How to Duet on TikTok (With Photos)

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How to Duet on TikTok (With Photos)

TikTok is a lot of fun! Especially when you get to interact with other people! The best way to interact with others on TikTok is to duet their videos. While the steps are simple, those unfamiliar will need a little help to learn how to duet a video on TikTok.

Duetting on TikTok means you create a video that shows you on one side and the original on the other (or top and bottom). You can duet with someone else’s video or your own! No matter your vision, the steps below will help you achieve your TikTok duet goals.

How to Duet Someone Else’s TikTok

As long as the person who published the original TikTok video that you want to duet allowed the option in their privacy Settings, you shouldn’t have any problems duetting it. But it does take a few steps.

Helpful Hint: Consider what you’d like to say or do, set up your lighting, and prepare to record before following the steps below. If your screen times out or your phone goes to sleep, you’ll have to start the first few steps over.

Step 1: Locate Their Video

The first step to duet someone’s TikTok video is to find it.

Of course, if you know who the creator is, you can go straight to their profile and tap on the video.

Or, you can look in the Liked or Favorited video folders from your profile to find it there. If you didn’t like or favorite the video initially, you can find the video in your watch history by going to Profile>Menu>Settings & Privacy>Watch History.

When you find the video, tap to open it.

Locate Their Video
Locate Their Video

Step 2: Tap the Share Icon

You’ll see a list of icons on the right side. Tap the Share icon.

Helpful Hint: The Share icon is the one above the music button. Sometimes it will look like an arrow pointing right. Other times it may appear to be a Facebook Messenger or texting icon, depending on how you’ve been sharing videos with your friends.

Tap the Share Icon
Tap the Share Icon

Step 3: Tap the Duet Icon

Several options will appear in the popup window at the bottom of your screen. Tap the Duet icon.

Tap the Duet Icon
Tap the Duet Icon

Step 4: Set Up Your Duet

Now, you can get your duet ready. First, tap the layout option above the record button. You can put the original creator in the upper right corner, have the videos side-by-side, or have one video on top and one on the bottom.

If you want to speed up or slow the video down, tap the speed options above the layout options.

Use the Effects icon in the bottom left corner to add any effects you like.

Lastly, switch which side you want to be on by tapping the two-arrow icon on the menu to the right.

Set Up Your Duet
Set Up Your Duet

Step 5: Start Recording

When you are ready to duet, tap the red record icon.

When you have perfected your addition to the original creator’s video, tap the red checkmark button to the right.

Helpful Hint: If you’re doing something complicated, record it in segments so you can undo the last edits. Recording segments means you won’t have to start over every time you mess up.

Start Recording
Start Recording

Step 6: Make Final Edits

After you tap the red checkmark icon in the left corner, you can add captions, filters, and effects.

Then, tap Next at the bottom.

Make Final Edits
Make Final Edits

Step 7: Post Your Video

Now that you’ve made it to the publishing page, you can set your audience, add captions and hashtags, and change your cover photo.

Tap Post at the bottom to publish your Tiktok duet.

Helpful Hint: You can’t edit your video after you post. If you aren’t sure you’re ready, tap the Drafts option at the bottom.

Post Your Video
Post Your Video

Here is a step-by-step video for further reference:

How to Duet Your Own TikTok

One really creative thing you may have seen is someone duetting their own TikTok video. You can dance with yourself, have a funny conversation, or record an excellent update video. But TikTok doesn’t make it easy to duet your own TikTok videos.

Instead, we’ll use a workaround. Follow these steps to duet yourself:

Step 1: Record Your First Video

To begin, create your first video.

If you aren’t familiar with how to start your TikTok duet, tap the + icon at the bottom of the home page. Then, set up any filters and music you want and set the speed of your video. Finally, tap the red record button.

Work through the edits on the secondary page and tap Next to move forward.

Record Your First Video
Record Your First Video

Step 2: Publish the Video for Only You

Now that you’ve reached the publishing page set your audience to Only Me. But ensure the Duet option is still green.

After you set the publishing parameters, tap Post.

Publish the Video for Only You
Publish the Video for Only You

Step 3: Go to Your Hidden Video Folder

Now that you’ve published the video for only you, it will appear in your private videos folder.

Tap on your profile and tap the lock icon in the middle of the page.

Go to Your Hidden Video Folder
Go to Your Hidden Video Folder

Step 4: Tap on the Video

Tap to open your video.

Tap on the Video
Tap on the Video

Step 5: Tap the Share Icon

Now the instructions are similar to those above.

Tap the Share icon to access more options.

Tap the Share Icon
Tap the Share Icon

Step 6: Tap Duet

Tap Duet in the menu that appears.

Tap Duet
Tap Duet

Step 7: Record Your Duet

Set up your duet by adding effects and changing the speed of the video if you need to. Then, record the second part of your TikTok duet.

Record Your Duet
Record Your Duet

Step 8: Set Publishing Audience

When you finish making edits, set the audience to your friends or everyone if you want to share your video with the world.

Set Publishing Audience
Set Publishing Audience

Step 9: Tap Post

Finally, add any captions and change your cover photo. Then, tap Post.

Tap Post
Tap Post

TikTok: Better Together

Duets are a lot of fun! You can attempt someone else’s awesome dance moves, add funny commentary, or show off your terrible cooking skills compared to a master chef. TikTok lets us create unique and interesting videos after learning how to duet.

You can also duet one of your videos to make TikTok a little more fun! The only thing you need to duet a TikTok video is the right privacy settings, some creativity, and great lighting!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why can't I duet someone's video?

There are many possible reasons you can’t duet someone’s video. The most likely culprit is that the original creator disabled the option. If they have their comments on, you can ask them to enable it.

Another reason you can’t duet someone’s video is that they’re fifteen years old or younger. TikTok has very strict moderation settings for younger audiences.

Lastly, many people run into errors trying to duet other people’s videos when they have a poor internet connection or the app is outdated. Try updating your TikTok app or connecting to another Wi-Fi network.

Can I remove the original creator's link?

When you post a duet on TikTok, a link to the original video will appear in the captions of your video. But you cannot remove this link.

Although it isn’t ethical per se, you can screen record the other person’s video and upload it using the Green Screen filter. Of course, we don’t recommend this because the link makes it easier for your viewers to see the original video, and everyone deserves credit for their work.

What's the difference between a duet and a stitch on TikTok?

TikTok lets us add to other creators’ videos in two ways: Duets and Stitches.

The Duet lets us interact with the other creator’s content, playing their entire video and adding us to it!

On the other hand, a Stitch is when we take a snippet of someone else’s video and record our own content.

A TikTok duet is best for comedy skits, dances, or reaction videos. A Stitch is great for answering questions or doing challenges (think, “Tell me about a time when you…” where you respond to the question).

If I delete my video can someone still see it in duets?

Yes! So be careful what you post on TikTok! Even if you delete a video, it will still appear in previously recorded duets!

Can I turn off duets after posting?

Absolutely! Perhaps you don’t want anyone else duetting your video. After posting, you can disable the feature by tapping the share icon and privacy settings. Toggle the switch next to Duet.

You can also turn the duet feature back on using the same steps.

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