How to Get Apple TV on a Samsung TV in Easy Steps (with Photos)

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How to Get Apple TV on a Samsung TV in Easy Steps (with Photos)

If you’re a big Apple fan, it’s unfortunate that Apple doesn’t have its TV, but they do have an Apple TV app and third-party device you can use even on a Samsung TV. If you’ve heard of this possibility, it’s probable you’ve wondered about how to get Apple TV on Samsung TV.

You’re in the right place, because, down below, you’ll learn how to do exactly that in easy steps to follow. We’ll also include photos so you can do it fairly quickly to enjoy Apple TV content straight away.

How to Get Apple TV on Samsung TV in 3 Easy Steps

Installing Apple TV on a Samsung TV is as easy as it is to install any other app, thanks to its support in Samsung’s download center. Here are the steps you have to follow before you can enjoy Apple TV content.

Step 1: Turn on the TV and Open the App Menu

The first thing you want to do is set some free time aside since the download and installation process could take a while (we don’t recommend doing it in the rush). Turn on your TV using the Samsung Remote, but keep in mind that you can also use the physical buttons to navigate the menu and download the Apple TV app. 

Physical buttons are underneath the TV, right under the central Samsung logo. When your Samsung TV turns on, visit the app menu by following the home bar.

Turn on your Samsung TV and open the app menu.
Turn on your Samsung TV and open the app menu.

Step 2: Search for Apple TV App and Install it

Now that you have entered the app menu, you’ll see a list of recommended apps you can download or apps that have available updates.

In the top right corner, click on the search icon button to open the search bar. In the search bar, type in Apple TV. To type in the name of the app, navigate to the on-screen Samsung keyboard that pops up when you press on the empty bar where you have to insert information.

When you type in the Apple TV, you will be able to see the Apple TV icon. Once you press the Apple TV icon, you’ll see a dedicated Apple TV app page where you can find more information about the app. There is also an Install button that will download the app on your Samsung TV.

Search for Apple TV.
Search for Apple TV


Step 3: Open the App and Sign in Using Your Apple Account

The download and installation process can take a couple of minutes. When the process is complete, you will get a notification that the app is ready for use. Head to the app screen and you will find the Apple TV icon among other apps you have installed on your Samsung TV.

From there, press once on the app icon to open the app. When the app opens, you will need to sign into the app before you can use it. To sign into the Apple TV app, you will need to use your Apple credentials.

Once you have successfully logged in, you will be able to stream content, rent movies, and do everything the Apple TV app offers you.

Sign into your Apple account.
Sign into your Apple account.

Here is a step-by-step video for further reference:

What if You Can’t Install Apple TV on Your Samsung TV?

One of the most common things that can happen is that you won’t see the Apple TV app available for download on your Samsung TV. This is because the Apple TV app does not support Samsung TVs that are older than 2017. Even certain 2017 Samsung TV models don’t have the full capability within the app other than the streaming purpose, which is still good enough.

If you have a Samsung TV that was made in 2016 or earlier, unfortunately, you won’t be able to get the Apple TV app on your TV. However, Apple said that they’re working on introducing the Apple TV app support for older Samsung TVs, but they’re mostly focusing on the newer TVs.

In case you have a Samsung TV that was made in 2016 or earlier, you can still use Apple TV through third-party devices such as Roku, Fire TV, and other similar third-party devices. Of course, you can even connect the Apple TV box to your Samsung TV for the full Apple TV experience.

Wrapping Up

Getting the Apple TV app on your Samsung TV is as easy as it is to download any other app. However, on certain Samsung TVs, you might not be able to get the Apple TV app or your entertainment might be unavailable due to the older Apple TV app version. This often happens on older Samsung TVs.

However, there are workarounds, so it’s definitely possible to enjoy and stream Apple content on your Samsung TV using one of the two options mentioned above.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you get Apple TV on older Samsung TVs?

Yes, but you will need a third-party device that will have the app available.

How does Apple TV app works on Samsung TV?

The Apple TV app works in the same way you would use it directly through their website or any third-party device that provides the app. The interface and functionality remain the same.

What else do you need to enjoy Apple TV content?

You need a subscription service and credentials to log in and use the service.

What's the difference between the Apple TV and Apple TV+?

The main difference is that Apple TV allows you to rent movies while Apple TV+ is based on a subscription.

Do you need to update the Apple TV app manually?

No, on most Samsung TVs, app updates are automatic.

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