ChatGPT Unblocked: How to Get Past Chatbot Restrictions

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ChatGPT Unblocked: How to Get Past Chatbot Restrictions

ChatGPT is a great tool, but how do you get past chatbot restrictions? Recent updates to the ChatGPT service have introduced individualized chatbots. These can be tailored to specific tasks, but come with general restrictions. These restrictions follow closely in line with the OpenAI ethics guidelines imposed on all output from ChatGPT.

Now, for general-purpose use, this is fine. However, if you’re looking to use ChatGPT for creative brainstorming or code generation it poses some issues. As such, you’ll want to use some of the included prompts to bypass some restrictions. Jailbreaking ChatGPT isn’t completely open, and you’ll still be subject to many of the ethics guidelines from OpenAI.

What Is ChatGPT?

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ChatGPT is arguably the most famous of the AI chatbots found in open use today.

ChatGPT is LLM based around the GPT-4 model. It uses large datasets in the billions of data points to create a natural way of responding to language prompts. ChatGPT has seen resounding success since its debut, with the latest ChatGPT 4 proving to be popular as a subscription service. Anyone can use ChatGPT for free, but taking advantage of some of the more robust functionality will require a fee.

OpenAI has been one of the biggest players in the AI arena, with a truly viable product ready for production. You can see the ChatGPT API used in a variety of different use cases. The engine itself isn’t necessarily geared towards customer service and human interaction akin to something like Google’s Bard. However, it is hard to imagine any tech enthusiast who hasn’t given the service a shot.

Specialized Chatbots

One of the biggest selling points in ChatGPT these days is the ability to use specialized chatbots. These can serve a variety of different purposes. While all of these chatbots leverage the same technology behind the more generalized ChatGPT, they specialize in specific types of output.

You can find a whole variety of them online, all geared towards different subjects and specialties. As noted, however, everything under the ChatGPT umbrella is subject to the ethics guidelines imposed by OpenAI.

How to Get Past Chatbot Restrictions in ChatGPT

Getting past the chatbot restrictions in ChatGPT is a relatively easy task, provided you have the right prompts. However, unblocking functionality isn’t a complete solution at the time of writing. You’ll still be subjected to the same ethics guidelines. As such, before embarking on a journey to jailbreak your ChatGPT session, it is important to note what can and can’t be done.

You should enjoy greater flexibility as a whole with these methods. However, attempting to use ChatGPT for any malicious or dangerous output isn’t going to fly.

What This Can and Can’t Do

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While you can jailbreak ChatGPT, you really shouldn’t for your safety.

Using any of the listed prompts to get past chatbot restrictions can do wonders toward increasing the overall functionality of ChatGPT. However, the ethical guidelines imposed by OpenAI are still present. Some more enterprising users of the platform are looking to circumvent the ethical guidelines, but that carries its own risks and potential legal issues. Before diving deeper, let’s explore a little first.

The ethical guidelines for ChatGPT don’t allow for the following:

  • Illegal content: Information about drug use, violence, or any other sort of malicious material is strictly forbidden.
  • Profane output: While you can circumvent some restrictions, ChatGPT typically will not generate output containing any sort of expletives.
  • Explicit Material: ChatGPT generally is never going to create output that is graphically violent or sexually explicit by nature.
  • Controversial Topics: ChatGPT, and OpenAI by extension, tend to limit output beyond strict information regarding politics, religion, and general conspiracy theories.

Now, for most users, these restrictions are sensible. However, some — like the restriction on profanity — might prove to be too restrictive for users looking for creative guidance in writing fiction or lyrics. Now, the prompts provided for use aren’t going to turn ChatGPT into Skynet or some sort of malevolent entity.

However, it is important to note that unblocking chatbot restrictions means that you can trick ChatGPT into malicious output. As such, any information presented in this guide is solely for education. I cannot and will not condone any use of ChatGPT for malicious or harmful use. You risk blacklisting your own account and credit card information if you are found in the wrong by OpenAI.

Step 1: Use a DAN Prompt

Some Reddit users have discovered the DAN prompt, short for Do Anything Now. This prompt is fairly effective at manipulating ChatGPT to work around some of its restrictions. However, current usage has seen that the prompt isn’t completely effective at bypassing all restrictions. If you’re looking to move past chatbot restrictions, this is a good starting point.

To use DAN, you’ll need to open a new instance of ChatGPT in your web browser. Now, for ethical reasons, I cannot provide the DAN prompt for your personal use. However, with a little prodding and poking around on the web, you should be able to find the right information needed.

Once you’ve entered the DAN prompt correctly, it should lift most chatbot restrictions. However, do be aware that OpenAI is fairly quick at patching any holes in the framework. As such, a DAN prompt from a few months ago may no longer work as intended.

Use a Multiple Personality Prompt

Another method of bypassing chatbot restrictions is through the use of a multiple-personality prompt. Some users have found this to be particularly fruitful when it comes to bypassing ChatGPT’s profanity filter. Again, as with the DAN method, I won’t provide the actual prompt for ethical reasons. However, you can readily find the multiple-personality prompt on the web with a little searching.

The multiple-personality prompt works on setting additional chatbots to work alongside ChatGPT’s main output. When given a command or prompt, ChatGPT will provide a default answer while also giving output matching what those additional personalities might say. As with the DAN prompt, this is another method that is going through continual updates. OpenAI is fairly quick at patching any known jailbreaks.

Use the Niccolo Macchiaveli Prompt

One of the final methods to bypass any chatbot restrictions is to force ChatGPT to roleplay as Niccolo Macchiaveli. Now, you and I both know his famous treatise on politics was intended as satire. However, with a prompt you can find easily on the web, some users have been able to force some truly malicious content out of the chatbot.

This particular method poses a fair bit of risk, so I don’t recommend it. As with the other methods listed, you can readily find an up-to-date prompt on the web. The Macchiaveli prompt poses perhaps the most severe risk overall, since some users have gotten outright illegal output from it. However, if you’re just looking to make ChatGPT curse, this might do the trick.

ChatGPT Unblocked Summary

1. Use the DAN prompt.
2. Create a multiple-personality chatbot.
3. Use the Niccolo Macchiaveli prompt.

Closing Thoughts

Working with chatbot restrictions in ChatGPT can be a drag depending on your intended use of the service. However, the ethical guidelines are in place for good reason. Many of the moral dilemmas posed by ChatGPT’s use can be sidestepped and can cause serious harm if used in the wrong way. As such, this guide is more for educational and informational purposes rather than any sort of guide to jailbreak.

When using any of these prompts, you will have to assume all risks and legal responsibilities.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you jailbreak ChatGPT?

You can, but I suggest that you don’t. Aside from violating the OpenAI terms of service, you run the risk of breaking laws if you use the output for your own gain.

Why aren't you providing prompts?

Because I cannot provide you with the means of violating the ethical guidelines imposed by OpenAI in good conscience.

Does OpenAI patch jailbreak exploits?

Yes, and fairly frequently, so you might find some of these methods are outdated if you come across this article after publication.

Is ChatGPT useful for business applications?

Yes, some companies are already using it to handle automated customer service.

What is the latest version of ChatGPT?

At the time of writing, the most recent version is ChatGPT 4.

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