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If you’re browsing or working on your Android smartphone, it’s easy to download and open a range of file types. However, once you’ve finished using them, do you know where they go on your phone? In this article, we explain how to find downloads on Android in four easy steps.

How to find downloads on Android

Depending on your storage, you can download anything to your Android phone you would on a PC. It’s easy to download email attachments, images, or PDFs routinely. However, the hassle begins when you close the file and want to retrieve it so you can delete or share it. Where on earth do all the downloads on Android go? Follow these four super quick and easy steps to find and take back control of your downloads. 

Step 1: Go to your apps

The Files app is usually nestled with the other apps on your phone. Tap on it and pop the hood on your Android phone’s storage.

Files is accessible from your home screen.


Step 2: Scroll down to the Categories section

Go to the downloads folder, which is under Files.


When you open the Files app, you’ll find Downloads listed first in the Categories section. It is usually right in front of you when you open the app. 

Step 3:  Tap on Downloads  

You can access downloaded files in the downloads folder.


Your downloads are listed in this section. You can sort the downloads by date or change the view from a grid view to a list view. 

Step 4. Tap on the file to open it

Click on a file to open it.


You can open any of your downloaded files by tapping on them. This will open up your PDFs, document files, images, audio, and video files so you can use them.

How to share downloaded files

Now you’ve found your downloads, you can access them to share with friends, family, and colleagues. Follow these steps to share your downloads by email or Bluetooth or upload them to Google Drive. 

1. Tap on the file you want to share

Find the file you want to share and tap on it to bring up the share icon. 

You can share your files via different methods.


2. Screen tap on the share icon

The share icon brings up options for sharing your download by:

  • Bluetooth
  • Messages
  • Gmail
  • Nearby Share
  • Upload to Google Drive
You can share a file via Bluetooth, text message, Gmail, or Drive.


You may also be able to transfer a downloaded file via WhatsApp, Messenger, or similar apps, which will appear if you have them. 

3. Tap on email to open a blank email with your download as an attachment

Attach the file you want to share.


Tap the Gmail app icon to open a new message with the download automatically attached. Simply fill in the recipient details and message to send the download via email. 

How to move downloaded files

You can also move downloaded files to other areas of your phone and external storage if it is present in your phone. Here’s how to do it:

1. Tap on the file you want to move

Find the file you want to share and tap and hold on to it to highlight it. 

Click on the file you wish to move.


2. Tap on the three vertical dots on the right-hand side

Tapping on the dots opens a menu with options for managing a selected file.


In addition to opening the file, you can also:

  • Copy the file
  • Rename the file
  • Add the file to your Favorites
  • Backup the file in Google Drive
  • Bin the file

3. Select the option Move to from the menu that appears

When you tap the Move to option, alternative storage options and locations for your Android phone will appear.

Choose move to in the menu that appears.


You can move the download to this location if you have external storage like an SD card. Alternatively, select an internal storage location in your phone. 

How to delete downloaded files

If downloads take up valuable storage space on your phone, you can delete them from the downloads folder individually or in bulk. Follow these quick and simple steps to delete unwanted files.

1. Tap on the file you want to move

Find the file you want to share, tap and hold on to it to highlight it. 

2. Tap on the three vertical dots on the right-hand side

Tapping on these dots opens a menu with options for managing a selected file. Open the menu to find the option for deleting the unwanted file

3. Select Move to bin

This option will move the download(s) to the Bin in your Files app. If it is not restored from this location it will be deleted within 30 days. Alternatively, you can immediately delete the file by emptying the bin.

In conclusion

Knowing where to find your downloads and other files makes it easier to manage them on your Android phone. Visit the Files app frequently to spring clean any unwanted or unnecessary files and free up space on your phone.

How To Find Downloads On Android In 4 Easy Steps FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions) 

Are there file management apps for Android?

Yes. If you are looking for a little more control over your files and data, an Android file management app can help you organize and back up the internal and external storage on your phone, with easy navigation. Examples of these apps include:


Which file takes up the most space on an Android phone?

If your storage is filling up and affecting your phone’s performance here are 4 file types that are usually taking up the most space:

  • Content that has been automatically downloaded
  • A full cache and cookies
  • Unused apps
  • Old video or audio content like podcasts

Delete these regularly to free up room on your phone. 

Can I move individual files to my Android phone’s home screen?

Yes, you can create a shortcut to a specific file by creating a new folder on your phone’s home screen and moving selected files or apps to it. Name the folder whatever you choose.

What happens when my Android storage becomes full?

Android phones will automatically start overwriting your saved files if they become full, starting with your photos and videos!

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