How to Install Threads on a PC

Reasons Threads Is Better Than Twitter

How to Install Threads on a PC

Key Points

  • Threads, a social media platform, is now available to all Instagram users on mobile devices.
  • There is currently no official Threads app for PC or Mac, but a workaround exists to bring the app to your computer.
  • To install Threads on a PC, you need to download the Amazon Appstore, enable Windows Subsystem for Android, and install the Threads APK file using WSA Sideloader.
  • Running Threads on a PC can be beneficial for managing multiple accounts and increasing productivity, especially for social media marketing.
  • Threads is not available for Mac, but you can cast your iPhone or iPad screen to a Mac to view the app.

Meta just made Threads available to all Instagram users, meaning you can start using it today. Besides being limited to Instagram users, Threads only works on mobile devices. You can get the Threads app on both Android and Apple app stores. However, that leaves a glaring problem for people who wish to install Threads on a PC.

There is currently no official Threads app for PC or Mac, but a workaround can bring the budding social media platform to your computer. This is a great option for businesses and digital marketers because Threads also does not work in web browsers. While the process is a little complex, it is a solid option to bring the app to your desktop.

Steps to Install Threads on a PC

Below, we will show you how to install the Threads app on a PC step by step. This process gets a little complicated because it first adds the ability to run Android applications on Windows. Be sure to follow every step, because each one is necessary to get Threads working. Once installed, you can run Threads like any other app on your computer. Now, let’s get started!

Step 1: Open the Microsoft Store

First, you need to open the Microsoft Store on your computer. The easiest way to get to it is with the Start menu, or you can also search for it. The Microsoft Store contains a wide range of applications designed to run on Windows. It operates similarly to the app store on your smartphone, but the Threads app is not available directly just yet.

Install Threads on PC
Open the Microsoft Store on your PC by clicking on the Windows shopping bag icon.

Step 2: Search for the Amazon Appstore

Because Threads isn’t available directly through the Microsoft Store, you need to install the Amazon Appstore. Do this by searching for the Amazon Appstore in the search box at the top of the page. Once you start typing it in, click on “Amazon Appstore” when the option appears.

Install Threads PC
Locate the Amazon Appstore by typing in the name in the search bar at the top of your screen.

Step 3: Install the Amazon Appstore

Once you are on the Amazon Appstore page of the Microsoft Store, go ahead and click “Install.” After choosing to install the application, a popup will open where you will need to confirm that you want to download it. Wait for the download to complete, then you will get a message asking you to either open the app or restart your computer.

If it asks, go ahead and restart the computer so you can access the Amazon Appstore. If you get a message that asks if you want to open the Amazon Appstore instead, go ahead and click “Open Amazon Appstore” to complete the process, but leave the Microsoft Store open.

Install Threads PC
Click the “Install” button under the thumbnail on the left-hand side of your screen.

Step 4: Open Windows Subsystem for Android

Now that the Amazon Appstore is installed, you can ignore it and instead go to Windows Subsystem for Android, which was installed alongside the Amazon Appstore. Go ahead and search your computer for “Windows Subsystem for Android” and select the newly installed app. This is all you need for Threads, but installing the Amazon Appstore is the easiest way to get Android compatibility on your computer.

Install Threads PC
Type in a search for “Windows Subsystem for Android” in the search bar at the top of your screen.

Step 5: Turn On Developer Mode

With Windows Subsystem for Android open, click on “Advanced Settings” in the left column. This will open a settings page, but all you need to worry about is Developer Mode. Go ahead and toggle Developer Mode from off to “on” and then close Windows Subsystem for Android.

Install Threads PC
Open Windows Subsystem for Android and click on Advanced Settings to turn on Developer Mode.

Step 6: Download Threads APK File

Now it is time to download the Threads app. To do so, you first need to visit a website like APK Mirror that has files for Android apps. Once on the site, search for “Threads” and choose the most recent version. Before clicking the download button, check to see which versions of the APK are available.

Because new releases come out frequently and are uploaded by users, not every file is the same. In fact, most of the APK files are for ARM devices, but you need to find one for x86 architecture unless you are running Windows on an ARM device.

Install Threads PC
Search for the most recent Threads APK file for x86 architecture.

Step 7: Go Back to the Microsoft Store

Once you have downloaded the APK file, you need to return to the Microsoft Store. If you no longer have the Microsoft Store open, then follow Step 1 to get back to it. Once you are in the Microsoft Store, search for WSA Sideloader.

Install Threads PC
Next, go back to the Microsoft Store App and search for WSA Sideloader.

Step 8: Download WSA Sideloader

After searching for and finding WSA Sideloader, you need to install it. This time, click the “Get” button to start the installation. It may take a couple of minutes for the download and installation to complete. Once it is done, you can click the “Open” button and close out the Microsoft Store.

Install Threads PC
Click “Get” in the top right-hand corner of the screen to download WSA Sideloader.

Step 9: Launch WSA Sideloader

If you pressed the “Open” button in the last step, then WSA Sideloader should be open on your desktop. Otherwise, just do a quick search to open it. This program is what installs the APK file onto your computer.

Install Threads PC.
Next, launch WSA Sideloader to install the APK file on your PC.

Step 10: Browse for Threads APK

With WSA Sideloader open, click the “Browse” button. Doing so opens a File Explorer window that you can use to find the APK file. The file should be located in your “Downloads” folder, so navigate there first. Once you’ve found the file, select it and click “Open.”

Install Threads PC.
Use the WSA Sideloader to browse for Threads APK.

Step 11: Install Threads

Lastly, click the “Install” button on WSA Sideloader to install Threads on your computer. You may get a message asking you to allow ADB Debugging; select “Allow” and let the installer finish. In some cases, you may have to restart the installation after getting the ADB Debugging message.

Install Threads PC
Click on the “Install” button on the bottom left of the WSA Sideloader menu.

Step 12: Run Threads

After the installation successfully finishes, you will get a message stating that the app was installed. You can exit out of the window or choose to open the app directly from the popup. You should now see the Threads app in your computer’s menu. If you can’t find it, perform a search for “Threads.”

Install Threads PC
You should now see the Threads app in the menu, shown in the bottom left of the image. Click to open it.

Step 13: Log In

Once you’ve opened the app, you will see an option to sign in with Instagram. Click the login box to go to the sign-in page. You will need to enter your Instagram login credentials to proceed. After logging in, you can begin using Threads the same as you would on a mobile phone.

Install Threads PC
Open the app on your PC and log in to Threads using your Instagram credentials.

Can You Install Threads on a Mac?

Just like with Windows, MacOS doesn’t have a Threads app. This is pretty disappointing, considering the app is available on iPhones and iPads. Unlike some iPhone and iPad apps, the mobile version of Threads cannot be downloaded on a Mac.

Even worse, there is currently no easy workaround to use Threads on a Mac computer. So you will have to wait a bit longer until an official app or browser edition of Threads comes out. If you have a virtual Android operating installed, then you can run the Threads app through it, but that is very clunky. The easiest way to view Threads on your desktop is to cast your iPhone or iPad screen to your Mac.

What Is the Benefit of Running Threads on a PC?

You may want to run Threads on a PC rather than a mobile device for several reasons. Some people find that it is easier to use on a computer, especially if you are managing multiple accounts. Having Threads accessible on your desktop is a nice capability that can increase productivity or make it easier to browse. Both of these are definitely true if you are in social media marketing.

Wrapping Up

Installing Threads on a PC is complicated, but it can also be rewarding since it unlocks the potential to install other Android apps. Just remember that this is designed to be a temporary solution until an app comes out on the Microsoft Store or Meta decides to release a web client.

Summary Table

Step 1Open the Microsoft Store
Step 2Search for the Amazon Appstore
Step 3Install the Amazon Appstore
Step 4Open Windows Subsystem for Android
Step 5Turn On Developer Mode
Step 6Download Threads APK File
Step 7Go Back to the Microsoft Store
Step 8Download WSA Sideloader
Step 9Launch WSA Sideloader
Step 10Browse for Threads APK
Step 11Install Threads
Step 12Run Threads
Step 13Log In

Frequently Asked Questions

Why isn't there a Threads app in the Windows Store?

Threads has not yet received a full rollout, meaning it is not yet available on all devices.

Do you need a Facebook account to use Threads?

No, you do not need a Facebook account to use Threads. Additionally, you cannot use Facebook to signup for Threads as invites are limited to Instagram users.

Does Threads charge a subscription fee?

No, there is currently no subscription fee to use Threads or to access any of its features.

What kind of social media site is Threads?

Threads is a completely new platform, but it takes a lot of inspiration from Twitter and combines it with an interface resembling Instagram.

Can you have multiple Threads accounts?

Yes, there are no limits on who can create Threads accounts and how many you can have. Therefore, you can have multiple for personal or business use, as long as there is an Instagram account associated with each.

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