How to Make AirPods Discoverable (With Photos)


How to Make AirPods Discoverable (With Photos)

Buying AirPods is exciting, but you must know how to pair them with your device to enjoy long hours of movies and songs. Your AirPods need to be discoverable to connect with different devices in their range. Doing so can help you share audio with your friends and find your AirPods if you have lost them.

Luckily, you can make your AirPods discoverable in many ways. However, remember that not only your Apple devices but your non-Apple devices can also pair with AirPods. So, you need to know the right way to put your AirPods in discoverable mode for each device. 

Wondering how to make AirPods discoverable on your Mac, iPhone, and Android devices? Keep reading this guide to do it flawlessly!

Step 1: Place the AirPods in the Charging Case

If your AirPods are out of their charging case, you must put them back. Make sure both pieces are placed properly in their positions.

Make AirPods Discoverable
First, put both AirPods back into the charging case.

©Karolina Grabowska/Pexels – License

Step 2: Open the Lid

After putting the AirPods in the charging case, keep the lid open. Do not close the lid during this entire process or you will interrupt it.

Make AirPods Discoverable
Make sure your AirPods are securely in their case and leave the lid open.

©HS You/Flickr – License

Step 3: Find the Setup Button on the Charging Case

You may need to turn the charging case so you can see its back. You will see a small “setup” button in the middle of the case. Find and press the setup button.

Make AirPods Disoverable
The setup button is located in the middle on the back of the charging case


©HS You/Flickr – License

Step 4: The Light Will Start Flashing

Once you press the setup button, you will see the white status light on the charging case. This indicates that your AirPods are now in discoverable mode and you can connect them to any device you want.

You can follow these steps to make your AirPods discoverable for Windows PC, iPhone, and Android devices.

Make AirPods Discoverable
Depending on model, the white status light may be on the front of the case or in between the two charging ports on the inside of the case.

©HS You/Flickr – License

How to Know if AirPods Are Discoverable

While a flashing light on the charging case means your AirPods are now discoverable, you can confirm that in another way. Just find your iPhone and open the Settings app. Then, find the Bluetooth option and tap on it. Next, look for your AirPods name under My Devices. 

If you find it listed in the available devices, your AirPods are in the discoverable mode. However, if you can’t find your AirPods name, this means they are not discoverable, and something went wrong in the “how to make AirPods discoverable” process.

You can try finding your AirPods with your iPhone by bringing the case within its range. Turn on your Bluetooth option and see if the case starts flashing white. If it does, your AirPods are now discoverable for all your devices.

Check out this informative video that walks you through the simple steps to make your AirPods discoverable. Whether it’s an iPhone, iPad, or another device, you’ll learn the quick and easy way to ensure seamless pairing for your listening pleasure.

How to Make Your AirPods Discoverable for PlayStation 4

Following the above steps, you can pair any iPhone, Apple, or non-Apple device with your AirPods. AirPods work flawlessly with any Bluetooth-enabled device, meaning you can even connect them to your HDTV, Windows PC, and your gaming consoles. 

However, things are a bit different with gaming consoles like PS4 and Xbox. Xbox, especially, isn’t compatible with the Bluetooth software required to pair the AirPods. Not only that, but its controller will not allow the user to work around it as the PS4 controller does.

Unfortunately, the PS4 also misses some important AirPods connectivity components. You might need to get a PS4 Bluetooth Dongle Adapter to make your AirPods discoverable and connectable to the console. Once you find it, follow the steps below.

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Step 1: Plug in the Bluetooth Adapter

Begin with finding the USB port on your PS4. Then, insert the Bluetooth adapter dongle into the port. 

Make AirPods Discoverable
The PS4 has two USB ports on the front. The Pro version added an additional USB port on the back of the console.

©https://commons.wikimedia.org/w/index.php?curid=43489286 – License

Step 2: A Blue Light Will Flash

When you plug in the adapter, a blue light will start flashing on the console just underneath the USB port. This means it is ready to pair.

Step 3: Bring AirPods Within the Console’s Proximity

Now, bring your AirPods and their case within range of the console. Then, open the lid of the case.

Step 4: Press the Setup Button

Find the setup button on the back of the AirPods charging case and press it. After a few seconds, the AirPods will be discoverable on your PS4. Now you can pair it with the dongle.

Step 5: Insert the Adapter Into the Controller

Finally, insert the 3.5mm adapter into the PS4 controller. This will prompt a notification pop-up on the screen. Click “yes” so your AirPods will pair with the console.

Make AirPods Discoverable
Plug the 3.5mm adapter into the jack on the bottom of the PlayStation 4 controller.


How to Make Your AirPods Discoverable for Nintendo Switch

You can also make your AirPods discoverable for Nintendo Switch. However, like PS4, you must buy a Bluetooth accessory to make it possible. For the Nintendo Switch, you don’t need the same Bluetooth adapter dongle as PS4. Instead, you will need a HomeSpot USB-C Transmitter. 

This Bluetooth adapter features the 5.0 version, along with Qualcomm’s aptX codecs, to ensure latency. Once you get the HomeSpot USB-C Transmitter, follow the steps below to make your AirPods discoverable for the console.

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Step 1: Insert the HomeSpot USB-C Transmitter

First, find the USB Type-C port on your Switch. Then, insert the HomeSpot USB-C transmitter to connect it to the console.

Make AirPods Discoverable
Plug the USB-C transmitter into the USB port located on the bottom of your Switch.


Step 2: Bring AirPods Close

Now, put your AirPods in their charging case and bring them close to the Switch. Again, leave the case lid open during the entire process.

Step 3: Press the Buttons

The next step is to find the setup button on the back of the AirPods charging case. Also, keep an eye on the left button on the HomeSpot USB-C transmitter. Then, simultaneously press and hold the setup button and the transmitter’s left button.

Step 4: A Green Light Will Flash

After a few seconds, a green light will flash in your AirPods’ charging case. This indicates that both of these devices are now discoverable and that they have been paired. Now you’re done!

This process might be a bit complicated, but the good thing is that you won’t have to follow it whenever making your AirPods discoverable on the Switch. Both devices will remember each other and connect automatically when you make your AirPods discoverable.

Make AirPods Discoverable
When the green light flashes on your AirPods case, your devices have been successfully paired.

©Liana Horodetska/Pexels – License

Why Are AirPods Not Becoming Discoverable?

Despite being the best earbuds on the market, AirPods have their issues. In some cases, they may not become discoverable on any of your devices. Other times, they will be discoverable on one device but not discoverable on others. 

Multiple factors can result in this error. For instance, your device can have a faulty Bluetooth connection. It could also b external interference within the range of AirPods and the device. If you are in a place with numerous Bluetooth or wireless signals, move to a different area and turn off Bluetooth on other devices.

To prevent these factors from affecting AirPods performance, ensure that your earbuds are turned on and you are wearing them correctly. Then, check the Bluetooth settings on the device for which you are trying to make them discoverable. Also, ensure your AirPods are in the pairing mode, i.e., they are in the case and the case is flashing white light.


To enjoy your favorite movie on AirPods without external interference, you must know how to make AirPods discoverable on different devices. The AirPods need to be in pairing mode to connect. 

Luckily, the process is the same for all Bluetooth-enabled devices. However, if you want to connect them to your gaming consoles, such as PS4 or Switch, you must buy a separate Bluetooth accessory for each console. We hope that this guide has made everything a breeze for you!

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it necessary to make AirPods discoverable?

Yes, it is necessary to make your AirPods discoverable to stream your favorite video and audio on them. If your AirPods are not discoverable, you cannot pair your Bluetooth-enabled devices with them, and there will be no connection. This means your AirPods will be useless.

Why are AirPods not discoverable?

Your AirPods may not be discoverable if there is a lot of signal interference within your AirPods and device’s range. If that’s the case, try moving to a place with little interruption and turn off Bluetooth on any other devices nearby. If this doesn’t solve the issue, there might be a Bluetooth problem with your device or the AirPods.

Do AirPods flash white when I press the setup button?

The AirPods flash a white light when you press and hold the setup button on the charging case’s back. The flashing white light means that your AirPods are now discoverable and ready to pair with a compatible device.

Why won't my AirPods flash amber or white?

Your airports may not flash white when it is not sufficiently charged. They may also not flash white in case of a pairing error or lots of external signal interference. To solve this issue, ensure that you’re in a better place and your AirPods are connected to a charger.

What color do AirPods flash when paired with the Nintendo Switch?

AirPods flash green when they are discoverable, paired, and connected to your Nintendo Switch.

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