How to Make Chrome the Default Browser in 5 Steps, with Examples

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How to Make Chrome the Default Browser in 5 Steps, with Examples

Key Points

  • Chrome is a popular browser that can be easily set as the default browser on PCs, smartphones, and tablets.
  • To make Chrome the default browser on a Windows 11 PC, open the Start Menu, go to Settings, select Default Apps, and choose Google Chrome.
  • On Android devices, access the settings menu, go to Apps, select Choose default apps, and choose Chrome as the default browser.
  • To set Chrome as the default browser on Apple devices, download Chrome from Google’s official site, open Chrome’s settings, choose Default Browser, and select Chrome as the default.

Love it or hate it, Chrome is a very popular browser, but it’s not the only choice. If you want to know how to make Chrome the default browser, we’ll show you how. Whether you’re using the browser on a PC, smartphone, or tablet from Apple, setting it as your primary way to browse the web has never been easier.

How to Make Chrome the Default Browser on Computers

While there are dozens of mobile web browsers, you can find even more designed for use with PCs. To set Chrome as the default browser on a desktop or laptop running Windows 11, follow these steps.

1. Open the Start Menu

With your PC open, open up the Start Menu by clicking on the icon as shown in the screenshot below.

Open the Start Menu on your PC.

2. Choose Settings                                                                                 

Once the Start Menu opens, look for the gear icon at the top of the window and click it to open the Settings menu.

Choose the Gear icon to open the Settings menu.

3. Default Apps

From the Settings menu, click on the three-dash icon at the top left to open a new menu, and choose Apps, then select Default Apps.

Access the Default Apps section from the Settings menu.

4. Select Chrome

In the Set defaults for applications search box, type “Chrome” and choose Google Chrome from the options that appear.

Locate and select Chrome in the Default Apps section.

5. Set Default

At the top of this Window, you’ll see a section that says Make Google Chrome your default browser. Click on the Set default button to the right to save your selection.

Set Chrome as your default browser.

The process is largely the same if you’re still using Windows 10. You need to navigate to Default Apps through the Systems or Apps sections, find Web Browser, and select Google Chrome.

How to Make Chrome the Default Browser on Android

If you rock an Android device, you’re probably familiar with Chrome. You can set it up as the default browser on any smartphone or slate in less than a minute.

1. Access Device Settings

On your Android smartphone or tablet, open the settings menu. You can typically do this through the notification panel, but you can also search for it on your device.

Access your device’s Settings menu.

2. Apps

Scroll through the list of options until you see a section marked Apps, and tap on it to proceed.

Locate and select the Apps section.

3. Choose Default Apps

On the screen, look for a section labeled Choose default apps and tap on it.

Choose the area labeled Default Apps.

4. Browser App

This menu may vary depending on your device, but you need to find and choose Browser App from the Default App section of this screen.

Choose Browser app to open up the next menu.

5. Choose Chrome

Select Chrome as your browser to set it as the default on your Android smartphone or tablet.

Select Chrome as the default browser on Android.

How to Make Chrome Default the Browser on iPhones, iPads and Macs

Safari is set as the default browser on devices from Apple. If you want to set Chrome as the browser, you don’t have to go through the system settings, but the app itself.

1. Download Chrome

The first step to setting up Chrome on any device from Apple is to download it. You can pick it up from Google’s official site if you don’t already have it installed.

Download Chrome for your Apple device.

2. Open Chrome Settings

Tap or click on the Chrome icon to open the browser. Select the three-dot menu to access Chrome’s Settings menu and tap the Gear symbol.

Open Chrome and access the Settings menu.

3. Default Browser

When the Settings menu opens, choose Default Browser from the options on the screen.

Locate and choose Default Brower in the Settings menu.

4. Open Chrome Settings

Under the Default Browser window, look for an option at the bottom that says Open Chrome Settings and choose it to proceed.

Select Open Chrome Settings from the Default Browser menu.

5. Default Browser App

Scroll down until you see the Default Brower App section. Select it and choose Chrome from the options to set the browser as your default.

Set Chrome as the Default web browser.

The Wrap-Up

Chrome is one of the best browsers around, and it’s easy to make Chrome the default browser on any device. It’s just as simple to switch back to another browser if you decide it isn’t for you, or you can run multiple browsers simultaneously.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are there privacy concerns with the Chrome browser?

Privacy concerns can be an issue with Chrome or any browser that collects and shares user data.

Is Google Chrome the best web browser?

It’s among the best, although that’s largely a matter of personal preference and subject to debate.

Is the Chrome browser safe?

Chrome is as safe to use as any browser as long as you keep an eye on your settings and remember to log out of the browser as needed.

When did Google’s Chrome browser get released?

Google released the Chrome browser in 2008.

Is Chrome available for Linux?

Yes, you can download and use Chrome on Linux-based PCs.

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