How to Make Clay in Little Alchemy 2: Combinations to Know

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How to Make Clay in Little Alchemy 2: Combinations to Know

Key Points

  • Little Alchemy 2 is a popular free puzzle game that involves combining elements to create new ones.
  • One of the elements in the game is clay, which can be created by combining mud and stone.
  • There are alternative combinations to create clay in the game, but the four-step method is the easiest.
  • Clay can be combined with other elements to create items such as brick, golem, and pottery.

Little Alchemy 2 came out six years ago, but it’s still a popular free puzzle game today. Whether you’re playing through your browser or Android/iOS, the premise remains the same. The objective is to click and drag (or tap, as it were) different elements and place them on top of each other. If the combination you’ve chosen is valid, you’ll obtain a new element, which may have combinations itself. This process is repeated, and more of the 720 elements are discovered. Although they’re called “elements”, many of them are not quite elemental. Items like milk and sand make appearances, but abstract ideas like the concept of “big” pop up too. One such element is clay. You can use clay in many combos, but you have to unlock it first. If you’re stuck on this, read on to find out how to make clay in Little Alchemy 2.

The Best Way to Make Clay in Little Alchemy 2

As far as elements go, clay isn’t as hard to create as others are. We’re going to show you the easiest method for making clay next, step-by-step.

Step 1: Make Mud

To start the process, combine the water and earth elements to get the mud element.

Mud in Little Alchemy 2.
Make mud to begin the process.

Step 2: Under Pressure

Next, add air to a second air element to unlock the pressure element.

Pressure in Little Alchemy 2.
Mix air with air to get pressure.

Step 3: Hard as Stone

The third step is to add the earth element to your newly created pressure element. This nets you the stone element.

Stone in Little Alchemy 2.
Pressure and earth make stone.

Step 4: Create Clay

The fourth and final step is to add mud (from the first step) to stone from the previous step. This will unlock the clay element.

Clay in Little Alchemy 2.
To make clay, mix stone and mud.

Different Methods for Making Clay in Little Alchemy 2

The four-step method above is the easiest way to make clay, but there are a few different combinations you can use instead if you wish. They’ll take more steps, but the best part about Little Alchemy 2 is that you can experiment however you like. The table below shows alternative combos for making clay.

Element 1Element 2

What Can I Make With Clay?

You can combine clay with many other elements. See the following table for combos involving clay.

Element to CombineResult

How to Make Clay in Little Alchemy 2: Wrapping Up

Clay is simple to make in Little Alchemy 2 once you know the best methods. Overall, it takes only four steps to make clay, although you can use alternative methods if you want to. The clay element is mostly used to make the human element, but there are a few other elements that it can produce as well.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I play Little Alchemy 2?

You can play Little Alchemy 2 on the web with a browser, or by downloading it from the App Store (for iOS) or Play Store (for Android).

What is the goal of Little Alchemy 2?

The main goal of the game is to create and discover as many different elements as you can. This is done by clicking or tapping an element, and dragging it on top of another one. If the combination is valid, then they will combine to create a new element. This can then be used in conjunction with other elements to make more elements.

Is Little Alchemy 2 free?

Yes, the game is free to play, although there is some additional DLC content that’s available for a price.

How many elements are there in Little Alchemy 2?

Overall, there are 720 elements in the game.


How do I make clay?

You can make it through four steps, ending with combining mud and stone. However, you can also make it using the mineral or rock elements, if you have those in your collection.

Are there any other methods for making clay?

Yes, there are some alternative combinations you can use to make the clay element. You can combine mud with sand instead of stone to make clay. If you have the mineral element, you can combine it with sand or rock. And if you have the liquid element, this can be mixed with either rock or stone.

What can I make with clay?

Clay can be used to make many elements, including human, golem, pottery, potter, and soap.

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