How to Go Live on Twitter in Easy Steps

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How to Go Live on Twitter in Easy Steps

Twitter is an excellent resource for keeping up with the latest news and connecting with individuals worldwide. Besides, Twitter has another fantastic feature; live videos. You can share your event with the public as it’s happening. Basically, going live on Twitter is more fun and engaging than reading through tweets since you interact with your audience and get comments live. It is also best for branding as it enables better customer relations. Basically, you can go live on Twitter whether you use the Twitter app or your computer’s web version. Are you ready to start live tweeting your thoughts and experiences on Twitter? Follow the steps below:

Method 1: Live Tweeting With Twitter’s App

Using the Twitter app on your Android or iOS phone is the easiest way to go live on Twitter. However, having a stable internet connection and a quality camera phone is crucial for this method. The procedure is as follows on Android:

Step 1: Download the Twitter App

Install the Twitter app from the Google Play Store. Once you have the app, open it by tapping the blue bird icon in your app list. Log in with your Twitter account using your username and password.

Go Live on Twitter, download app
If you haven’t done so already, install the Twitter app first.

Step 2: Open the Compose Field 

Tap the plus sign at the bottom right corner of the screen and select tweet to open the compose field.

Go Live on Twitter, home
The + sign is located at the bottom right of the screen.

Step 3: Open the Live Recording Field 

Tap the camera icon in the compose field, then grant Twitter permission to access your camera and microphone to enable live recording. 

Go Live on Twitter, camera
Swop to “Live” mode at the bottom of the camera screen.

Step 4: Add a Location and Title 

Tap “add location” to select your ideal location for this live stream, then click “what’s happening” to enter a brief description or title that includes hashtags or keywords to make the live video more discoverable in Twitter searches. This step is optional; the live recording will still work without the location or details. 

Go Live on Twitter, live
Fill in the “What’s happening?” and “Add a location” fields at the top of the screen for more follower impact.

Step 5: Go Live

Tap the recycle-like icon at the top, then tap “Go Live” at the bottom to begin your live recording. Besides, you can change the camera view (rear-facing or front-facing) while recording the live video.

Go Live on Twitter, camera
Tap “Go Live” at the bottom of the screen to start broadcasting.

Step 6: Stop the Recording 

Once you’re done recording, tap the stop button at the top left of the screen and confirm the action by selecting “Stop Broadcast”. You can save the video and tweet it later from your account. You can also make edits, such as renaming the video or editing the start and the end points of the video.

Go Live on Twitter, camera
Tap the red “X” at the top left of the screen when you want to stop recording.

For a comprehensive walkthrough of how to go live on Twitter through the app, check out this video:

Method 2: Go Live on Twitter Web

Going live on a computer is more complex than on the Twitter app. The web version lacks an inbuilt streaming feature similar to the phone’s Twitter app. Additionally, you must use third-party tools to go live on Twitter’s web version. 

Here is how to use Restream third-party software to enable you to go live on Twitter using your computer. 

Step 1: Get a Restream Account 

Log in to Restream.io by entering your account, or create an account by entering your email and password.

Go Live on Twitter, restream
Log in or create a new account at the top right of the Restream home page.

Step 2: Select the Twitter Channel 

On the home page, select “add channel”, and then, on the page that opens, choose “Twitter”.

Go Live on Twitter, restream add channel
Click on”+ Add Channel” on Restream’s home page.

Step 3: Connect to Twitter 

Tap “Connect Twitter”, and when prompted to allow Restream to access your Twitter account. Grant the permission when requested. 

Go Live on Twitter, Restream connect channel
Click on “Connect Twitter” to be taken through the steps to connect your Twitter and Restream accounts. If you do not uncheck the “Follow @Restreamio” box, you will automatically become Restream’s follower.

Step 4: Start the Live Recording 

Return to the home page and select “Stream with studio” to start your live recording. Allow Restream to access your camera and microphone to continue. It will automatically turn on the camera and microphone. 

Go Live on Twitter, restream start recording
Choose “Stream with Studio” (with the camera icon) to start recording.

Step 5: Go Live 

Select “Enter studio” to open a new page. Click “Go live” to start the live recording. This video will automatically broadcast on your Twitter page.

Go Live on Twitter, restream livestream
The “Go Live” button that will officially start your Twitter livestream is at the top right of the screen.

Other third-party apps that you can use to livestream are OBS, SociaLive, Wirecast, Epiphan, and Blackmagic. However, ensure the third-party websites are trustworthy since they’ll access your Twitter account. 

How to Make Your Account Public

Your Twitter account needs to be public for you to go live on Twitter through the mobile app or a third-party website on your computer. You can confirm that your account is public by checking whether a small lock is next to your username. If there is a lock, then it means that your account is private, and you cannot go live on Twitter. Use these steps to make your account public. 

Step 1: Go to Settings and Privacy on Twitter

Under “Settings and Support”, select “Settings and Privacy” from the left side menu.

Go Live on Twitter, settings
Open the Menu at the side and scroll down to “Settings and Support”.

Step 2: Go to Audience and Tagging 

Under “Settings and privacy”, select “Privacy and safety”, and then to “Audience and tagging”. 

Go Live on Twitter, Privacy settings
Find “Audience and tagging” under “Your Twitter activity” on the right.

Step 3: Make Tweets Public

Uncheck the box next to “Protect your Tweets” to make your Twitter account public. Now, you can go live on Twitter. 

Go Live on Twitter, Audience settings
Make sure the box next to “Protect your Tweets” is UNchecked.

Activities to Perform While Live on Twitter

Twitter has several features that make your live broadcast more engaging and exciting. These features include:

  • You can invite guests to your live broadcast. Choose followers to join your broadcast and select invite Guest.
  • You can also block someone to prevent them from viewing or commenting on your video. Go to their profile, click the gear symbol for options, and tap “Block user”.
  • You can hide some comments and replies by selecting the comment, opening the menu icon, and selecting “Hide comment”. This will stop the comment from appearing among the other comments (during or after the video recording). 

What to Do After Your Live Broadcast

  • After your live broadcast, the video is automatically posted as a tweet in your Twitter feeds. You can save the video to your device’s gallery by tapping “Save to camera roll”.
  • After live recording, you can edit or share the video by changing its name, adjusting its starting and ending points, or restructuring it.
  • Check the statistics of the video during the live stream. This includes how many people watched the video and how long the broadcast lasted. 


A fun and engaging way to interact in real-time with your followers and friends is through Twitter’s live broadcast feature. You can use the Twitter app on a computer or mobile device. Remember to make your account public and have a strong internet connection before going live on Twitter.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I see who is viewing my live feeds on Twitter?

Twitter does not notify you of exactly who is viewing your live feeds. Nevertheless, you can tell that someone viewed your live feed if they commented or replied to a comment on your live stream.

What do I need in order to go live on Twitter?

You need a Twitter account, a laptop or phone with a good camera, a microphone, a stable connection, and permission from Twitter to access your camera and microphone. Additionally, your Twitter account must be public.

Who visits my live broadcast on Twitter?

Your followers and the general Twitter community see your Twitter live broadcast since your account is public. Once you’ve set your location in the broadcast, the video will be broadcasted to people near or related to your location.

Does Twitter inform me when somebody I follow is live on Twitter?

Twitter does notify you when somebody you follow is live on Twitter. However, you must have turned on your Twitter notifications to get this. Check the box next to account notifications to receive these notifications.

How can I make my Twitter live streams more effective?

Inform your target audience that you will be live in advance to make your live streams more effective. Additionally, ensure you have a quality camera and limit distractions during the live stream. Besides, prepare your remarks to make the session enjoyable.

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