How to Hide Photos on Android in 5 Easy Steps

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How to Hide Photos on Android in 5 Easy Steps

In the digital age, protecting our personal information and our devices has become more and more essential.

Aside from the basics like your addresses, phone numbers, and passwords, many of us would like to protect the images on our phones from prying eyes. After all, you never know if your phone is going to end up in the wrong hands.

Luckily, you have a few reliable options when it comes to keeping your photos private. Continue reading to find out how to hide photos on Android easily and quickly.

How to Hide Photos on Android Using Google Photos

One of the simplest ways to hide your photos is by using Google Photos.

Follow along with us for the steps to do this.

Step 1: Open Google Photos

Open the Google Photos app, and you’ll be brought to the home screen where you can see all the images from your gallery.

How to Hide Photos on Android in 5 Easy Steps
Open Google Photos



Step 2: Go to Utilities

Next, tap the Library tab along the bottom to open this menu, and then tap Utilities at the top right.

Step 3: Open the Locked Folder Wizard

Now, you want to scroll down slightly and tap Get started under the Locked Folder tab.

How to Hide Photos on Android in 5 Easy Steps
Go to Utilities and tap Get started under Locked Folder.


Step 4: Set up Your Locked Folder

Screenshots of this section aren’t allowed for privacy reasons, but it’s quite an easy process. Simply follow the prompt and enter the passcode or PIN for your phone to enable the locked folder function.

How to Hide Photos on Android in 5 Easy Steps
Set up your Locked Folder.


Step 5: Add Desired Photos to Locked Folder

Finally, you can tap and hold to select your desired photos from the Google Photos homepage, and then tap Move to Locked Folder in the menu at the bottom. Now, these photos will be protected in this folder behind your PIN.

How to Hide Photos on Android Using a Third-Party App

If you don’t want to use Google Photos, you can download a third-party app instead to store your photos securely. There are many options for this in the Play Store, but popular ones include Vaulty and LockMyPix. These allow you to lock your photos behind a PIN and password, as well as voice or facial recognition for that added layer of security. Backup to the cloud is also included, which is handy to have if you’re worried about losing your photos.

Why Would I Want to Hide My Photos?

Hiding your photos can be useful for several reasons:

  • For privacy purposes: Some of our photos can be sensitive, and we only want specific people to be aware of them. Particularly, if you share your device with others, it can be useful to hide certain photos you don’t want other people to see.
  • In case of theft: In the unfortunate situation you have your device stolen, protecting valuable images can help prevent the photos from being accessed, helping to protect your privacy.
  • If you’re a parent: When you share your device with your children, or they have their own phone, you may have content on there that would be inappropriate for them to see. In this case, making your photos hidden can avoid them from seeing these photos.

What are the Drawbacks of Hiding My Photos?

All in all, hiding your photos is a very useful tactic for protecting your information. However, there can be disadvantages.

  • Losing access: If you end up forgetting your PIN or password, you might be unable to access the photos easily.
  • Performance issues: Depending on the third-party app you use, these could use up a lot of your phone’s memory and resources. This can lead to a slowing down of performance on your device.
  • Incomplete protection: While hiding your photos goes a long way to protecting your valuable images, it’s not completely foolproof. In the wrong, particularly tech-savvy hands, your photos may still be viewable.

Wrapping Up

Overall, hiding your photos on your Android mobile is relatively easy to do with the built-in Google Photos app. If you want extra security with features like facial recognition and automatic cloud backup, you could opt for a third-party app from the Play Store, such as Vaulty. Hiding your photos is not a completely failsafe method but it can be a good way to protect your sensitive information and make a device more child-friendly.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I hide photos on Android?

Yes, this can be done using the Google Photos app and enabling the Locked Folder function.

Do I need a third-party app to hide photos on Android?

No, although some of these offer extra functionality such as voice and facial recognition. Not all of them are free, however.

Do I need to use a password to protect my hidden photos?

No, you can use a file manager and hide the folder without using a password, or you can use a third-party app with some other functionality such as facial or voice recognition. However, it’s best to use a password for added protection, just in case anybody gains access to your device.

How can I use a file manager to hide my photos?

If you download a third-party file manager, like ES File Explorer, you can usually use these to hide your photos. To do so, you need to create a new folder and put a period at the beginning of the folder name. This means that this folder and its contents will be hidden from your Gallery app, but you can still access the photos within the file manager.

What happens if I uninstall the app I used to hide my photos?

If you uninstall the app, it’s likely that the photos will become visible again or possibly even get deleted. It’s a good idea to back up these photos before you delete the app just to be sure.

Can I backup hidden photos?

Yes, some third-party apps such as Vaulty allow you back up your photos to the cloud automatically.

Is it legal to hide photos on Android?

Yes, it’s completely legal to hide your photos on Android, as long as the photos themselves don’t contain any illegal content.

Can I hide photos from particular people?

Yes, some apps allow you to hide photos from specific people.


Can I share my hidden photos?

Yes, you can. But you’ll need to make your photos visible first, which mean others may be able to see them. Be sure to hide your photos again after you’ve finished sharing them.

Can people access my hidden photos?

If somebody obtains your device and they know your password and PIN, they can potentially access your photos. Likewise, if you simply rename or move your photos to a less conspicuous folder, these will be viewable. Using a third-party app can encrypt your photos if you want more protection.

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