How to Get Verified on Twitter in 4 Steps (With Photos)

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How to Get Verified on Twitter in 4 Steps (With Photos)

If you have been on the social media scene for a while, you may have seen the blue checkmark on some social media accounts, even Twitter. Before November 9, 2022, the blue checkmark on Twitter indicated that the account was active, authentic, and notable — this was the Twitter Legacy verification program. This verification meant that the account was of public interest and had been authenticated to be credible. In simple terms, the badge shows that you are who you say you are.

As of November 9, 2022, Twitter has revamped the process of acquiring the blue checkmark. The verification will now come with a monthly subscription fee of $7.99 under the Twitter Blue program. After this date, the checkmark will have two different meanings:

  1. The account was verified using the previous criteria (active, authentic, and notable).
  2. The account is under the Twitter Blue subscription service.

The blue badge comes with its privileges and benefits. If you are a brand, business, or public figure, the badge means recognition and a chance to build trust with your customers, audience, and fans. Verification is also there to curtail misinformation, especially when fighting against fake news, bots, and trolls.

In the past, one had to go through a complicated process to get verified on Twitter. Even with that, success was not guaranteed. However, with the new policy in place, it will be smooth sailing, as I will show you in the following steps. 

Twitter Blue Verification Option

Twitter Blue is a paid subscription service started by Twitter on November 9, 2022. The service allows users to add the verification checkmark to an account and provides early access to features such as Edit Tweet. It initially rolled out to iOS users in the US, UK, Australia, New Zealand, and Canada, with plans for future expansion to other platforms and countries underway. 

Twitter Blue subscriptions cost $7.99 per month for all regions. Those within the supported regions can access the Twitter Blue application on their Twitter for iOS application.

Twitter will not review the accounts applying for verification based on the Active, Notable, and Authentic parameters of the previous method. 

Steps to Get Verified on Twitter Blue

Follow these steps to get verified on Twitter Blue.

Step 1: Update Your Twitter for iOS App to the Latest Version

Go to App Store and update your Twitter App to the latest version. The blue button will say “update” instead of “open” if you need to download and install a new version.

How to Get Verified on Twitter
Update your Twitter app to the latest version by visiting the App Store.

Step 2: Go to Your Profile Menu 

Select your profile picture and it will lead you to the profile menu.

Get Verified on Twitter
Tap on your profile picture in the upper left corner to open the menu.

Step 3: Select Twitter Blue

There is a new icon for Twitter Blue on the updated version of Twitter for iOS. Select it from the list.

Verified on Twitter
Tap on the new Twitter Blue icon in your profile menu.

Step 4: Select the Subscribe Button and Follow the Purchase Instructions

The monthly subscription price is indicated. Select the subscribe button and it will lead you through a few purchase instructions.

Verified on Twitter
The Twitter Blue “Subscribe” button is located at the bottom of the screen.

Congratulations, you have received the Twitter Blue checkmark.

Verified for Twitter
The Twitter Blue checkmark is located next to your profile name.

Brand strategist Phil Pallen demonstrates how to get verified on Twitter Blue in the following video.

Premium Features Accessible to Users Verified on Twitter Blue

  1. Customized Navigation Set Up: Twitter Blue for iOS allows the user to change the orientation of the six items on the bottom navigation bar. One can move these items to the Profile Menu.
  2. Undo Tweet: This feature allows one to undo a tweet. When turned on, a tweet is not public to all users until the undo period is over. It allows one to edit the tweet or unsend it. One can also choose the undo period, with the available options being 5, 10, 20, 30, or 60 seconds. Additionally, the user can choose the type of tweets for which the undo button is available. 
  3. Labs Features: These are features in the testing stage and they are not available to everyone else. These are, therefore, subject to change over time. Currently, the available features include longer video uploads, 1080P video uploads, space tabs, and NFT profile pictures. 
  4. Reader Mode: The feature allows the user to view threads in an easy-to-read format when it is turned on.
  5. Change the Text Size of Your Reader: Twitter Blue subscribers can change the text size of the app from the Twitter Blue settings or the thread. You can change the text size to small, medium, or large. 
  6. Create and Manage Bookmark Folders: This feature allows the user to create as many bookmark folders as possible and bookmark different tweets in these folders. 
  7. Priority Notifications: There is a new verified section in the Notifications timeline where Twitter users can see notifications from verified accounts.

Twitter Verification Eligibility Criteria

After November 9, 2022, only accounts subscribed to Twitter Blue will access the verification checkmark. Twitter will no longer accept new verification applications based on the previous Legacy eligibility criteria.  All accounts that subscribe to Twitter Blue will receive the blue checkmark for the duration of their subscription.

Additional Twitter Blue Verification Conditions 

Verified accounts under the Twitter Blue program will not get to change their username or display name after getting the verification mark. 

New Twitter accounts will only get access to the Twitter Blue subscription after 90 days. 

Loss of the Blue Checkmark

Twitter Blue subscribers may lose the blue checkmark when they violate Twitter rules. The same also applies to the Legacy verified Twitter accounts.

One can also choose to unsubscribe from Twitter Blue. You can access this feature in your Twitter Blue settings. Once you unsubscribe, the blue checkmark will remain on the account until the term you paid for ends. This excludes the case when the account is suspended and loses the verification status. 

Old Twitter Legacy Verification Program

Twitter Legacy verification was the existing method before the Twitter Blue program. Twitter tested Accounts applying for verification under this program to see if they met the authentic, notable, and active criteria. Currently, applications using this program have been halted. However, accounts that received the verification with this program will retain the blue checkmark.

Conditions for Verification Under the Twitter Legacy Verification Program 

Your Twitter Account Should be Authentic

In this case, one is required to confirm their identity for the verification process. Identification verification is by the following three methods:

  • Official Website: Applicants would provide a link to their official website or organization. 
  • ID Verification: The applicant would provide a photo of a government-issued valid identification document. 
  • Official Email Address: The applicant would provide an official email address with a domain matching the chosen category.

Your Twitter Account Should be Notable

Notability refers to the association of the account with a prominent individual or brand. In this section, Twitter would have you answer the question, “Tell us who you are.” The notable sections covered under the Twitter policy included:

  • The Government: This category covers government office accounts, individuals in the government, and candidates for office. 
  • News Organizations and Journalists: It includes news organizations and institutions, individuals employed in verified news organizations, and freelance journalists.
  • Companies, Organizations, and Brands: This category covers prominent companies, nonprofits, and brands, as well as their leaders and executives. 
  • Entertainment: This category recognizes production and entertainment companies, artists, directors, performers, and other individuals associated with the entertainment scene. 
  • Sports and Gaming: The category has professional sports teams, leagues and organizations, sports professionals, and popular individuals associated with sports. 
  • Activists and Organizers: These are individuals who have gained the public eye but do not lie within the other professional categories mentioned above. They should be involved in bringing awareness, sharing information, leading people to a cause, and other community-enriching functions. 
  • Content creators and Influencers: This includes popular creators who have created original content for different platforms for at least six months. 

Your Twitter Account Should be Active

The Twitter account should be active as defined by Twitter parameters. An active Twitter account should have a profile name and a profile image. The account needs to be active during the application stage, and the owner should have logged into the account at least in the last six months. The account should also have a confirmed email address or phone number for security reasons. An active account has also not violated Twitter rules in the past 12 months, excluding successful appeals.  

Frequently Asked Questions

What does Twitter verification mean?

Twitter verification means that the account is of public interest and has been authenticated to be credible.

What does the blue checkmark on a Twitter account mean?

The blue check mark means two things:

  • The account has an active Twitter Blue subscription
  • The account was verified with the Twitter legacy verification criteria

How do I get verified on Twitter?

Go to your profile>>Select Twitter Blue>>select subscribe>>Follow the purchase procedures.

What is Twitter Blue?

It is a subscription-based Twitter service that adds the verification mark to an account and allows access to premium features such as editing tweets.

Do I need to meet any set of conditions to be verified on Twitter?

In the Twitter Blue subscription program, the only condition you need to meet is having an account that is three months or older. After that, any account can subscribe to Twitter blue verification and get the blue check mark.

What are the benefits of verification of Twitter?

  • Twitter verification will give your brand or account recognizability and a chance to build trust with your customers and fans.
  • Twitter blue verification also comes with additional features such as custom app icons and themes, bookmark folders, custom navigation, undo tweet feature, top articles listing and easy to read feature for threads
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