How to Make Dog in Little Alchemy 2: Key Combinations

how to make sand in little alchemy 2

How to Make Dog in Little Alchemy 2: Key Combinations

Key Points

  • The easiest method to make the dog element in Little Alchemy 2 requires 18 steps.
  • To make the dog element, you need to combine the wolf and field elements.
  • Alternative combos to make the dog element include wolf with domestication, farm, campfire, farmer, barn, or bone.
  • The dog element can be used to make other animal or canine-themed elements such as husky, seal, fox, and hellhound.

Animal lovers will be happy to know that a good chunk of the elements in Little Alchemy 2 are based around our furry (and not-so-furry) friends. If you find cows delightful, you’re in luck. Similarly, if reptiles are your thing, there are lizard and dragon for that. If you have a penchant for pheasants, well, they’re not included, sorry. But of course, a man’s best friend has to make an appearance. What isn’t to love about dogs? Their floppy ears, adoring gaze, wagging tails… not to mention the elements you can create with them! The last one was pretty specific to this game, but it’s a handy trait to have. If you want to know the best way to make the dog element in Little Alchemy 2, we lay the quickest strategy out below.

The Easiest Method to Make Dog in Little Alchemy 2

Overall, there are 18 steps required to make dog. This may seem like a lot, but we’re going to break it down for you. Just follow the process and you’ll have the dog element in no time.

Step 1: Make Puddle

To start, you want to mix two water elements. This gives you the puddle element. That was easy enough, right?

Start by mixing water with water.

Step 2: Mix Puddle and Puddle

The next few steps follow the same sort of logic. Combine puddle with puddle to get pond.

Pond is made from two puddles.

Step 3: Make Lake

Add a pond to another pond to get lake.

Same again here. Mix pond and pond to get lake.

Step 4: Create Sea

Mix two lake elements to create the sea element. That’s enough of the water elements for now.

Sea is created using two lake elements.

Step 5: Combine Earth and Sea

If you combine earth with the sea element, you make a non-edible soup. Also known as primordial soup.

Primordial Soup in Little Alchemy 2.
Combine sea with earth.

Step 6: Give the Soup Some Time

Do this to get the life element. If you don’t have time (you need 100 elements), you can use energy instead (formed by mixing fire with fire).

Life in Little Alchemy 2.
Add time to primordial soup to get life.

Step 7: Mix Earth With Earth

Just as you did with water, but with earth this time. Combining two earth elements makes the land element.

Land in Little Alchemy 2.
Earth plus earth gives you land.

Step 8: Create Continent

Again, mix two of the same to get the continent element.

Continent in Little Alchemy 2.
Combine two land elements to unlock the continent element.

Step 9: Make Planet

What do you get when you combine two continents? Well, usually not a planet, but in Little Alchemy 2, that’s how it works.

Planet in Little Alchemy 2.
Two continents makes a planet. Apparently.

Step 10: Create Moon

If the moon can be said to be a rock in the sky, then we guess that’s the same as combining stone and planet. Not really, though.

Planet and stone make moon.

Step 11: Make Animal

Animals live on land, so this one tracks. Mix land and life to get animal.

Animal in Little Alchemy 2.
Mix land and life to get the animal element.

Step 12: Combine Animal and Moon

Mix the previous two elements to get the wolf. We’re getting closer to our canine companion! There are still six more steps, though, to be completely honest.

The dog’s ancestor.

Step 13: Make Pressure

If you weren’t already feeling the pressure, you will be now. Combine two air elements for this step.

Pressure in Little Alchemy 2.
Air and air make pressure.

Step 14: Solid as a Rock

Technically, we’re making the stone element, not the rock element. Mix earth and pressure to get stone.

Stone in Little Alchemy 2.
Create stone by combining pressure and earth.

Step 15: Create Metal

Heat up that stone to form the metal element.

Metal in Little Alchemy 2.
Things get metallic when you add fire to stone.

Step 16: Combine Metal and Earth

Rub some earth on the metal element to get the plow element. Or something like that. Either way, let’s press on.

Plow in Little Alchemy 2.
Ready for some farming? You will be when you mix earth with metal.

Step 17: Make Field

Plow the earth to turn it into a field. Nice.

Field in Little Alchemy 2.
There’s only one more step.

Step 18: Combine Wolf and Field to Get Dog

Lastly, mix field with wolf, and you’ve finally got the dog element.

Say hello to your little friend.

How Else Can I Make the Dog Element?

Whichever method you choose to make dog, you’re going to need the wolf element. There’s no way of getting around that. But if you want to complete your encyclopedia, check out these alternative combos. It’s worth noting that every combo you make is recorded by the game, even if it’s for an element you already have.

Element 1Element 2

How to Use Dog

In the grand scheme of things, dog can’t make too many other elements. Nonetheless, it’s handy for making some that can be hard to get. Check out the table in this section for combos involving dog. Bear in mind that the asterisked elements are only available in the paid DLC pack for the mobile version.

Element to CombineResult
Internet, ComputerDoge
House, Wall, ContainerDoghouse
Chicken, Chicken coopFox
Demon*, Evil*, Hell*Hellhound
Snow, Ice, Antarctica, Arctic, Blizzard, GlacierHusky
Sea, Ocean, Arctic, Water, LakeSeal
Animal, Forest, BloodWolf
*Only accessible in the DLC pack.

How to Make Dog in Little Alchemy 2: Wrapping Up

Overall, dog is a useful element to make other animal or canine-themed elements. The best way is to combine the wolf and field elements. There are alternative combos, but they all involve the wolf element. You can even use the dog element to form the wolf element again if you want to record all possible combos. All in all, dog takes a minimum of 18 steps to create. The dog element can be used to make elements like husky, seal, fox, hellhound, and more.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I get the Little Alchemy 2 DLC pack?

The DLC, Myths and Monsters, is only available on the mobile version. To access it, you’ll need to be playing on the Android or iOS app. You can then purchase the DLC from within the app.

Is Little Alchemy 2 free?

Yes, the main game is free. The DLC pack is available for a cost of $2.99.

What's the easiest way to make dog?

The best way involves 18 steps, finishing with mixing wolf and field. Every method requires the wolf element, so you’ll need to make this first if you want to make dog.

How many combinations are required to make dog?

If you follow the quickest method, the dog element takes 18 steps to create.

What elements must I have to make dog?

To make dog, having the wolf element is mandatory. Every possible combo to make dog makes use of the wolf element. However, you can use a few different elements to combine with wolf. The quickest is field, but you can use domestication, farm, campfire, farmer, barn, or bone as well.

How do I make the wolf element?

The best method is to make the animal and moon elements, and then combine them. To make animal, add life to the land element. For moon, the easiest combo is using the stone and planet elements.

How can I use dog?

Dog can be used in 9 combos, one of which requires the DLC pack. Generally, these are animal or dog-themed elements, except the origami element.

How do I get the time element?

You have to collect 100 elements before you can use the time element. There’s no way to create it by combining elements.

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