the top-left corner. On Android, the store’s located at the bottom. Tap this, and then hit the “Purchase” option.

Little Alchemy 2 store.
The Android version of the in-app store.

Combos to Make Evil

Although evil is available with the DLC, there’s actually one combo to create it that you can use once you have it. This may seem pointless, but the game records all possible combinations found in your encyclopedia. Therefore, you may want to do this if you’re a completionist. To create evil, mix the human and Pandora’s box elements.

How to Make Pandora’s Box in Little Alchemy 2

If you’re curious about how to make Pandora’s box, check out this section.

Step 1: Make Philosophy

For the quickest method, it’s a good idea to use our guide for making the big element. However, you don’t actually need to complete the final step – you just need the philosophy element. All in all, this process takes 23 steps. If you’re going to do that, you may as well combine philosophy with planet to unlock the big element. But the choice is yours!

Philosophy in Little Alchemy 2.
Use human and idea to make philosophy.

Step 2: Create Brick

Next, combine the fire and mud elements to make the brick element.

Fire and mud make brick.

Step 3: Create Wall

After this, mix two bricks to get the wall element.

Combine two bricks to get the wall element.

Step 4: Make House

Use the same process but with two wall elements to make house.

Add one wall element to another to unlock the house element.

Step 5: Get Container

If you mix house with philosophy, you get the container element.

Add philosophy to house to get the container element.

Step 6: Make Pandora’s Box

To finish, combine container with the good element (from the DLC) to get Pandora’s box. You can then combine this with human to make the evil element.

How to Use the Evil Element

Luckily, evil can be used in quite a lot of combos. Unsurprisingly, most of these are pretty fearsome entities. See the table below for suggestions on how to use the evil element.

Element to CombineResult
Fruit, Fruit treeApple of discord
Immortality, Deity, AngelDemon
House, HeavenHell
Dog, Wolf, AnimalHellhound
Wizard, WitchNecromancer
Container, BoxPandora’s box

How to Make Evil in Little Alchemy 2: Wrapping Up

You don’t have to create evil to access it, since it’s a starting element in the DLC pack. However, you can mix human and Pandora’s box to record the combination in your encyclopedia. Once you have evil, you can use it to form lots of other elements, such as necromancer, elf, hellhound, demon, and more.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I have to pay for the DLC?

Yes, the DLC costs $2.99.

How do I access the DLC?

The DLC content is only available on the mobile versions currently. You’ll need to download the mobile app from the Play or App Store.

What elements do you begin with in the DLC?

The extra starting elements in Myths and Monsters are good, evil, immortality, and monster.

How do I make evil?

Although evil is available instantly if you buy the DLC, you can make it by combining human and Pandora’s box.

What combos can evil be used for?

Evil can be used in 12 combos in total, including necromancer, orc, goblin, and more.

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