How to Hide Your Likes on Twitter in 6 Steps

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How to Hide Your Likes on Twitter in 6 Steps

If you have a Twitter account, chances are you message friends and discuss topics that interest you. ‘Liking’ a post, comment or video can be useful for a few reasons. One, it shows the person who posted that you found their content useful, interesting or entertaining. Twitter’s algorithm also gets an idea of the type of content you like, so you get served with content that delights you.

Even though likes are useful, sometimes you don’t want people you know to see the content you like. Maybe you want your activity to be more private or keep prying eyes at bay. Technically speaking, you can’t hide your likes specifically, but there is a way around this. Keep reading to learn how to hide your likes on Twitter.

Method 1: Hide Your Likes on Twitter by Making Your Account Private

One way to hide your likes on Twitter is by making your account private. This means only people you approve can see your profile, your tweets and the content you’ve liked and interacted with. Approved followers won’t be able to retweet or comment on your posts. They will still see your tweets, though, but strangers won’t. Your content won’t appear in search engines, and you’ll receive requests when someone tries to follow you.

The process is almost identical on a computer and a mobile device. The only difference is that on a mobile, you’ll have to press your profile icon in the top left corner to find the settings menu.

Step 1: Open Twitter

You can log in with a Google or Apple account or your email address.


Go to the Twitter website or open the app on your phone. If you’re not logged into your account, log in first. On the right side of the screen, you’ll find various options to log in.

Step 2: Locate the Settings Menu

On mobile, press the profile icon in the top left corner.


Now you’re logged in, find the ‘More’ button at the bottom of the menu on the left if you’re on a computer. Click this to find the ‘Settings and Support’ option.

Step 3: Open Settings

‘Settings and Privacy’ is near the bottom of the menu on mobile.


Once you click ‘Settings and Support,’ you should see a drop-down list containing the option ‘Settings and Privacy.’ Click this button.

Step 4: Open Privacy Settings

Under privacy and safety, you can download account data and change your password.


You should see ‘Privacy and safety’ within this menu. Open this submenu.

Step 5: Open Tweet Settings

Audience and tagging let you manage the information others can see.


An option to adjust your tweet settings is called ‘Audience and tagging.’ Click or press this option.

Step 6: Toggle Protected Tweets on

Toggling the switch will hide your tweets and likes from people who don’t follow you.


The last step is to either check the box for ‘Protect your Tweets’ on a computer, or toggle the switch to the on position on a mobile.

Method 2: Hide Your Likes on Twitter by Manually Deleting Them

Maybe you don’t want to hide all your content from your followers or prevent them from commenting and retweeting. This is completely understandable, and fortunately, there is another option. Unliking your tweets comes with its drawbacks, such as not being able to find your liked tweets anymore, but you may prefer this alternative.

Step 1: Open Your Profile

Navigate to Twitter just like before, but click your profile icon to go to your profile page.

Step 2: Switch to the ‘Likes’ Tab


Once here, naturally, you’ll be on your ‘Tweets’ page. Go to the ‘Likes’ tab, which is on the right.

Step 3: Manually Unlike Tweets


Now you can manually unlike each tweet you don’t want people to see.

Luckily, there’s a slightly smarter and more convenient option if you’re deadset on unliking every tweet.

Method 3: Hide Your Likes on Twitter by Removing Them All

Maybe you haven’t got any favorite tweets you want to keep track of. If this is the case, follow this method to unlike every tweet. However, you will need access to the Google Chrome browser.

Step 1: Open Google Chrome Browser

Firstly, open Google Chrome and sign into Twitter as before.

Step 2: Go to the ‘Likes’ Tab on Your Profile

Follow the previous steps to find the ‘Likes’ tab.

Step 3: Open Google Chrome Console


This is done in one of two ways, depending on your PC. On a Mac, press ‘option + command + I’. On Windows, press the F12 key.

Step 4: Run this Script in the Console


Once the console is open, click the ‘Console’ tab and paste this script into it:

setInterval(() => {
for (const d of document.querySelectorAll('div[data-testid="unlike"]')) {
window.scrollTo(0, document.body.scrollHeight)
}, 5000) //

Run it by pressing the Return or Enter key. If the script aborts prematurely, try running it again until all likes are gone.

Method 4: Hide Your Likes by Deleting Your Account

Sometimes, you’ve had enough of using Twitter and would rather all your likes and data are completely gone. Don’t fret, because this is easy to achieve. It will involve deleting your entire account.

Step 1: Find Your Account Settings


Navigate to your profile settings like before, then locate ‘Your account’ at the top of the menu.

Step 2: Open the Deactivation Menu


From here, click the ‘Deactivate your account’ option at the bottom. Here you can click to deactivate your account. Twitter will hold your account for 30 days before it’s deleted permanently. Be careful, as getting your account back after this is impossible.

Check out this video to see a visual guide to deleting your Twitter account.

How to Unlike Tweets Using a Third-Party App

Some third-party apps can accomplish the same thing if the previous method sounds too farfetched. If you’re going to do this, it’s essential to use an app that’s trusted to make sure your account is safe. Circleboom and Twitter Archive Eraser are two popular options, but it’s difficult to recommend a third-party app so you’ll have to make this decision for yourself.

Wrapping Up

There are a few options for hiding your likes, even if there’s no simple option. By making your account private, unliking tweets or deleting your account, you can ensure your privacy and make sure nobody can see what you’ve been liking.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How can I hide my likes on Twitter?

You can’t hide your likes directly, but you can accomplish this through a few methods. Either making your tweets protected, manually unliking them or deleting your account entirely.

What's the point of liking tweets on Twitter?

Liking tweets shows the content creator your support and appreciation and notifies them. It also shows to your followers, so maybe you don’t want to retweet a tweet but still want it to be visible for your followers. Sometimes, liking tweets can even bring you more followers, if they see your like on the post.

How many likes on Twitter mean a post is viral?

This is hard to quantify, but generally, a viral post is shared by many people in a short space of time. If it has several hundreds of thousands of replies, retweets and likes, the post is likely viral.

What's the difference between liking and retweeting?

Both show your appreciation for a post, but they have different results. Liking a tweet will show your followers what you’ve liked, but retweeting will post it to your own feed on your profile for more obvious visibility.


Does liking a tweet retweet it?

No, you can rest assured that if you like a tweet, it won’t show up on your feed unless you retweet it as well.

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