How to Leave Follow Up Feedback on eBay in 5 Steps, With Photos

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How to Leave Follow Up Feedback on eBay in 5 Steps, With Photos

For better or worse, eBay feedback is a part of the entire buying experience on a website that is essentially built on the idea of trust. Whether you need to trust a buyer or a seller, the entire notion of selling online to strangers is based on trust and hopefully transparency. As part of this trust, feedback plays a critical role in how comfortable someone will feel about buying from you or selling to you. 

So what happens if you’ve left some eBay feedback but want to change it down the line? What if you had a negative shipping experience, left feedback, and then the seller was able to make it right for you? There is a good chance you will want to change your feedback and for all the right reasons. Well, eBay doesn’t make this process all that simple so let’s walk through how to update your eBay feedback using their Follow up process. 

Can You Edit Existing Feedback? 

While eBay historically allowed its customers to edit existing feedback in the event someone wanted to update their original comments, they have long since stopped this as an opportunity. Instead, any feedback you leave initially, whether as the buyer or seller, is pretty much written in stone, forever. You likely won’t want to delete it so instead, eBay has enabled a “Follow Up” function to help you add some additional comments or thoughts to your original feedback. It’s not quite as good as being able to edit feedback, but it’s the next best thing. 

Considering the importance of feedback on eBay, having the option to follow up is better than having no option at all. It’s also important to remember that leaving feedback on eBay, no matter if you are the buyer or seller is 100% voluntary. You can send reminders to someone who has not left you eBay feedback but you certainly cannot force someone to leave a comment. 

How to Follow Up Feedback on eBay

To follow up on existing feedback you have previously left on eBay, the company couldn’t have made it any easier to accomplish. 

Step 1: Locate Your Feedback Profile

This is the Feedback profile screen on eBay.com where you can see your feedback rating over the last 12 months.

This is the Feedback profile screen on eBay.com where you can see your feedback rating over the last 12 months.

You will start by going to your Feedback profile which can be found at this web address: https://www.ebay.com/fdbk/feedback_profile/ and then adding your eBay user name at the end of the URL. If you are logged into eBay, dropping this URL into your browser’s address bar will automatically navigate to the appropriate page. 

Step 2: Locate Your Existing Feedback Comments

Click on "Left for others" so you can filter out what feedback you have recently written.

Click on “Left for others” so you can filter out what feedback you have recently written.

As soon as you are on the Feedback profile page, you will want to navigate toward the bottom of the page and filter so you can see just the feedback you have left. To do this, look for an option labeled Left for others and click on it and you should be able to see all of the feedback you have left for buyers or sellers over the years. Ideally, the feedback will be organized in descending order so you should be seeing the most recent feedback. 

Step 3: Click on Follow Up

On this screen you filter in descending order your most recent feedback submissions

Look toward the right-hand side of the page and click on “Follow-up”

Once the feedback is properly filtered, look toward the very right-hand side of the page underneath When and you will see an option for Follow up. Ideally, this will be under every piece of feedback that is currently on the page. 

Step 4: Fill Out Your Follow Up Feedback

This is the box where you can fill out the follow-up feedback you would leave to leave for a seller.

Write out the follow-up feedback you want to include, up to 500 characters.

As soon as you click on Follow up, a new window will appear with an open text space where you can enter a follow-up comment. Currently, eBay allows you to add another 500 characters as follow-up feedback. 

Step 5: Finalize Feedback and Click On Send

This picture shows the final step in leaving eBay follow up feedback.

Write in the desired follow up feedback and click on “Send”.

After adding whatever writing you think is necessary or helpful, the Send button will turn blue and you can click on it and voila, you have left follow-up feedback. 

What Happens If You Want to Revise Feedback? 

While eBay does not directly allow anyone to revise their initial feedback, you can still as a buyer, receive a request from a seller to revise your feedback. If this does happen, eBay will send you an email notification advising you that you have two options that can be completed within 10 days of receiving a revision request email. 

  • The first option is to Accept request in the email and eBay will then walk you through the necessary steps to update your feedback and rating. As you receive your feedback, any of the initial comments or thoughts you had previously written are then deleted from public view. 
  • You can also decide to Decline request and provide the seller with the reasoning as to why you want your initial feedback to remain intact. You can also just decline the request and keep your reasons private as it’s not mandatory to provide any information as to why you are declining to make any updates. 

These revision requests will expire on the 10th day and eBay will only provide you with one additional reminder on the 7th day. If you allow the time to lapse without making any changes, then your original feedback remains and the seller cannot make any additional revision requests of you. 

What About eBay Mobile?

Unfortunately, in order to leave follow-up feedback, eBay has limited the functionality to being desktop only. There is no way to access the same functionality with follow-up feedback on the Android or iOS app. Similarly, if you try and follow the same steps as above by going to eBay.com on your smartphone, it will end up just showing you a blank screen as soon as you get to the feedback page. Hopefully, this feature will come to eBay’s smartphone apps soon as many people navigate their entire eBay experience entirely from these devices.

Why You Should Follow Up on Previous Feedback

At the end of the day, everyone wants to have a positive experience on eBay and if you are able to work through any potential problem after leaving initial feedback, adding new feedback can have real value. As reputation and trust count a whole lot on eBay to drive sales and be a responsible buyer, using this follow-up tactic is a great way to help make sure both parties involved in any eBay transaction are satisfied.

For a seller, having this feature available offers an opportunity to turn around a negative purchase experience so future buyers are not turned off by recent negative feedback on your page.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why does eBay no longer allow you to immediately revise feedback?

Unfortunately, eBay did not give a specific reason why it revised the way it handles revising feedback and instead enacted this new follow-up process. 

Does the follow-up tactic work for both buyers and sellers?

Yes, it should work in both cases but there is a stronger likelihood you’ll be using this feature when you are the buyer. 

Is there any type of feedback you cannot leave on eBay?

Of course, all feedback should be related to the transaction and the item itself. Anything that dives into religious, social, or political opinions as part of feedback will be removed and potentially lead to a suspended account. 

Can you follow up on follow-up feedback?

Unfortunately, no. Once you go in and add Follow up feedback, you are doing so once and only once. 

How long do you have to leave feedback as a buyer or seller?

After a transaction takes place, buyers and sellers have up to 60 days after a listing ends to leave feedback. 

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