How to Make Bird in Little Alchemy 2: Key Combinations

how to make sand in little alchemy 2

How to Make Bird in Little Alchemy 2: Key Combinations

Key Points

  • The best method to make bird in Little Alchemy 2 is to combine the animal and air elements.
  • You can also use sky and airplane instead of animal to make bird.
  • Bird can be used in over 30 combinations in the game.
  • The bird element only takes 8 steps to create.

If you’re looking to add some more critters to your Little Alchemy 2 collection, you’ve come to the right place. As well as lizards, dragons, cows, dogs, and goats, there are a lot of elements of the avian variety. Of course, we can talk about owls, pigeons, and even pegasi. But to get access to these creatures, it makes sense to unlock the bird element first. Once you know how to make bird, it won’t take you too long. We’re here to show you the best method to make bird in Little Alchemy 2. Simply follow the steps and get combining!

The Best Way to Make Bird in Little Alchemy 2

All in all, making the bird element isn’t a hard process. In total, it requires nine steps. If you follow the method below, bird will be yours.

Step 1: Make Puddle

To begin, mix water with another water element to make the puddle element.

Puddle in Little Alchemy 2.
The first step is to make puddle.

Step 2: Create the Pond Element

Just as with water, you can combine two puddle elements together. This gives you pond.

Pond in Little Alchemy 2.
Mix two puddles to get pond.

Step 3: Mix Pond With Pond

Carrying on as before, combine two ponds to get lake.

Lake in Little Alchemy 2.
Combine two pond elements to get the lake element.

Step 4: Make Sea

Lake plus lake gives you the sea element.

Sea in Little Alchemy 2.
Sea is made from lake and lake mixed.

Step 5: Serving up Soup

Combine the earth element with your new sea element to get primordial soup. Not so tasty, unfortunately.

Primordial Soup in Little Alchemy 2.
Primordial soup is unlocked by combining earth and sea.

Step 6: Create Life

If you have access to the time element, combine time with the primordial soup element to create life (otherwise, check out our tip in the next section below).

Life in Little Alchemy 2.
Mix time and primordial soup to get life.

Step 7: Get Grounded

Mixing up earth with earth gives you the land element. Don’t worry, there are only two steps left!

Land in Little Alchemy 2.
Earth and earth make land.

Step 8: Mix Life With Land

After this step, you’ve got the animal element.

Animal in Little Alchemy 2.
Add life to land to get the animal element. Almost there!

Step 9: Make Bird

Combine the animal element from the previous step with the air element you began the game with. Now you have the bird element!

Combine animal and air and you have the bird element.

How to Make Bird Without Using Time

The time element is a unique one, in that you can only obtain it by collecting 100 elements. It can’t be created or destroyed… much like energy. Except energy can actually be created in this game and is a good alternative if you don’t have 100 elements yet. Simply mix two fire elements to make energy, and then use it as a stand-in for step 6.

Other Methods to Make Bird

If you want to make bird in the fastest possible way, then the above method is for you. However, if you want to fill out all the combos in your encyclopedia, you might be interested in some alternative combos to make our feathery little friend. See the table below for tips.

Element 1Element 2

How do I Use the Bird Element?

Now that you’ve obtained the bird element, you might be thinking, “What can I use this for?”. That’s what this section will answer. Check out the table for all the combinations that involve bird. There are a lot of them! Keep in mind that any element with * next to it is only available in the mobile DLC expansion, Myths and Monsters.

Element to CombineResult
Metal, Steel, Machine, Steam engine, Train, Car, Boat, Steamboat, SailboatAirplane
Container, Safe, Wall, CageBirdcage
House, WallBirdhouse
OyxgenCarbon dioxide
Domestication, Livestock, Farmer, Farm,BarnChicken
Scarecrow, FieldCrow
Clock, Alarm ClockCuckoo
Water, Pond, LakeDuck
Mountain, Mountain rangeEagle
FishFlying fish
SquirrelFlying squirrel
Flower, Garden, Small, Bee, ButterflyHummingbird
Tree, Hay, Grass, HouseNest
Earth, Sand, BigOstrich
Night, Wizard, Moon, TwilightOwl
Pirate, Pirate shipParrot
Leaf, Rainbow, Double rainbow!Peacock
Horse, UnicornPegasus
Antarctica, Snow, Ice, ColdPenguin
City, Letter, Statue, Skyscraper, VillagePigeon
Sea, Ocean, BeachSeagull
Monster*, Demon*Tengu
Rainbow, Double rainbow!, PalmToucan
Corpse, DesertVulture
Wood, Tree, ForestWoodpecker
*DLC element.

How to Make Bird in Little Alchemy 2: Wrapping Up

Bird is a good element to have. It only takes 8 steps to create and you can use it in over 30 combos! The best method to make bird is to combine the animal and air elements, but you can also use sky and airplane instead. If you have the egg element, this can take the place of animal.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does Little Alchemy 2 have DLC?

Yes, there’s extra content in the Myths and Monsters pack.

How do I access the DLC?

The DLC is only available on the mobile version, and you have to pay a small fee of $2.99.

How many additional elements are in the DLC?

The DLC adds an extra 110 elements to the normal 720 elements.

What's the easiest way to make bird?

The simplest process involves 9 steps, culminating in combining animal and air. You can also use egg instead, and other elements like sky and airplane. But this is by far the quickest.

What can I use bird for?

Bird can be used for a huge number of combos. Over 30, in fact. Most of these are related to birds or flight, such as owl, pigeon, phoenix, flying squirrel, and eagle.

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