How to Get Jackbox on Roku (And Which Games Are Our Favorites)

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How to Get Jackbox on Roku (And Which Games Are Our Favorites)

Key Points

  • Jackbox offers a collection of games for the whole family that can be played on almost any device, except Roku.
  • To play Jackbox on Roku, you can use a workaround by screen mirroring from an Apple device.
  • Jackbox games are designed to be played with friends and offer a variety of mini-games that are lighthearted and fun.
  • The Jackbox Party Pack 10 is the only version of Jackbox that can be played on Roku and includes five unique games.
  • Jackbox is not available on Roku devices due to the limited storage and processing power of Roku devices.

Jackbox offers a great collection of games for the whole family, and you can play them on almost any device. Unfortunately, you won’t find the app on Roku devices. The good news is that there is a workaround to play Jackbox on Roku with Screen Mirror on your mobile phone, tablet, or computer.

To play Jackbox on a Roku, you must have an iPad, iPhone, or iPod Touch running iOS 12.3 or newer or a Mac running macOS 10.14.5 or newer. Additionally, this does not work with older Roku models, so you must verify AirPlay compatibility before continuing. Even though it is possible to play Jackbox on a Roku with the steps below, you are better off using a conventional video game console if you have one.

Step 1: Get the Jackbox App

Jackbox page in the Apple App Store
Purchase the game in the Apple App Store and install it.

First, download the Jackbox game to your device. You can only get Jackbox Party Pack 10 on Apple devices. It is available in the Apple App Store for all devices, including Mac, iPad, and iPhone. However, it is very expensive compared to comparable mobile games. To download the game, tap the price and sign in to your Apple account to confirm the purchase.

Step 2: Launch the App

Open Jackbox from the Apple App Store
Once the installation is complete, launch the game.

Next, launch the game. Click on Open if you are still in the App Store; otherwise, find it on the home screen of mobile devices. Macs are slightly different because Jackbox will go to the Game folder located in LaunchPad.

Step 3: Stream to Roku Via AirPlay

Select a device to stream to with Apple AirPlay
Choose a Roku device to start a Screen Mirror session.

Now, you must mirror your device’s screen to the Roku device. With Jackbox open, swipe down from the top right corner of the screen to open the Control Center. Then, click the Screen Mirroring icon, followed by the Roku device you want to stream to. The AirPlay logo will appear on the TV screen with a code you must enter on the Apple device.

Step 4: Start Playing

Go back to the Control Center and tap the Screen Mirror icon when finished.
Go back to the Control Center and tap the Screen Mirror icon when finished.

After you enter the AirPlay code on your Apple device, the device’s screen will begin mirroring on the TV. All you have to do is swipe up to close the Control Center and return to your game. After playing, open the Control Center and tap on the Screen Mirror icon to end the AirPlay session with your Roku.

What is Jackbox?

If you aren’t familiar with Jackbox, then you may remember the creator from the hit game You Don’t Know Jack. Jackbox games are a collection of short party titles that are designed to be played with friends. Each of the mini-games offers a completely different style of play. They are designed to challenge players while staying lighthearted and fun for gamers and non-gamers alike.

The short and simple nature of Jackbox games makes them perfect to play on a variety of consoles. In addition to home consoles like the Xbox and PlayStation, you can also Jackbox on mobile devices and computers. The great thing about Jackbox is that only one person has to own the game, and the other players can join in for free from a web browser on any device.

Our Favorite Jackbox Games

Jackbox offers many different games that come as part of collections, known as Party Packs. Today, we are looking at the ones included in Jackbox Party Pack 10. This is the only version of Jackbox that you can play on Roku with the method above, and it includes five unique games that you won’t find in any other Jackbox collection. Let’s take a quick look at each and go over what we like the most.

Time Jinx

Our favorite single-player Jackbox game is Time Jinx. While you can play by yourself, it also supports up to eight players. This trivia game asks questions about historical events with some crazy twists. You can also compete in side missions. Each question is based on facts, but they are framed in a very comedic way that is sure to get you hooked.

Dodo Re Mi

Dodo Re Mi is the perfect game for a single player or up to nine friends. It is a musical rhythm game that has players control birds that each play an instrument. You start by selecting a song and an instrument to play. Then, you must tap the screen to the beat of the song. Each song has multiple beatmaps, so there is a lot of replay value.

Tee KO2

Tee KO2 is a drawing game that lets players design a T-shirt and then have an audience vote on the best design. While that may sound a bit mundane, you do have a lot of options for customizability, and the “battle” between the shirts at the end is always entertaining.

Fixy Text

FixyText is a word game designed for three to eight players. The game is designed to mimic a text message conversation, where you and your friends compete for the craziest responses. However, each player can add to the message, and there is no way to delete what you’ve typed. When time runs out, players vote and decide the winner.


Finally, there is Hypnotorious, the most unique game in the collection. Unfortunately, it requires four to eight players. Each player takes on a secret identity in the game and tries to find what they have in common with other players. However, one player is always an outlier, and they won’t know it. After answering questions, everyone votes on who the outlier is to win the game.

Why Is Jackbox Not Available on Roku Devices?

Jackbox is a very light game compared to other console titles. However, it still requires significantly more space and processing power than a Roku can handle. The latest game, Jackbox Party Pack 10, requires roughly 1.5GB of space. For comparison, most Roku devices have less than 8GB of internal storage. This memory must hold the operating system and all of your other channels.

Additionally, Roku devices have a limited amount of RAM. While the Roku Ultra has upwards of 2GB of RAM, some Roku Express devices and Roku TVs have a little over 512MB. Even if the team behind Jackbox tried to get their games working on Roku, the experience would not meet players’ expectations.

Wrapping Up

Jackbox party games are a lot of fun, especially when playing with friends. However, it may not be the best game to play on your Roku. The biggest problem is that Jackbox is designed to be played on multiple devices, so everyone in the room still needs access to a device with a web browser. Of course, if your friends aren’t in the same room, then it makes sense to play on the TV with a Roku.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I download Jackbox Party Pack 10 for free if I already bought it for another device?

No, when you purchase Jackbox it is only for that product ecosystem. For instance, buying it on the Apple App Store allows you to play Jackbox on iPhone and iPad. However, you would not be able to play the game on a PC or video game console without purchasing it again.

Are all Jackbox games multiplayer?

No, although Jackbox games are designed to play as a group, there are some that work with just one player. Keep in mind that some games also require three or more players.

Can you play Jackbox on a Fire TV device?

No, Jackbox was available on Fire TV devices, but it was removed from the app store. There are ways to add Android apps such as Jackbox to a Fire TV device via sideloading. However, most of these streaming devices don’t have the space or power to run the game anyway.

Do you need multiple mobile devices to play Jackbox on a Roku?

Most of the multiplayer games have players use their own devices to control the game. However, only one person needs to actually own the game. The other players simply join from their device’s web browser. Unfortunately, only one person can mirror their device to the Roku at a time.

Can kids play Jackbox games?

Jackbox games are designed for the entire family to play together. However, nearly all Jackbox games are rated T for teen. To make the games more appropriate for everyone, Jackbox has a “family-friendly” mode that you can enable from the game’s settings menu.

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