How to Make a Welcome Channel on Discord in 4 Steps

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How to Make a Welcome Channel on Discord in 4 Steps

Key Points

  • A welcome channel on Discord is important for creating a positive user experience and providing guidelines for new members.
  • It serves as a place for members to welcome new users and for server owners to post rules or guidelines.
  • To create a welcome channel on Discord from a PC, you need to add a new channel, set it up, and move it to the top of the channel list.
  • To create a welcome channel on Discord from smartphones, you need to create and name the channel, reorder your channels, and adjust the channel settings.

If you’re wondering how to make a welcome channel on Discord, it couldn’t be easier. It’s often overlooked when people set up a new server, but it is an important part of the user experience. In this guide, we will tell you why everyone should make a welcome channel on Discord and walk you through the steps of setting one up.

What Is a Discord Welcome Channel?

If you’re new to Discord, you may not be familiar with the concept of a welcome channel. It’s not something they mention when you’re setting up a server for the first time. It’s incredibly important, however, unless you want your server like the Wild West with no rules or direction. 

A welcome channel serves multiple purposes on Discord. It gives members a place to welcome new users who join their server. It also provides server owners an area to post rules or guidelines new members should follow. You don’t have to set up a welcome channel on Discord, but it’s highly advised if you plan to operate a public server or allow members to use the invitation system. 

How to Make a Welcome Channel on Discord From a PC

This process covers setting up a welcome channel on Discord from a PC using the official PC app. If you use the web version of Discord, the same steps will work, although our screenshots may appear different from what you see on your screen. 

1. Add a New Channel

With Discord open, go to your server and click on the plus symbol next to the section marked Text Channels. Choose Create Channel from the pop-up menu that appears. 

Welcome channel Discord
You can add channels by clicking on the plus symbol on your server.


2. Creating the Channel

From the new window, choose Text Channel, and then you’ll need to set a channel name. Type “welcome channel” into the box and click Create Channel to proceed. 

discord welcome channel
Name your channel and adjust settings as needed.


3. Move the Channel

Look on the left side of the screen and locate your welcome channel in the Text Channels list. Click and hold on the channel, then drag it to the top of the channel list on your server. 

Locate and move the welcome channel to the top of your list.


4. Set Up Your Channel

After you move the channel to the top of the list, you can use the settings menu to go into the channel and make adjustments. You can set a topic and make other changes for members using the channel. 

Set up permissions and other options for users in the channel.


How to Make a Welcome Channel on Discord From Smartphones

Discord has millions of mobile users across the globe. While some features are unavailable from the mobile app, you can set up new channels, including ones designed to welcome new members. 

1. Create and Name the Channel

On your smartphone or tablet, open the Discord app and go to your server. Under Text Channels, tap on the plus symbol, and a new window will appear. Set the channel’s name, and make sure it’s set to text and public — not private. 

Add a new channel and set the name.


2. Server Settings

Unless invited to a specific channel, new users are sent to the top channel on your server list. To move the channel, go to your server settings menu by tapping on the three-dot icon and choose Settings. From here, choose Channels to open the next menu.

To move your channels, open the server settings menu.


3. Reorder Your Channels

You’ll need to move your welcome channel to the top of the list by tapping the Reorder icon in the top right. Choose Text Channels from the new menu, and then tap/hold to drag the channel to the top of the list. 

Drag the welcome channel to the top of the channel list.


4. Adjust the Channel Settings

If you want to change the settings for your new channel, tap on the channel, choose the people symbol, and then select Settings. This menu allows you to adjust channel permissions, set a cooldown timer, age restriction, and more. 

Set any permissions or options for the welcome channel.


The Wrap-Up

You can set up a welcome channel for Discord users in under a minute, but the impact is everlasting. Just remember to follow these four easy steps:

  1. Add a new channel by going to your server and clicking on the plus symbol.
  2. Create the channel by choosing Text Channel, typing in “welcome channel,” and clicking Create Channel to proceed. 
  3. Move the channel to the top of the channel list on your server.
  4. Set up the channel using the settings menu to go in and make adjustments.

A welcome page is the first glimpse a new user has of the world they are entering online. It’s a great place to welcome them with a friendly emoji and it also allows you to set rules or guidelines for members to follow.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can any channel be a welcome channel on Discord?

Yes, the top text channel on your server list is automatically where new users are directed.

How many channels can you have on a Discord server?

Users can have 500 channels total between both text and voice channels.

What happens if you don’t have a Discord welcome channel set up?

If you don’t use a welcome channel, users who join your server are sent to the #general channel.

Can you limit who enters a welcome channel on a Discord server?

Yes, but you’ll want to add a bot to simplify things on medium to large Discord servers.

Is there a channel limit per category on a Discord server?

At this time, you can have 50 channels per category on a server.

Can you use a bot to greet people in a welcome channel?

Yes, MEE6 is a popular option to use for welcoming users to your Discord server.

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