How to Get More Followers on TikTok, 11 Easy Options

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How to Get More Followers on TikTok, 11 Easy Options

TikTok is now among the most important battlegrounds for popularity and clout! And how well you are doing depends heavily on how many followers you have. Having more social media followers is a lot like wearing the season’s hottest new top hat. Really, everyone at the social media party will be jealous of your virtual hat as your following grows. Like a well-aimed snowball rolling down a steep, snow-covered slope, your content will reach more people as it gains new followers. In this age of digital strutting, having many followers is a certain way to announce your irresistible charisma and sparkling wit to the world and catapult you to the pinnacle of TikTok fame. So, here are a few simple yet powerful ways to get more followers on TikTok:

1. Know Your Audience

To gain more popularity on TikTok, be ready to play Sherlock and examine your current fan base. Do they need mindless entertainment or insightful vlogs? Look at your audience and their behavior to learn what they enjoy and what they don’t like. You can learn a lot of interesting things about your target demographic with a TikTok Business account. The more personalized your content is, the more engaged your audience will be, and before you know it, you will be a TikTok superstar!

2. Work on Your Profile

screen time settings TikTok
Optimize your profile to appeal to your target audience.


Users will not waste their time on your TikTok profile if it is as interesting as watching paint dry. People will watch the video, but then decide against following the person because, in their words, “it is a nice video, but it feels like a one-hit-wonder”.

Give your audience a sense of who you are and what you do. They may be able to piece together the general theme of your profile from the videos you have posted, but you should not put too much stock in that. You only have a few words, so focus on exactly what you want people to know before deciding whether to follow you. The language you choose to market your brand should be interesting and persuasive and convey its value or mission clearly.

3. Increase the Exposure of Your TikTok Videos

Focus on quality rather than quantity while making videos on TikTok if you want to see results. Make sure that the content of each post is consistent with your brand’s values and those of the intended audience.

TikTok users’ views lead to interactions such as commenting, sharing, and liking. In turn, this activity will cause additional people to start following your profile.

Understanding what interests your audience can be as simple as watching popular videos on TikTok. And that does not have to be tricky, since you can find the most popular videos on TikTok by using the app’s search function.

tiktok dance trend
The TikTok dance trend is still going strong.


You just cannot help but to hop on the latest TikTok trend. When browsing the app, you will come across several videos that share a common theme or feature the same catchy soundtrack. That is because they are catching a ride on the crest of a wave of popularity; if it works for your niche, you should, too.

These tunes are the bee’s knees for a reason. You know, people are moving to the beat, and record labels encourage the trend. The TikTok algorithm favors videos containing popular music, making them a shortcut to popularity. Check out the app’s suggestions under the Discover page, or shoot whatever you fancy.

It is worth mentioning that TikTok uses the number of plays to determine which songs become popular. The algorithm then gives preference to the best videos that match those criteria and makes them the focus of the For You presentation. But do not blindly follow the crowd. Always verify that the trend is appropriate for your brand and target demographic.

5. Take Advantage of the Right Hashtags

TikTok’s hashtags are like pixie dust – they make everything look better. Have your videos seen more often by more people by using trending hashtags. Just make sure they mesh well with the content. Having a hard time finding the best hashtags? Explore the work of others in your field for inspiration. Or you could just write a “#” into your caption and have the most popular hashtags magically appear.

Keep in mind that using relevant hashtags might make your TikTok video stand out from the crowd. They promote your video’s discoverability, accessibility, and participation. For instance, add the #DIYprojects hashtag to your video, and you are good to go! DIYers will find you quickly. In addition, if you use clever hashtags and descriptions, your video could go viral, which is a surefire way to earn more followers.

6. Upload at the Right Times

In TikTok, timing is of immense importance. You should release your videos when your audience is most receptive, like a snack vendor at a football game. You can always go through your business or creator tools’ stats to determine when to post on TikTok. Just click the Followers menu and there you go! It is more like a map that shows you exactly when your fans are most active. Time your TikTok video uploads during the peak viewing hours of the day and watch your popularity explode.

7. Take Advantage of TikTok Challenges

TikTok is a challenge factory, always producing dance-offs, dares, and other bizarre contests. New challenges always await you as you swipe through the app. You should look for one that fits your brand’s identity, or set the trend by creating your own TikTok challenge. Keeping up with the latest trends on social media is like getting an inside look at today’s most talked-about events.

Speaking of challenges, the infectious dance moves of viral challenges like the Kiki challenge fit perfectly with the music video style of TikTok videos. Do not forget to include some popular hashtags in your challenge and you can become a TikTok sensation overnight.

In addition, taking on a difficult task might motivate you to experiment with new ideas and musical directions, which can ultimately help you develop a signature sound and attract more followers.

8. Cross-Promote Your Content

upload video to youtube
You can upload your TikTok videos to YouTube Shorts as well. Just remember to remove any watermarks first.


Do not automatically assume that your fans on other social media platforms know you maintain a presence on TikTok. This is where you have to cross-promote your content to earn more followers.

For instance, Instagram and YouTube each feature their own dedicated “mini-video playgrounds,” making them ideal for recycling your TikTok clips. Displaying your TikTok logo and handle on social media platforms like Twitter and Instagram makes it simple for your fans to find you.

Just keep in mind that some sites can be aggressive. If you want your videos to be viewable on Instagram Reels, you will need to either upload the unaltered originals or remove the watermarks. YouTube Shorts accept TikTok watermarked videos, but you cannot make money from them. So, get the word out, but do not break the rules!

9. Try Stitching and Dueting

Want to get more followers on TikTok? Learn to socialize! Feel free to enjoy, comment, and like other user videos to get noticed by your audience. And you can do all that through “stitching”, a feature that allows you to add your own comments or supplemental material to an existing video clip.

Similarly, dueting is another great idea. Using this feature, you can share your video side-by-side with another video from a different creator.  

Make sure the videos you choose are directly associated with your brand, or you risk looking like an amateur. Like and comment on videos your ideal audience watches, and they will come running to you like bees attracted to honey.

10. Share UGC Videos

Woman holding iPhone tiktok social media
How to add a text to your TikTok video.

©Kaspars Grinvalds/Shutterstock.com

Do you wish you had more TikTok fans and fanatical interaction? Stop looking! Your new best friend is user-created content (UGC). You can view UGC as an online type of word-of-mouth advertising. It is the equivalent of a seal of approval, encouraging others to join in. User-generated content (UGC) is the catalyst for growth, loyalty, and engagement on TikTok. Many social media experts believe that people are more likely to trust user-generated content than that produced by businesses.

It all works in a simple way. Imagine you are a cosmetics company and want your customers to film tutorials using your products. Pure gold! Use relevant hashtags when sharing their work and watch your TikTok family expand. Sharing is caring (and engaging), so encourage your audience to spread the word about your posts.

11. Take Advantage of Apps

When expanding your influence and audience on TikTok, follower applications are important. As success in the TikTok ecosystem depends on users seeing and interacting with your content, these handy tools will give you a leg up.

You can make your content more interesting and relevant to your intended audience by tracking and analyzing data. For instance, you need to know the number of people who have followed you, the percentage of people who have interacted with your posts, and the types of posts they like to watch.

TikTok follower applications help you remain ahead of the curve and cultivate a dedicated fan following that is always looking forward to your next viral sensation. And if you want to improve your TikTok skills with the help of an app, just have a look at these golden nuggets:


Your reliable companion for all things TikTok, TikFans is simple and stylish. Statistics like engagement rates, the number of followers, and more are available, allowing you to gain insight into your fan base. If you want a detailed report, TikFans has you covered!


Need more attention on social media? InstaFollowers will always have your back. The good thing is that it helps you raise the profile of all social media platforms, not just TikTok. Before you go on a follower-buying binge, give their free trial a try.

Of course, the 11 tips above aren’t the only ways to get more followers on TikTok. This video from Robert Benjamin offers even more proven methods for increasing your TikTok following fast.

Should You Buy TikTok Followers?

The age-old dilemma: can you increase your popularity on TikTok by purchasing followers? It is tempting to try to cut corners, but chances are you will end up with nothing but disappointment. Buying fans and likes is like dropping good money on a car without an engine; sure, it looks good, but it will not get you anywhere. Not to mention that it is also against TikTok policy.

Putting money into high-quality content and gaining authentic subscribers who watch and interact with your videos is the right path to expansion. Purchasing fans might trick some individuals, but in the long run, they will figure out the scam and stop supporting your brand altogether.

Envision having 50,000 followers (mainly bots) but only a handful of people really watching your videos. Surely that will cause some confusion. This deception will be seen by brands looking for influencers faster than a cheetah on roller skates, and you will be added to their “nope” list.

It is also important to keep in mind that, like any social media site, TikTok has the ability to alter its policies rapidly. It is entirely possible to have 300,000 devoted fans one day and 100 devoted fans the next. Therefore, you should forego quick gains at the expense of gradual development if you want to succeed on TikTok.

How to Get More Followers on TikTok, 11 Easy Options FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions) 

Is it possible to gauge the quality of TikTok followers?

Realize the value of genuine TikTok fans if you want to make it as a creator on the platform. This does not necessarily imply that you should vet each of your followers to ensure they fit your ideal demographic and actively prevent the “wrong” accounts from sticking around.

However, it is a good idea to check a few followers to be sure they are not bots. Remember that brands can spot phony followers by looking for things like unusually high or low engagement rates, spam comments, and an unbalanced ratio of followers to people following the brand.

How to ensure videos you posts on TikTok are consistent with your goals?

Consistently aligning every video you make and post with the goals you set is essential if you are using TikTok for any kind of marketing activity. Keep in mind that this is not your personal channel, so the videos you make and post should align with your brand’s mission rather than your own interests.

Sharing recordings of your wild weekend antics probably is not the best idea if you want to keep the company atmosphere professional and spotless. Keep that on Instagram! Nonetheless, if you are making a video for a younger, more daring audience, do not hesitate to loosen up. After all, you do not want to be the business whose content makes everyone fall asleep.

Your videos should accurately portray who you are. Consider whether your most recent posts follow a logical progression. Do you think it reflects well on your company? Or are you stumbling around aimlessly like a drunk trying to walk a tightrope?

In short, be consistent with your brand and provide your visitors with a clear notion of what you offer.

How many TikTok followers do you need to be an influencer?

This depends on a variety of criteria. It may depend on the nature of the material you post, the level of engagement it receives, and the specifics of your niche. Nonetheless, TikTok influencers usually have a large following of 10,000 people or more, although even micro-influencers with a lesser following can make a big splash in their particular field.


Is it okay to buy TikTok Likes and Views?

Buying TikTok views and likes is discouraged because it violates the site’s rules and policies. Purchasing views, fans, or any other sort of engagement on TikTok will have your account banned or suspended.

Buying popularity on social media can have negative effects on your reputation and credibility. If you artificially inflate your content’s popularity, real consumers will have a harder time finding and engaging with it. TikTok’s recommendation algorithm is vulnerable to manipulation because it establishes a video’s popularity through user interaction.

Therefore, it is not always worth it to shell out cash for a boost in interaction or real-life fans by buying them. Promoting your content organically using tactics like using relevant hashtags, connecting with other users, and engaging with your followers is far more effective than paying for ads or buying followers.

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