How to Factory Reset an HP Laptop Without a Password (Windows 10 and 11)

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How to Factory Reset an HP Laptop Without a Password (Windows 10 and 11)

Key Points

  • Resetting an HP laptop without a password is possible by accessing safe mode and using the command prompt.
  • Identifying the main user and resetting their password is a crucial step in the process.
  • Setting the user as an admin is necessary before performing a factory reset.
  • An alternative method involves formatting the hard drive using a bootable Windows install media.

How do you factory reset an HP laptop if you don’t have a password? Having personal credentials makes such a basic task fairly easy. However, if you’ve got a laptop and you’re looking to reset it for your own needs or to sell it, you might not have a password. Thankfully, with a little know-how and work in the command prompt, you should be well on your way.

Today’s guide is a lot simpler than it appears to be at first glance. If you’re new to using a command line interface, just follow the instructions to the letter and you should be well on your way. Before you know it, you should have a factory reset done on your HP laptop in no time.

So You Don’t Have a Password, Now What?

So, you’re locked out of the laptop. You don’t have an inkling as to what the password could possibly be. Without the password doing a factory reset on an HP laptop is absolutely impossible, right? Worry not, my dear reader, because you’ve got former IT personnel on your side. Part of my duties as a break/fix help desk worker ages ago was resetting passwords.

You may not have access to the Active Directory console, but you have options for sure. Now, be aware that these steps do require a certain degree of patience. It isn’t hard in the slightest, but it will be time-consuming. Anything leaning towards a fix with computers is a matter of hurry up and wait.

Step 1: Launch in Safe Mode

You’re not going to get very far into your factory reset without some way to access the actual operating system. Typically, without a password, you’re going to be stuck at the login screen. You can actually circumvent this with the power option located on the login screen itself. On both Windows 10 and 11, the power button will be found on the bottom right of the screen.

To access safe mode, you’ll want to press and hold either of the Shift keys and press restart. From here you should be greeted with a Startup Settings selection. You’ll need to press the number keys to select your next option. Press 4 on Windows 10 and 11 to launch the laptop in safe mode.

Step 2: Open Command Prompt

factory reset an hp laptop
You’ll need an elevated command prompt to commit any changes.

After launching into safe mode, you’ll be presented with a login screen once again. You don’t need to worry about what to do next thankfully. Hit the Shift key five times in rapid succession, this should be up the command prompt. You could’ve chosen the Safe Mode option with the command prompt, sure. However, that won’t give you access to the command prompt at the login screen.

With the command prompt open and elevated to administrator privileges, you’ll be ready for our next step. This is where the real meat of the process begins.

Step 3: Identify User to Reset

To identify the main user at the Command Prompt, you’ll want to enter the command “net user” into the prompt. This will give a list of all users on the affected machine, as well as their status as user or admin. If there is only one user on the computer you’re trying to factory reset, you can ignore this step entirely. However, it is a good practice to at least make sure you’re correctly identifying the intended account.

Step 4: Enter Password Reset Commands

factory reset an hp laptop
This is the way the next command should be formatted, substitute the intended username and choose your own password as needed.

You’ll be using the net pass command again for this step. After you’ve received the correct login name for the account you want to reset, there is another command to issue. The syntax for the command itself goes “net user username password.” If you want to reset the user, Ernie, it would go like this:

net user ernie rubberduckie

With this step completed, the password itself is reset. Since you’ve got an elevated command prompt, this will be handy for the next step.

Step 5: Run Additional Commands to Set User as Admin

factory reset an hp laptop
You’ll need to add the user as an admin for the next step.

You’ll need administrator privileges for the account to commit any sort of changes like a factory reset. Now most HP laptops are going to come with a recovery partition, which should have any relevant software and packages. Before you factory reset an HP laptop, the user will have to be an admin to actually go through with the changes needed.

To do this, you’ll enter the following in your Command Prompt:

net localgroup Administrators username /add

With this out of the way, the user account is free to make any changes or do anything to the PC. It isn’t recommended to leave the default account as an administrator if this is an HP laptop meant for your kids or other members of the household. Having the ability to install software freely is a gateway to future problems, as you can imagine.

Step 6: Restart and Launch Windows

With our commands entered and completed, you’ll want to restart the computer. You can close out the Command Prompt window and go to the power button on the bottom right of the screen. From here, select Restart and let your computer go through the motions. Remember when I said there was a fair bit of hurry-up and wait?

Once it launches into Windows proper with the desired login screen, you’re ready for the next step.

Step 7: Enter Credentials

Once inside the Windows login screen, you’ll want to select the user account and enter the freshly reset password. If the credentials didn’t take you’ll have to repeat these steps all over again to get to this point. Thankfully, there are some alternative methods to factory reset an HP laptop.

If you can log in, that’s fantastic, because you can do things without having to deal with recovery media.

Step 8: Open Settings

factory reset an hp laptop
To quickly find the factory reset option you can type reset into the search bar at the top of the Settings window.

Depending on the age and condition of the computer, this step can take a little while. Once Windows goes through its various procedures upon initializing the operating system, you’re ready for the next step. On Windows 10 and 11, you’ll want to go to the Start Menu and type in Settings. From there, once the Settings window appears, you’ll type in Reset.

Step 9: Reset This PC

factory reset an hp laptop
Reset This PC comes with a variety of different options, with a clean wipe or preserving personal files being possible.

Once you’ve typed in Reset, you should be met with a few different options. The primary option you want is to Reset This PC, which will take the entire operating system and wipe it clean. If the recovery partition is still on the main hard drive or SSD, you’ll be able to get a fresh new installation of all default software packages. This process takes some time, but you’ve factory reset an HP laptop if you’ve made it this far.

Alternative Method

There are a few different ways to factory reset an HP laptop. These listed alternatives aren’t going to give you the same software packages you might expect. However, they will accomplish the goal of allowing you to create your own user profile on an HP laptop without having to mess around with resetting the password.

This a nuclear option, meaning you should be comfortable with dealing with command lines and operating with bootable media.

Formatting From Windows 10 or 11 Boot Disk

This method will need a second computer to download a Windows 10 or 11 disk image, a USB thumb drive, and an afternoon or so of your time. The basic gist is you’ll use the USB drive to create a bootable Windows install media. You can use this for recovery purposes, which comes highly recommended even if there is a recovery partition.

After you create a bootable USB for Windows, you’ll just want to install a fresh copy of Windows. What this does is format the hard drive entirely. You don’t have to worry about things like drivers just yet. The simple fact of the matter is that Windows can handle most of that for you natively.

Closing Thoughts

Just because you lack credentials doesn’t mean you’re without some form of recourse. Windows is a fairly forgiving operating system, even with how security-minded version 11 may appear. With a little determination, you can get the password reset and be on your merry when it comes time to factory reset an HP laptop.

Frequently Asked Questions

What would I do to reinstall Windows without bloatware?

You’d boot from a thumb drive and format your hard drive, then install a fresh copy of Windows.

Is a factory reset the best way to sanitize a computer?

Truthfully, a full format and a fresh install are going to be the best way of doing it. However, if you’re wanting to return a laptop to its default state like when it was purchased, then a factory reset is fine.

Are HP laptops reputable?

Yes, HP is a reputable brand when it comes to consumer laptops.

Do you need a password to access account settings in Windows?

If you have admin console access, you won’t need a password. However, it does get a bit complicated if the account is signed in through the web.

Can I reset a lost password without tech support on a Windows PC?

If it is your personal PC, yes. Don’t go around using the same steps on a work or school computer.

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