How to Get YouTube TV on Roku, Step-By-Step (With Photos)

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How to Get YouTube TV on Roku, Step-By-Step (With Photos)

YouTube is the most well-known video platform ever created, but they also offer live TV services. If you are unfamiliar, YouTube TV lets you watch regular TV channels which have exactly the same content that you would get with cable or satellite. But you need to do more than just subscribe to the service to start watching, and that is where Roku comes in.

Roku remains one of the best streaming devices on the market, and the operating system is even used in many TVs. However, if you subscribe to YouTube TV, you may wonder how to start watching on your Roku smart device. Luckily it’s super easy, and we will walk you through the whole process, so let’s get started.

Step 1: Set Up the Roku

If you haven’t done so already, plug in the Roku and go through the setup process. Otherwise, Turn your TV on and go to the Roku’s input.

Get YouTube on Roku
First, either setup your Roku or turn your TV on and go to Roku’s home screen.

Step 2: Go to Channels

Now that your Roku is ready to go, head to “Streaming Channels,” so you can add YouTube TV. From here, you can navigate through all of the different channels until you find YouTube TV.

Get YouTube on Roku
Select “Streaming Channels” from the menu on the left-hand side of your screen.

Step 3: Search For YouTube TV

If you don’t feel like scrolling through tons of apps, don’t worry. Just head straight to the search function in the menu and type in “YouTube TV.”

Get YouTube on Roku
Type “YouTube TV” in the search bar provided


Step 4: Download YouTube TV

Once located, select “Add Channel” and wait for it to install. It is very important that you choose the correct channels because there are two YouTube channels on Roku.

Get YouTube on Roku
Be sure to select the correct YouTube channel, as there are two available on Roku.

Step 5: Open YouTube TV

After the installation is complete, choose “Go to channel” or get to it in the main list of channels.

Get YouTube on Roku
Once the channel is installed, click “Go to channel,” located at the top of the menu.

Step 6: Sign In

The YouTube TV app should now be open on your TV with sign-in options. If you already have a YouTube TV subscription, choose to sign in. Otherwise, choose to start a free trial. Keep in mind you will need to provide a credit card number that will be charged if you don’t cancel the subscription.

Get YouTube on Roku
Select “Member Sign In” if you are already a subscriber.

Step 7: Start Watching

Now that you are signed in, find a show and click on it to start watching.

Get YouTube on Roku
Once you have signed in, you can select a show to begin watching on your Roku.

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What is YouTube TV?

YouTube TV is a subscription service that is designed to replace your cable or satellite package. The only thing it shares with YouTube is a name, because this gives you access to tons of content that you can only get with either cable or satellite.

With YouTube TV, you can watch regular TV channels like Disney Channel, AMC, CNBC, ESPN, FX, and Discovery. These work just like regular TV stations, so you will see exactly what everyone else does. This means you cannot choose a show to stream, and there are commercials.

The “Regular” YouTube App

We mentioned earlier that there was another YouTube channel. This other channel provides access to the traditional YouTube platform. It has all of the video content that you know and love. Plus, you can sign in with your YouTube account to get a personalized experience. That way, all of your subscriptions, favorites, and playlists will show up on your TV.

However, keep in mind you cannot access YouTube TV content from the YouTube app. Also, you cannot access regular YouTube content from the YouTube TV app. The good thing is you really can’t go wrong with traditional YouTube because there is so much great content. However, it is not a replacement for cable or satellite like YouTube TV.

YouTube Premium

Another option to further complicate matters is YouTube Premium. This is a premium subscription for regular YouTube content and is completely separate from YouTube TV. The subscription costs significantly less and is more along the lines of other streaming services rather than one offering live TV.

Even if you have YouTube TV, you will not get access to YouTube Premium. Another thing you may have heard of is YouTube Red. This was the predecessor of the current YouTube Premium offering. The main benefits of YouTube Premium include ad-free video watching and even video downloads.


YouTube TV is a great choice for people wanting to ditch cable but still, want access to their favorite shows. But YouTube TV really shines when it is used on a TV with a streaming device like Roku. You can add the YouTube TV app to any Roku device that is still supported, allowing you to watch anywhere. Just remember, YouTube TV is a completely different service — and set of programs — than you would normally see on YouTube.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is YouTube TV compatible with all Roku devices?

No, older Roku devices that are no longer supported cannot get the YouTube app. The good news is that Roku has dropped support for very few devices over the years.

Does it cost to add the YouTube TV channel?

No, there is no cost to add channels to a Roku, but you do have to pay for YouTube TV to watch its content.

Do you have to sign a contract for YouTube TV?

No, YouTube TV is a month-to-month service, so you can cancel whenever you like.

Is there a discount for YouTube premium subscribers?

Unfortunately, there are no bundle discounts for having both YouTube services.

What is live TV streaming?

Live TV streaming is a cross between on-demand streaming and cable. You get a set package of channels that you can watch as much as you want. There are commercials, and you can’t skip ahead, just like regular TV services.

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