How to Edit TikTok Videos (With Photos)

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How to Edit TikTok Videos (With Photos)

TikTok is a top social media site. You can create whatever you like, grow an audience, or sit back and admire other people’s work on their platform. If you want to create and share TikTok videos, you’ll need to know how to edit them.

TikTok is unique because users can quickly become influencers, unlike other sites where only famous people tend to grab millions of views. But you still have to make your videos more appealing and unique than anyone else’s.

So, whether you want to make a funny video to send to your friends or create a stunning and attention-grabbing TikTok, we’ll show you how to edit your TikTok videos.

Editing TikTok Videos

Before we look at how to edit videos, let’s see the features available. They range from music to filters and text. So, here are the edits you can make to your TikTok videos:

  • Sounds – Use the music in the App’s music library. Then, adjust it to better fit your final product.
  • Filters – From green screens to beauty filters and voice-changing options, there’s something for everyone.
  • Retouch – Smooth out lines and wrinkles on your face.
  • Camera Speed – Do a slow-motion video or speed it up.
  • Text – Do you want to make a statement? Write it on the screen!
  • Stickers – Stickers aren’t just oversize emojis. Use these to tag someone, create a poll, or add a timestamp.

Now that you know what to edit on your TikTok video, let’s do it!

How to Edit TikTok Videos

TikTok editing is quite tedious for those new to the app. To properly apply edits, you need to know the right order to implement them; if you forget to include something, you’ll have to reupload the video. Go too far forward in the process, and you’ll have to start over again.

TikTok doesn’t leave us room for error with video editing. But follow these steps, and you’ll see it’s pretty hassle-free.

Step 1: Set Your Length

Set Your Length
TikTok videos are 15 seconds, 60 seconds, or 3 minutes long by default.


If you aren’t familiar, open TikTok and tap the + sign at the bottom of the screen. This button takes you to the record screen, where you can start recording live or upload an existing video.

While you don’t have to record the entire time (you can cut it short whenever your video is complete), you can’t add more time later.

Select one of the video length options above the Record button by swiping to the right. Also, try to choose the option that matches the length of the music you chose.

Timer icon.
Timer icon lets you control the speed of your videos.


If you want your video to speed up or slow down, tap the Timer icon in the menu to the right.

Step 2: Add Filters

Add filters.
You can stop a video at any point to include a new filter



Adding filters is another thing we need to do before we begin recording or uploading videos. Of course, you want to start at the beginning, do this step before recording. If you want to use the retouch feature (which helps make everything look a little better), tap the Pen icon in the menu before recording.

If you want to use a filter, tap the Effects option in the lower left corner. Then, select your effects from the list. If you choose an effect and don’t want to use it, press the circle with a line (in the top left corner of the Filter menu).

You can change filters when you stop recording by tapping the Effects icon, adding the one you want to use, then recording again.

Step 3: Include & Edit Sounds

Include & Edit Sounds.
Adding sounds is especially important before uploading any pictures or videos because you can’t add them later.


Another way to make this process easier is to add your sounds before uploading or recording your video. So, do this before moving forward.

Select your sounds by tapping the Add Sound option at the top. Tap on the sound you want to include in your TikTok video and ensure it has a checkmark.

After recording, you can tap the Clips icon on the left to move the tunes where you want them to start and end.

You can also adjust the volume and remove your microphone’s sounds by tapping the music at the top of the page.

Step 4: Record Your Video

Hit record button.
The Record button is the large red circle at the bottom of the record screen.


Now that we’ve set everything up for the perfect TikTok video, it’s time to start recording. Long-press it to control when you start and stop recording or tap it to let it record hands-free.

Step 5: Add & Edit Text

Add and edit text.
You can change the color and font by selecting any of the options that appear above your keyboard.


After the initial recording, you can add and edit text. Tap the Aa icon in the left-hand menu and start typing. When your text appears on the screen, tap it to Set Duration or hold it to drag it somewhere else on the screen.

Helpful Hint: Beware of your text placement because your caption will appear at the bottom, any comments you reply to appear in the upper left corner, and your Share/Like/Follow buttons will appear on the right.

Step 6: Set Your Publishing Parameters

Set Your Publishing Parameters.


Finally! We made it through the TikTok editing process. But it’s time to add your captions (be sure to tag your friends and include hashtags). Then, you get to choose your privacy settings. Do you want everyone to see it or only your friends? Will you allow others to duet or stitch your masterpiece?

Change your video’s cover in the upper right corner. People will see this when they scroll your profile, and you don’t want any goofy covers appearing there.

Select those options on the Publishing page and post your video.

How to Edit a TikTok Draft

Some TikTok videos take a little time and planning. Fortunately, you can save them as a draft on the publishing page and pick them up later.

Step 1: Go to Your Profile

Go to profile.
Drafts are accessible from your profile section.


After you save a draft, it goes to your Draft folder on your Profile. Tap your TikTok Profile icon.

Step 2: Tap on Drafts

Tap on drafts.
Drafts are saved locally on the device which you use to create them.


The first option in the list of published videos is your Draft folder. So, tap to open your Drafts then, select the draft you want to edit.

Step 3: Tap the Back Button to Make Edits

Tap the Back Button to Make Edits.
You can add modify text and add music to your Tiktok drafts.


If you want to edit more than your publishing parameters, tap the back button in the upper right corner.

Select the music at the top to change the music, and tap the Aa icon to add text. If you want to edit existing text, tap on the text in the video, set the duration, or hold it to move it somewhere else.

Step 4: Finish Editing

Finish Editing
Click the red checkmark to move forward.


You can make any other adjustments using the icons on the right.

Step 5: Set Publishing Parameters

Set publishing parameters.
To activate publishing parameters on TikTok, toggle right.


Set your publishing parameters (who can see, duet, or stitch your video) and post.

If you aren’t ready to post, tap Drafts again to send the video to your drafts.

Helpful Hint: You can change the privacy settings after publishing, but you can’t make any more edits. So, be sure you’re ready to publish before tapping Post.

Here is a quick, step-by-step video that shows how to edit a draft in TikTok:

How to Edit Photos on TikTok

Sometimes we have to use workarounds to get our TikTok videos exactly how we want them. Editing photos is one of those times. Although you can choose a template or match your pictures to the rhythm of the music, you can’t control the length of each image using the standard editing function.

Instead, we’ll help you use a filter to edit a video made of photos on TikTok. Keep in mind this works for videos too.

Step 1: Select Effects

Click on effects.
Effects allow you to customize and add details to your Tiktok videos.


Before uploading any pictures, select your music and tap the Effects button in the bottom left corner.

Step 2: Tap Green Screen

Add effects.
You can add effects before or after editing your videos.


Type Green Screen in the search field, or scroll through the list and tap on the green screen filter.

Step 3: Upload Your Photos

Upload your photos.
Open clips to upload your photo.


Now, upload your photo by selecting it in the Effects menu.

Step 4: Hit the Record Button

Hit the record button.
You can record videos for anywhere between 15 seconds to three minutes.


Point the camera away from your face and record. If you want to add a new photo, follow steps one through four again.

If the camera doesn’t see your face, your viewers will only see your photos. You can record and release to set the duration of your photos. Then, add stickers or text after you record.

TikTok Perfect!

TikTok lets you create and share videos with your friends or the world. And the best part is you can easily add music, stickers, text, pictures, anything you want. However, editing for the first time might be tricky for some. It’ll take some trial and error to get publish-perfect videos. If you follow our process above, you’ll have a much easier time editing your TikTok videos.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I undo an edit?

If you added an edit and don’t like the way it looked, tap the back arrow in the upper left corner.

How do I save my video as a draft?

If you aren’t ready to publish your video, go to the publishing page and tap Drafts. Your video will save automatically to your draft folder, and you can start editing them again later.

Can I edit a TikTok video after I post it?

No. You can save it to your device and reupload it. But you’ll lose any comments and likes that exist on the original.

How do I change my privacy settings after posting?

Perhaps you want to let a friend duet your video or turn off the comments. Go to your video and tap the three-dot icon. Then, select Privacy Settings. Make the changes you like and hit the x in the upper right corner.

What do I do if TikTok doesn't let me make the edits I want?

If you want more editing options, try a third-party app like InShot. Then, upload the video from your device’s camera roll.

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