How to Look Good on Zoom: A Step-by-Step Guide

woman on zoom camera call video meeting

How to Look Good on Zoom: A Step-by-Step Guide

Zoom became a sensation overnight during the COVID-19 pandemic. From businesspeople to teachers and students, Zoom allows people from different backgrounds to interact with each other while being apart. Did you know that the app was developed in 2012? Yes, that’s right!

Whether a student or an employee, you must know how to use Zoom and look polished in meetings. Of course, you’re free to wear whatever you want on your bottom half since it isn’t visible on the Zoom screen! But what about your face and the upper body?

Before starting your Zoom meeting, taking time to enhance your appearance pays off. You can get help from a few factors, including the lighting in your room, camera quality, and your background. Luckily, the latest Zoom version offers many options to add touch-ups to your face and back-drop. 

From blurring out your facial imperfections to turning your camera into HD, you can look good on Zoom in many ways. Let’s go through the entire process step-by-step. 

Step 1: Get Dressed

Many people think they don’t have to dress up for Zoom meetings. However, that should not be the case. If you want to look professional and presentable, you have to dress nicely and appropriately. The best way to dress to look good on Zoom is by pretending that you are attending an in-person session. 

Take your regular morning shower and wear an outfit you usually wear for work. This could be a sleek polo shirt or a dress shirt paired with a coat or blazer. The most important thing is to choose the color that appears good on the camera. Typically, bright, solid-colored clothes are the best choices for Zoom meetings. 

So, pick a nice red, blue, or green colored outfit and avoid dark colors like black or navy blue. You should also avoid distracting patterns, such as floral designs, leopard prints, or stripes, as they won’t look good on camera. 

Remember, you can’t look ready for work in your PJs! But if you’re not in the mood to dress up completely, you can do it just for the waist-up. Yes, you can wear a nice dress shirt over your favorite pajamas and attend a Zoom call. However, this will only work if you won’t have to stand up during the meeting. 

woman in zoom meeting video call
It’s best to dress professionally in your Zoom calls.

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Step 2: Apply Lip Balm To Avoid Distraction

If the weather is dry in your area, you should apply lip balm before attending the meeting. It’s common for people to lick their lips when they become dried and chapped. That’s considered unprofessional, especially when you do it frequently during the meeting. It causes distraction not just for the other members but for you as well. 

Of course, dried and chapped lips won’t also make you look good on Zoom. The best way is to find a transparent lip balm that will give you the desired smoothness. Alternatively, you can also opt for a lip balm with natural color. Lick your lips to check if they need moisture.

You can also apply lipstick or lip gloss to add a hint of color to your face. We all know how pale our skin becomes when we don’t take care of it! Luckily, the lipstick will make you look presentable.

applying lip balm chapstick
Putting on lip balm before your meeting is a good idea to prevent licking your lips!


Step 3: Add Touch-Ups to Your Face

If you still think the lipstick didn’t work, you can take the matter into your hand now. First, observe your skin deeply and see if it has any signs of oil. If there is oil, soak it up with a tissue or blotting paper until your skin stops looking shiny on camera. 

You can also apply a tinted moisturizer on your face to make the skin look even. Remember not to overdo it and only use a pea-sized amount. Another thing to focus on is correctly blending the product into your skin, so it doesn’t look “cakey” on camera. 

If your face still looks sweaty or oily,  you can set it with a powder that matches your skin complexion. This way, your skin will have a natural, even texture. 

If you do not want to make any of these efforts to look good, you can simply choose the Touch up my appearance option in the Zoom app. For that:

  • Open the Settings menu in the app.
  • Then, click on the Video option. 
  • Check the box next to Touch up my appearance, and see all your blemishes and marks fade away. 

This is the easiest option to look good on Zoom!

touch up my appearance on zoom
Enable the Touch my appearance feature on Zoom.

For a helpful walkthrough of these steps, you can also refer to this video:

Step 4: Choose the Best Seating Arrangement

Once you finish your makeover, choose the ideal seating arrangement to look good on Zoom. Make sure you face the window, as natural light makes you look way better than artificial light. Also, ensure the window is right in front of you, so the sunlight will equally fall on both sides of your face.

If you sit opposite the window, especially in the morning, the sunlight will make you look quite dark. So, invest some time in choosing the appropriate seating arrangement that makes you look good the entire time.

woman on zoom meeting video call
Sitting in front of a window, if you can, is a good idea to get even sunlight on your face.

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Step 5: Enhance the Lightning in Your Room

If your room doesn’t welcome natural light, you can improve the lighting in multiple ways. For example, you can place a few lamps in front and sides of your face or behind your laptop. The best placements include the 10 o’clock and 2 o’clock angles from your face. This position ensures your eyes won’t have any glare on them.

If your face seems too bright because of the lamps, you can paste a yellow sticky note over them to appear more natural. It is best to use smaller lights during your Zoom meeting.

work desk setup
If your desk setup doesn’t have a ton of natural light, you can use lamps to help you out.


Step 6: Set Your Camera

Now, it’s time to set your camera to look good on Zoom. The ideal placement of the camera is your eye level. So, whether you’re using a tablet, laptop, or phone, ensure it is in line with your eyes. 

Too low of a camera position won’t display a good view of your face for the other meeting members. Unfortunately, it will show your double chin on the camera. So instead, stack thick items or books underneath your laptop to make the camera reach your eye level. You can do the same with your other devices too. 

woman in front of camera zoom call work meeting
Keep the camera at eye-level.


Step 7: Choose the Best Background

Caption: Choose a virtual background instead of clearing up the mess in your room

After setting up your camera, the next step is to take care of your Zoom background. Search for a space with minimal distractions (piles of clothes or other junk), preferably a plain wall with simple patterns, art, a TV, or a bookshelf. Simple backgrounds look more professional for Zoom meetings.

You can also choose a virtual background on the Zoom app if your room is too cluttered or messy. To do this, open Settings on the app and click Virtual Background. Choose any generic stock photo from the available options and upload your picture to change your background. 

Choose a simple background like an office or a living area to look professional on the Zoom call. Alternatively, you can make a garden or park your Zoom background instead of a busy city center.

zoom virtual background
Zoom lets you choose a virtual background if your background is too messy!

Step 8: Position Yourself in Front of the Camera

Now, position yourself correctly in front of the camera. Some cameras have a comparatively wide-angle lens, which may make you look like you’re sitting closer than you actually are. The rule of thumb is to measure the difference between you and your camera with your arm. Simply put, the distance should be one arm. 

Sit in the camera’s center without looking too zoomed in. You should also sit straight so the camera will capture your entire face. Your eyes must be positioned in your laptop screen’s top-third area. Leave a little room above your head and keep your armpits at the screen’s bottom.

man sitting zoom call work meeting
Position yourself in front of the camera so there is space above your head and your armpits are at the bottom.

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Step 9: Ensure You Look Good on Zoom Screen

Finally, it’s time to preview how you look on Zoom’s camera before participating in the meeting. You can also see yourself in the Zoom app. If you think you need the last touch-up,  do it immediately. You should also see if your outfit looks appropriate for the meeting you’re attending.

Just be confident and feel good about your appearance on the preview screen. That’s the key to looking good in Zoom meetings. Take a minute or two to adjust your camera’s position, seating arrangement, light, and outfit, and finally, join the meeting!

woman on video call screen zoom meeting
Before joining the meeting, check your appearance and make sure you look on point!

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Final Thoughts

Zoom brings people closer on a single platform from different parts of the world. You can not only talk on audio but also see other people’s faces in the app, making you feel like you’re interacting with them in person. However, if you do not know how to look good on Zoom, your experience may get spoiled.

To look good on Zoom, you must wear your work clothes and add touch-ups to your face. The easiest way is to select the Touch up my appearance option on Zoom and enjoy looking fantastic at the meeting. That, too, without making much effort!

How to Look Good on Zoom: A Step-by-Step Guide FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions) 

How can I look more attractive on Zoom?

You can look more attractive on Zoom by getting dressed in your work clothes and adding touch-ups to your face. This includes applying a lip balm, blotting sweat away from your face, and applying a tinted moisturizer to have an even complexion. You can also use the Touch up my appearance feature on Zoom to prevent the hassle. 

Next, focus on the lighting and background of your room and sit in front of the window for a balanced brightness on your face. Then, sit in front of the camera and ensure the distance between you and the laptop is one arm. Lastly, preview yourself on the Zoom camera and then join the meeting.

Is there a beauty filter on Zoom?

There is no specific beauty filter on Zoom, but you do have a Touch up my appearance option that blurs out your blemishes and uneven texture perfectly. You may also change your eyebrows and lip color with this feature.

What is the best color to wear for a Zoom meeting?

You should wear solid, bright colors for your Zoom meetings to stand out in front of plain backgrounds. These can be red, blue, teal, green, or light purple. However, you can also wear dark colors, such as browns or royal blue, if you sit in front of a white background. Make sure you look presentable in whatever color you wear.

What is the best camera position for Zoom?

The ideal position for the camera is straight to your face or slightly above it and facing downward. Never position a camera too low, as it will make your double chin or nose hair more noticeable. Always sit right in front of the camera at one arm’s distance from the laptop or computer to look good on Zoom. 

You must also consider the direction of light when positioning your camera. Ensure the light falls right on your face to let the camera capture you the best.

What not to wear on a Zoom call?

If you are attending a business call on Zoom, you should never appear in your casual clothes. This means do not wear caps, tank tops, or boxers even if you don’t have to stand up during the meeting. Also, only wear clothes with a few patterns or stripes, and avoid distracting patterns such as cheetah print. Such clothes can look great in person, but they do not appear professional on camera. 

When getting ready for the Zoom call, always preview yourself in the camera to see how you appear in front of the background. Typically, darker clothes on light backgrounds and lighter shades on dark backgrounds work perfectly.

What background looks best for Zoom?

Neutral backgrounds with minimal distractions are best for Zoom. Make sure you don’t have a yellow tone in your surroundings, as it does not appear too good on camera. Instead, opt for blue because it makes you look more noticeable.

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