How To Hide Apps On Android In 3 Easy Steps

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How To Hide Apps On Android In 3 Easy Steps

Whether you have a phone full of banking apps or want to keep social media platforms safe from prying eyes, hiding apps is an excellent option. It’s the best alternative to uninstalling an app, and we can show you how to hide apps on Android using only three steps. Our guide will work on most smartphones running current versions of Android.

How to Hide Apps on Android

Android has a built-in feature that allows users to hide applications. How you access it depends on the operating system and manufacturer, however. You can find it by swiping in various directions on some phones, but all devices should allow you to access this feature using the search function when available.

1. Access the Search Bar

On your smartphone or tablet, go to the search bar. With most devices, you can do this by swiping up or down, depending on your settings.

The search bar lets you locate apps on your phone.


2. Type Hide Apps

With the search bar active, type hide apps to pull up results on your device. Look for a section called “Hide apps on Home and Apps screens” and choose that, then select the same area from the next screen that appears.

Locate hide apps on the home and app screens.


3. Select Apps

Now you can select apps individually to hide on your home screen. In this case, we wanted to hide apps containing addresses or financial data. You can choose any app you’d like by scrolling or using the search function. When you’ve added all the apps you want to hide, choose Done to complete the process.

Select all the apps you want to hide.


The apps you selected will no longer be visible from your home or app screens. While they are basically “hidden” to a degree, anyone can still access them through the search bar, looking at installed apps on Google Play.

You can make hidden apps visible again through the same process in the Hide App settings, but you can also take additional steps to make things a bit more secure.

Secure Folders

Samsung phones have a built-in feature, but you can also find them on other devices. There are also third-party versions of this feature, although we will use Samsung’s Secure Folder system as a reference for our guide.

A secure folder allows you to protect data on your phone by locking it away from prying eyes in a special folder. Samsung’s folder is accessible through a PIN or biometrics and lets users move photos, files, and apps over with a few taps.

You can lock apps to limit access.


While handy, apps may still appear on your home screen unless you hide them. People can see or search for an app on your device. However, they won’t be able to use it if it’s in a secure folder unless they have your credentials.

Samsung’s secure folder is available through the search menu, but you can find this feature on devices running Android 8.0 and higher. It’s called a “Safe Folder” and is just as easy to set up and access whether your phone comes from LG or Google.

Check out this informative video that shows you step-by-step how to hide apps on your Android device. Whether it’s for added security or simply organizing your app drawer, this tutorial has you covered. Watch now to learn the tricks to keep your apps out of sight!

Android Launchers

Another way to set up hidden folders and hide apps on Android is through a launcher. These applications replace your home screen while opening the doors to unique features and customization.

Dozens of Android launchers are available, but the best always have a feature to hide apps and folders. Apex Launcher is a fan favorite, and one of the older Android launchers. The app lets you customize your home screen, menus, and phone theme through various settings. You can also hide apps in Apex through the settings menu.

To set up hidden apps in Apex, navigate to the settings menu and drawer settings to hide apps through the program. Nova Launcher is just as popular, however, and puts a different spin on the home screens compared to Apex. You can set up hidden apps in Nova Launcher by going to the App & Widgets section and choosing Hidden Apps.

Go Launcher, Hyperion, ADW, and other apps provide a similar experience. With that in mind, we advise people to avoid any apps promoted to disguise or hide apps through other means like calculators or notepad applications.

The Wrap-Up

More than 2 million apps are available through Google Play at any given time. While you allow people to use common apps on your phone, hiding banking apps and ones tied to your personal information is never a bad idea. You can use the operating system’s built-in tools or third-party options to conceal apps.

How To Hide Apps On Android In 3 Easy Steps FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions) 

Can you still see hidden apps you’ve downloaded on Google Play?

Yes, hidden apps will still show up as installed in your list of apps and are only invisible from your home screen and app drawer.

Will disabling an app hide it on Android?

No, disabling an app can keep it from running in the background, but it will still show up on your device.

Can you see hidden apps on Android?

If someone knows the name of the app, they can search for it on your phone or find it through app lists in certain programs.

Do you need to root your phone to make Android apps invisible?

No, root isn’t required to hide Android apps through a launcher or built-in features.

Will hiding an app protect my financial data?

Hiding an app can keep people from easily finding a banking app or other information on a phone, but it doesn’t provide any additional protection.

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