How to Make a Poll on Discord in 3 Steps

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How to Make a Poll on Discord in 3 Steps

Key Points

  • Voting is popular on Discord, and there are three ways to make a poll: reaction-based polls, creating a poll channel, or using a poll bot.
  • To make a poll using reactions, select a channel, make the poll by typing your question and emoji options, and then add emojis for people to vote with.
  • To create a poll channel, create a new channel, access its settings, and adjust the permissions to only allow voting with emojis.
  • Using a poll bot like Simple Poll by Lukasz Horonziak is another option, where you can find and install the bot from top.gg and set up your first poll using the bot’s instructions.
  • Polls on Discord are a great way to engage users and make decisions in a fun and interactive manner.

Election season is approaching, but you don’t have to wait to let opinions be heard on Discord. Voting is popular on the platform, and if you’re wondering how to make a poll on Discord, you’ve come to the right place.

Discord Polls Explained 

You may think anyone can create polls on Discord, but that isn’t necessarily true. That depends on the server’s permissions. Permissions vary wildly, considering some servers have channels for moderated polls while others allow users to post their own. 

There are also three ways you can make a poll on Discord. You can set up reaction-based polls for any channel or create a channel specifically for polls. There are also a variety of Disord poll bots if you’re interested in setting up something with more bells and whistles on your server.

We’re going to cover all three methods in our guide. While we’re using the Discord desktop app, the same steps will also work from mobile devices

How to Make a Poll on Discord with Emojis

Discord has built-in reactions and emojis that anyone can access. While limited, it’s the easiest way to use a poll in a channel without special permissions. 

1. Select a Channel

Choose a server and channel where you want to post your poll and consider your voting options and emoji choices. 

Select a server and channel where you plan to post your poll.


2. Make the Discord Poll 

Start typing your question and include the emoji options you want people to use for voting. You can jump to the following line by using the Shift+Enter key combo.

Type out your poll question in the channel and include emojis you will use for voting.


3. Add Emojis

After you post the question, you’ll want to add emojis to get people started by selecting using the add reaction feature.

Add reactions to your Discord poll to engage users.


How to Make a Poll Channel on Discord

A special channel is the best choice if you want to allow people to vote in polls but not post them. You won’t be able to try this method unless you’re a moderator with permission or the server’s owner.

1. Create a Channel

Go to the server where you want to create a poll channel. From the text channels list, click on the + icon to create a channel, type in its name, and select Create Channel. 

You can create a new channel specifically for polls on your server.


2. Access Channel Settings

Find your newly created channel in the server channel list on the left side of the screen. Select the Gear icon to access that channel’s settings. 

Access the channel’s settings on your server.


3. Adjust and Save Settings

From this screen, select the Permissions section. To keep members from doing anything in the channel but voting with emojis, you’ll need to scroll through the options and choose the appropriate fields. Save your settings once you are satisfied with your selections. 

Set permissions for the voting channel by checking the appropriate fields.


How to Setup a Poll Bot on Discord

Our favorite way to make a poll on Discord involves using bots. Bots are a great way to liven up a server through games and interactions. They are also used for tasks like security and polls, however. While you can use any poll bot you’d like, we used the aptly named Simple Poll by Lukasz Horonziak.  

1. Find a Poll Bot

The best place to find poll bots, or any bots for Discord, is through top.gg, You can use the search function to see what’s available and read about the program before installing it on your server.

Find a poll bot through top.gg or a verified repository.


2. Install the Poll Bot on Your Server

Once you settle on a bot, choose the Invite button, and you’ll be redirected to Discord. Log in with your account credentials, and then select the server where you want the bot installed. Authorize the permissions, and you’ll see a message telling you when the process is complete. 

Install the poll bot and give it access to your server.


3. Set Up a Poll

Using the bot’s instructions, set up your first poll. In this case, we simply needed to type /poll to bring up a list of options before writing our question. 

Finish setting up the poll bot by following the directions and running your first poll.


The Wrap-Up

As you can see, there are multiple ways to make a poll on Discord, all of which are simple. Polls let your users help decide on issues and ideas for any server. Discord polls also provide a lot of fun when used properly. 

  1. Setting up a Discord poll with emojis is simple. Choose a channel, type your poll question, and then add reactions for users to vote with. 
  2. Serious pollsters can set up a special voting channel by creating a new text channel on their server. Access the new channel’s settings and set the permissions to exclude posts from users.  
  3. Using a poll bot on Discord provides users with more control. You can invite a poll bot to your personal server from top.gg and set it up following the developer’s directions.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does MEE6 have polls or a voting feature?

Yes, this popular Discord bot has several polling features once you dig into the settings.

Is there a way to vote to kick people from a Discord server?

There are several bots that have this feature built-in, although it’s not a common feature due to the potential for abuse.

Can you set up polls on Discord from Android or iOS smartphones?

Yes, our methods will work on mobile phones and tablets.

What’s the best poll bot for Discord servers?

There are dozens of great poll bots for Discord, including Dyno, MEE6, Simple Poll, and others.

Are Discord poll bots safe to use?

Yes, although you need to make sure you get the bot from a reputable source and developer.

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