How To Hide Amazon Orders In 4 Steps, With Photos

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How To Hide Amazon Orders In 4 Steps, With Photos

With over 300 million customers worldwide and nearly half of all e-commerce in the United States taking place over Amazon, the number of daily Amazon orders is astronomical. Naturally, many of our Amazon order pages are cluttered with years and years of purchases. But did you know you can hide past Amazon orders? Best of all, it is super easy to do so. Just follow the steps below.

Why Hide Amazon Orders?

Perhaps you know it’s possible to hide Amazon orders but are unsure why someone would want to hide an Amazon order in the first place. A couple of things could motivate you to hide an Amazon order (beyond the simple reasoning of “I just felt like it”). From protecting you from unknowingly finding a gift to giving yourself a little extra privacy on a shared Amazon account to the basic desire to clean up your orders page, here are a few reasons to hide Amazon orders.

Surprise Purchases

If you share an Amazon account with others, it helps to know how to hide Amazon orders if you’re planning on gifting them. You don’t want someone on the account to see the birthday gift you bought them, right? Thankfully, hiding Amazon orders lets you hide what you bought for them.

Privacy Reasons

Again, if you’re sharing an account with someone else — or multiple other people, for that matter — it’s good to know how to hide Amazon orders for privacy reasons. It’s not even about being sneaky, really. In truth, it’s more about basic privacy and your personal preference to keep some things out of view. It’s the same reason you wouldn’t want someone digging through your cart at the store.

Organizational Needs

Thirdly, it helps to know how to hide Amazon orders for simple organizational purposes. If you’re a serial Amazon shopper and often buy a whole variety of things, you might not want past orders cluttering your more important orders. By hiding the less important Amazon purchases, you can better track the significant items.

How To Hide Amazon Orders

Now that you know some good reasons to hide Amazon orders, let’s go over the steps. Luckily, it’s not hard. Hiding Amazon purchases is pretty straightforward. Whether you’re hiding a gift, giving yourself some privacy, or just trying to clean up your orders page a little bit, our handy guide will help you hide Amazon orders. It’s best to use a desktop or laptop computer, but you can still use their app or mobile browser.

Step One: Go To Amazon’s Site

If you want to hide an Amazon order, open the Amazon website in your browser. If you’re already logged in, then great! You can move on to the next step. You should see a prompt to log in to the right of the search bar at the top of the page.

Open the Amazon website on your web browser.
Open the Amazon website on your web browser.

Step Two: Go To Your Orders

Next, it’s time to navigate to a list of your Amazon orders. Go to the drop-down menu to the right of the search bar. (The very same place you signed in at, actually.) Hover over or click on this menu, then click “Orders” beneath the “Account” subheading. This will take you to your orders page.

Navigate to Orders under Your Account.
Navigate to Orders under Your Account.

Step Three: Locate The Order

Thirdly, you need to find the specific order you want to hide. If it’s a recent order and you don’t make very many Amazon purchases, it should be right near the top. If you’re trying to find an older order, it might be easier to sort or search using the available filters. The search option is near the top of the Orders page. Don’t confuse it with the Amazon search bar at the top of the page!

Find the specific order you want to hide.
Find the specific order you want to hide.

Step Four: Hide The Order

Once you’ve found the order you wish to hide, click the button that says “Archive Order” underneath the order details. You’ll be prompted with a pop-up box asking you to confirm your decision to archive the Amazon order. You will see some more details about what archiving means and a link to your archived orders page. Confirm your choice, and your Amazon order will effectively be hidden from your account.

Tap the Archive Order button to conceal your order.
Tap the Archive Order button to conceal your order.

Here is a step-by-step video for further reference:

Finding and Undoing Hidden Orders

When you hide Amazon orders, you’re able to keep your list of purchases out of sight and away from others. However, you might want to access the order again or completely undo this action later on. Luckily, when you hide Amazon orders, it’s not permanent. Amazon provides an option to access and undo hidden purchases — and it’s just as easy as hiding the order in the first place.

After hiding your Amazon orders, they will no longer show up in your primary order history. However, you can still access them by going to “Your Orders.” Click the dropdown list of options labeled “past 3 months,” and scroll down until you see the option that says “Archived Orders.” Click this, and you’ll be directed to the hidden Amazon orders. From there, you can undo hidden orders.

Review the order details of each archived order. Underneath the details — in the same place you first saw the option to archive the order in the first place — you’ll now see a tab that says “Unarchive Order.” If you click this, it will immediately unhide the order and send it back to the list of orders. If you want to archive it again later, you can simply repeat the above procedure.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is hiding an Amazon order the same as archiving an Amazon order?

While the process of hiding an Amazon order vs the process of archiving an Amazon order might sound more or less the same, the intent is quite different. Archiving carries with it a connotation of record keeping. Hiding, on the other hand, has a certain level of secrecy attached to it. This is really the primary difference between the two.

Why would someone hide an Amazon order?

There are many reasons why you may want to hide an Amazon order. For one, you may want to keep a surprise gift a secret from the other people on your Amazon account. Another reason? You might wish to hide an embarrassing or unflattering purchase from someone like your friend or your family member who shares an account with you.

Is it possible to unhide an Amazon order once it has been hidden?

Yes, it is possible to unhide an Amazon order. The process is simple: Go to Amazon, navigate to “Your Orders,” click on “Archived Orders,” and select “Unarchive Order” in the order details of whatever item you wish to unhide.

Can you permanently delete items from your Amazon order history?

As of this writing, there is no way to completely or permanently remove an item from your Amazon order history. The best you can do is archive it, which can still be viewed from the “Archived Orders” page. Beyond this, there’s nothing else you can do to get an order off of your Amazon order history.

Is it bad to hide orders from your Amazon order history?

Nothing bad will happen to your Amazon account if you hide orders from your order history. It doesn’t violate the site’s terms or conditions in any way, shape, or form. That’s not to suggest that someone on your Amazon account wouldn’t be upset if they were to discover you were hiding purchases from them. For this reason, it’s best to hide with discretion — no one wants to cause more harm than good, after all.

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