LG Smart TV Error Code 106: What It Is and How to Fix It

Fix LG smart tv error

LG Smart TV Error Code 106: What It Is and How to Fix It

Key Points

  • LG Smart TV error code 106 indicates a connectivity issue with your smart TV, which can be caused by a faulty internet connection, incorrect date and time settings, or router failure to access the TV’s MAC address.
  • Steps to resolve LG Smart TV error code 106 include power cycling the router, re-entering the Wi-Fi password, removing the Wi-Fi password, trying a wired connection, manually setting the DNS, manually setting the date and time, and manually adding the TV’s MAC address to the router.
  • If all at-home diagnostics fail, seeking professional assistance from LG’s support team or the internet service provider is recommended.

We typically designate an error on devices with a code composed of alphanumeric characters that make it easy to identify the issue and direct users to solutions. LG Smart TV error code 106 is among the most common for this device type. That makes it one of the most frustrating as well. Here are some steps to resolve your LG Smart TV error code 106.

What Is LG Smart TV Error Code 106? What Causes It?

An LG Smart TV error code 106 indicates a connectivity issue with your smart TV. Thus, you can assume your TV throws this error code because of a faulty internet connection. However, your TV may also show this code if the date and time on the television are incorrect and differ from the Wi-Fi router or if the router fails to access your TV’s MAC address.

You may experience an error code 106 when you didn’t connect your smart TV to the internet correctly. Issues with the router’s firmware or an update to the router may also be the culprit in this error. Incompatibility between device models could also cause an error code 106.

Let’s look at some steps you can take to connect your TV to the internet again.

Step 1: Power Cycle Your Router

The first thing you’ll want to do is power cycle your router. It’s important to remember that this will temporarily take all of your devices off the internet. You’ll need to plan if you have multiple devices and several people relying on your router for the internet.

Power cycling your router depends on the manufacturer and router model you have in your home. So, we can’t give you a step-by-step tutorial on how to do that. Consult your internet service provider’s support documentation if you are unsure how to reset your router.

Step 2: Re-Enter Your Wi-Fi Password

There are many ways to get your LG Smart TV connected to the internet.

Your router may also fail to connect with your TV due to a discrepancy in your Wi-Fi password. Start by manually re-entering your Wi-Fi password. Start by going to your TV settings, which has a shortcut to your internet connectivity information. You can also go to All Settings. Then, select General Settings. Finally, choose Network if you can’t find the shortcut.

Next, you must select your Wi-Fi connection from the list of available connections or manually enter the SSID if the network is hidden. Ensure that you spell your Wi-Fi network key correctly. Remember that it is case-sensitive, and ensure that any special characters are correct.

Step 3: Remove Your Wi-Fi Password

Another way to troubleshoot your connection is to remove your Wi-Fi password to see if your TV can connect without a password. This process is another step that will primarily depend on your Wi-Fi router’s manufacturer and your internet service provider. So, consult their support documentation if you aren’t sure how to deactivate your Wi-Fi router’s network key.

Step 4: Try Using a Wired Connection

Connect to wired or wireless network on LG TV
If you cannot connect wirelessly, try a wired connection using an ethernet cable.

If you’re having trouble connecting using a wireless connection, you can try to connect using an ethernet cable. LG Smart TVs have an ethernet port on the back, allowing for wired LAN connections. Simply plug an ethernet cable into your Wi-Fi router with the other end running to the back of your smart TV.

Wired LAN connections do not require entering a network key or significant settings management. If your TV doesn’t connect to the router using an ethernet cable, you may have an issue with compatibility between the smart TV and the router.

Step 5: Manually Set the Domain Name System

lg smart tv error code 106
DNS servers allow your computer to find information on the internet.

The Domain Name System (DNS) server is how your device knows where to find the information you search on the internet. Humans interface with internet browsers using domain names, such as google.com. However, internet browsers interface with servers using internet protocol (IP) addresses. 

The DNS server translates the domain name you enter into your device into an IP address that fetches the information stored on the internet. There are many DNS options. Typically, devices choose the one they draw from automatically without input from the user.

However, in some cases, you may need to choose your DNS, especially if you’re getting internet connection errors. We recommend using Google’s public DNS, which is free for all users.

To access your DNS settings, open the Settings window on your TV. Navigate to the Advanced Wi-Fi settings and find the DNS settings. Uncheck the “Set Automatically” option. Then, enter “” into the DNS server settings and click connect.

Step 6: Manually Set the Date and Time

An LG Smart TV error code 106 can also be caused by date and time discrepancies between the TV and the router. Many devices get their date and time from the user, while routers use radio clocks that set the date and time based on the internet service provider’s information.

If you’re the lazy type of user who doesn’t usually mess with the date and time on their devices, you may have forgotten to align your TV’s clock with reality. When the router sees a device with an incorrect date and time, it may refuse to allow the connection because it is a potential security risk.

To change the date and time on your LG Smart TV, start by pressing the Settings button on the remote and navigating to All Settings. Under the General Settings tab, select “Time & Date.” Use the remote to select the correct date and time.

Step 7: Manually Add Your TV’s MAC Address to Your Router

bar code sticker with a MAC address
Every device with internet connectivity has a unique MAC address.

If none of the other fixes in this article worked, you can add your TV’s MAC address to your router. Sometimes an LG Smart TV error code 106 will occur because the router cannot get the TV’s MAC address, preventing the two devices from interfacing and connecting to the internet.

First, you must find your TV’s MAC address. How you do this will depend on the model and the year it was manufactured. So, consult LG’s support documentation to determine how to find your TV’s MAC address.

Then, you’ll need to log into your router’s admin controls. How you do this will depend on your internet service provider and router model. So, consult your ISP’s support documentation to find your admin control access information.

Finally, you’ll need to find your router’s MAC address whitelist. Add your TV’s MAC address to the whitelist and see if your TV can connect to the internet now. 

Step 8: Seek Professional Assistance

It’s okay to admit that you need the help of a professional sometimes! If all the at-home diagnostics have failed you, it’s time to bring in a professional to help you determine the issue. In this situation, you should start by reaching out to LG’s support team. They can walk you through additional steps and determine if the problem is on your TV or the router.

If the support team determines that the problem is with your router, contact your internet service provider. They have the most up-to-date information about your router and internet service and may be able to provide additional guidance. If necessary, they may suggest that you replace your router. The ISP will cover the replacement if you rent your router from them.

Frequently Asked Questions

What does LG Smart TV error code 106 mean?

LG Smart TVs throw error code 106 when there is an issue with internet connectivity.

What causes LG Smart TV error code 106?

LG Smart TV error code 106 can be due to a faulty internet connection, discrepancies with the device’s date and time, or difficulty retrieving your device’s MAC address.

How do I fix LG Smart TV error code 106?

Start by power cycling your router. Then, try re-entering your network key on the TV, disabling the network key, using a wired connection, manually setting the date and time and DNS, and adding the TV’s MAC address to your router’s whitelist.

What do I do if my router and LG Smart TV are incompatible?

If your router and LG Smart TV are incompatible, they cannot interface through brute force. You will need to buy a new router or a new TV.

How do I know if my router and LG Smart TV are compatible?

Neither LG nor most internet service providers have consistent and comprehensive documentation on compatibility between routers and Smart TVs. If you have doubts, contact your internet service provider, as they will have the most comprehensive compatibility information.

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