How to Get a Blue Check on Twitter in 5 Steps

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How to Get a Blue Check on Twitter in 5 Steps

If you’ve scrolled Twitter for more than a few minutes, you likely noticed some users have a blue check icon next to their username. While this used to be Twitter’s verification badge, it now means that the user is paying for a subscription service.

While this may seem as though it defeats the purpose of Twitter’s iconic blue check, it still means a user is a real person. If you’re wondering how you can get a blue check on Twitter, we’ll show you how to get it.

What is Twitter’s Blue Check?

At one time, only notable people could get Twitter’s blue check. Whether it was politicians, famous individuals, or journalists, the blue check let other users know that a verified user’s Tweets were from a reputable person.

All About the Blue Check

The blue check on Twitter today has a similar premise. Except for one major change: it’s available for anyone. That’s right! You don’t have to be a famous athlete, a mayor, or a ground-breaking journalist to proudly display Twitter’s blue check mark.

However, this change does mean that anyone willing to pay $8/mo. ($11/mo. on Android or iOS) can get it. Essentially, the only things you need to get your Twitter blue check are a Twitter account and a credit card. When you have those ready, you can follow the steps below to get your blue check.

Twitter Blue Features

When you pay for the blue check, you’re actually paying for Twitter Blue. The subscription service gives you the blue check and the following features:

Twitter updates new features regularly. The company is also working on reducing ads for Twitter Blue subscribers. So, if you want Twitter’s new features and display the blue check, we’ll show you how to sign up for the service in the following sections.

How to Get the Blue Check on Twitter – Web Browser

While Twitter relaxed its restrictions on who can get the iconic blue check, some accounts still can’t get it. Review our section below and ensure your account meets all the criteria to get your blue check.

Step 1: Tap the Menu Icon

Twitter’s web browser layout has a menu on the left side. You’ll see a three-dot icon encased in a circle. That’s your Twitter menu. Click the menu icon.

Blue check on Twitter
The three-dot “More” menu is located under your profile icon on the left-hand side of your screen.


Step 2: Click Settings and Privacy

When you click the menu icon, a small drop-down window will appear. Click Settings. Then, click Settings and Privacy.

Blue check on Twitter
Tap “Settings and privacy” in the pop-up menu that appears.


Step 3: Click Twitter Blue

The Twitter Blue option appears on the Settings page in the menu on the right. Click it.

Blue check on Twitter
Twitter Blue is the third option from the top on the Settings screen.


Step 4: Click Your Plan

You’ll see two options appear on the screen. You can choose to pay $84 for the year or $8.99/mo.

Then, click Subscribe.

Helpful hint: You can save money by paying yearly. However, if you aren’t sure you want to keep Twitter Blue, you can choose the monthly option.

Blue check on Twitter
Select the Annual or Monthly plan, then tap on the white “Subscribe” button to start your plan.


Step 5: Submit Your Payment

Twitter will open a new webpage where you can input your credit card information. When you complete filling out the form, click Subscribe.

Helpful hint: This credit card will pay your Twitter Blue payment automatically on the renewal date.

Now, you will see your blue check on your Twitter account.

Blue check on Twitter
Enter your credit card information in the boxes provided, then tap the blue “Subscribe” button to complete the transaction.


How to Buy the Blue Check on Twitter – Mobile App

Twitter users who want to sign up for Twitter Blue on the mobile app will have to forfeit a few extra dollars per month because Google and Apple want their cut too. However, if you’re ok with that, you can pay for Twitter Blue on the iOS and Android app. Complete these steps to get your blue check on Twitter:

Step 1: Tap Your Profile Icon

You’ll see your profile icon in the upper left corner when you open the Twitter app on your mobile device. Tap your profile icon.

Blue check on Twitter
On the mobile app, your profile icon is in the top left-hand corner of your screen.


Step 2: Tap Settings and Privacy

Now, tap Settings. Then, you can select Settings and Privacy in the menu.

Blue check on Twitter
Tap on the “Settings and privacy” option located near the bottom of your screen.


Step 3: Tap Twitter Blue

Twitter Blue appears near the middle of the Settings menu. Tap Twitter Blue to move forward.

Blue check on Twitter
The Twitter Blue setting is located halfway down your screen.


Step 4: Tap Subscribe

You can subscribe to Twitter Blue and get your blue check for $11/mo. on the mobile app. Tap Subscribe when you’re ready to sign up for the service.

Blue check on Twitter
Tap the “Subscribe” button at the bottom of your screen and follow the prompts.


Step 5: Pay for Twitter Blue

iOS users will see the option to submit their payment using an iCloud account. Double-click the iPhone’s side button to confirm the purchase.

Android users can tap Subscribe and complete the purchase with their Google Play account.

Blue check on Twitter
Pay with Apple Pay or your Google Play account and confirm at the bottom of your screen.


Criteria for Getting a Blue Check on Twitter

Before you can proudly display your Twitter blue check, your account still has to meet a few criteria. Aside from submitting a payment, ensure your account meets the following:

  • Completed profile with profile picture, bio, display name, and username.
  • In a region where Twitter Blue is available (U.S., Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Japan, UK, Saudi Arabia, France, Germany, Italy, Portugal, Spain, India, Indonesia, and Brazil).
  • A valid and active phone number.
  • An active Twitter account older than 90 days.

Not only do you have to meet the requirements listed above, but you also have to maintain certain requirements to keep your blue check on Twitter. You’ll temporarily lose your Blue Check if you change your profile picture, username, or Twitter handle.

Helpful hint: Before you sign up for Twitter Blue, make sure you update the profile picture and Twitter handle you want to use.

Twitter Blue? Twitter You!

So far, Twitter Blue has been one of the most controversial app features we’ve seen. While some love the idea of having their own blue check, others feel like it has lost its meaning. No matter which team you’re on, Twitter Blue offers more amazing features, like Tweet editing, that make the option worth it!

Sign-up is easy on any device, and as long as you’re a real person, you’ll get your blue check pretty quickly.

Check out the video below to see exactly how to get a blue check on Twitter.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why does Twitter cost more on iOS and Android

Apple and Google charge a percentage to companies for making their apps available in the Play Store and App Store. Unfortunately, this cost is often passed onto the consumer. If you sign up for Twitter Blue on the mobile app, you’re paying Apple and Google a fee, plus the subscription cost.

Will people know I paid for my blue check on Twitter?

Yes. If a user wants to know whether you have a legacy blue check or you subscribed to Twitter Blue, they can visit your profile and tap on the blue check next to your name. It will reveal whether you have a legacy check or you subscribed to Twitter Blue.

Is the blue check on Twitter still a verification badge?

The answer to this question is widely subjective. The argument for Twitter Blue is that more users can have the badge and that it will reduce the platform’s bots because bots won’t pay a subscription charge. Aside from that, blue check owners on the forum still have to meet requirements like having an active phone number and an older account.

Opponents of the blue check as a verification argument enjoyed Twitter’s exclusive verification badge, where users had to be a notable person to display it.

Why don't I see the option to sign up for Twitter Blue?

Initially, Twitter Blue was only available on the web and iOS app. The company only recently added Android to its list of compatible operating systems. If you don’t see the Twitter Blue option, update your mobile app to the most current version, or try another device.

If that doesn’t work, check our Twitter Blue Criteria section and ensure the feature is available in your area and to your account.

When will I get charged for my blue check on Twitter?

There isn’t a free trial period for Twitter Blue subscribers, so you will be charged as soon as you submit your payment. Then, you will be charged again on your renewal date (yearly or monthly, depending on when you signed up).

When will I lose my blue check on Twitter if I cancel Twitter Blue?

If you cancel Twitter Blue, you can keep your blue check and all its features until your next renewal date.

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