Did you know you can drop pins on Google Maps for just about any location on Earth? Dropping those red teardrop-shaped pins is excellent for sharing your favorite hangouts and cultural attractions or for working out your transportation options when you’re on the go. Knowing how to drop pins also unlocks the great features in Google Maps for your personal use. In this short article, we share how to drop a pin on Google Maps on your desktop and mobile phone.

What is a ‘pin’ in Google Maps?

Google Maps identifies locations by using a bright red pin. The pin is shaped like an inverted teardrop and was designed to mark a location on a map without obscuring it. Pins are hard to miss and have become somewhat of a cultural icon. A classic pin official logo of Google Maps.

How to drop a pin on Google Maps on desktop and mobile

It’s neat that you can simply drop a pin for any location you need to share. Follow these quick and simple steps to drop a pin on Google Maps on your computer, Android, or iOS smartphone. 

How to drop a pin on the Google Maps app on an Android device

It’s quick and easy to keep track of key locations on your Google Maps Android app. Here are the steps:

1. Open the Google Maps app on your Android smartphone

2. Find the location you want to pin

You can use the search bar to find a specific building, business, or address or scroll on the map to view the location.

3. To drop your pin, long-press on the location. At the bottom of your screen, you’ll see a location reference and address to confirm that you are placing the pin in the right place.

4. Choose what you want to do with your pin. You can:

  • Get Directions
  • Add a label to the pin
  • Save the pin
  • Share the pin via SMS, email, near field communication (NFC), Google Drive, or copy it to the clipboard.

How to drop a pin on the Google Maps app on an iOS device

Google Maps app icon on Apple iPhone screen
Live View in Google Maps shows you where to go with arrows and directions.

You can also drop pins just as easily in the Google Maps app for iOS. Here’s how to drop a pin on Google Maps on your iPhone:

1. Open the Google Maps app on your iPhone

2. Find the location you want to pin

3. Use the search bar or scroll around on the open map to find a specific building, business, or address you want to locate.

4. Press and hold on to the location to drop a new pin. At the bottom of your screen, you’ll see the location coordinates to confirm that you are placing the pin in the right place.

5. Choose what you want to do with your pin

  • Tap on the location for the ‌options for your pin. You can:
  • Get Directions
  • Add a label to the pin
  • Save the pin
  • Share the pin via SMS, email, or near-field communication (NFC), or copy it to the clipboard.

How to drop a pin on Google maps on desktop

Drop pins on Google Maps using your desktop computer or laptop with these straightforward steps:

1. Go to the Google Maps homepage

2. Use the search bar to find the location you want to pin, then left-click on it

This brings up a small gray pin over the location and an information box at the lower part of your screen

3. Click on the information box

This opens a sidebar to the left of your screen with additional information and options for what to do with the selected location, including:

  • Getting directions to or from the location
  • Saving the location
  • Copying the location
  • Sending the location to your phone
  • Sharing the place by sending a link or embedding a map

Using maps on the desktop provides additional options, including claiming a business, adding a label, or suggesting an edit. 

Using your dropped pins on Google Maps

navigation map on a smartphone screen
Google Maps app, provide real-time GPS location, direction and transit information.

Pins are an incredibly useful part of Google Maps, and depending on your operating system, you can use your pins in a variety of ways. Also, Google Maps integrates with the other apps in Google Workspace, making your pins even more versatile. Once you have dropped a pin, here are some things you can do: 

Label a dropped pin

Give your pins a label on your desktop or android version of Google Maps. This is the easiest way to sync pins across your entire Google account and your devices. Just click on the ‘Label’ link when you have dropped your pin. Use a short word or phrase as your label.

The custom label you add to your pin will be public, as Google uses personal places across the Google platform to optimize its user searches and advertising. 

Save your pinned location 

You can save the locations you pin on your smartphone and desktop. As Google Maps is linked to a Google account, you can access any saved pins on all of your devices.

There are three types of default lists provided by Google Maps for saved locations:

  • Favorites
  • Want to go
  • Starred places

You can also create custom lists using the ‘Your Places’ section in the main menu of Google Maps. All lists can be public or private or shared with others as a link. Why not collaborate with colleagues, friends, or family to create a group list where anyone can add a pin? 

Get directions to and from your dropped pin

One of the things you can do with a pin is to use it to get accurate directions

Pins are key to getting you from A to B on Google Maps, especially if you don’t know the exact address or location is obscure. 

Use your dropped pin as the start point or endpoint of your journey

Make a note of the address or location of your dropped pin and search for directions using the pin address as the start point or endpoint. Google Maps will automatically calculate the most efficient journey by:

  • Road
  • Public transport
  • Air (inclusive of fares)
  • Foot

Send a pin on your laptop or computer to your phone

If you have pinned a destination on your computer that you intend to visit while you’re out and about why not simply send it to your phone?

Sharing Google Maps pins on your desktop with your phone simply requires syncing via your Google account. If you are logged into the same Google account on your desktop and phone, you should be able to access the saved pin. You can email it to your smartphone or text the linked mobile phone number by clicking on ‘Send to your phone.

Share a specific pin with friends

If you want to share a specific pin rather than the lists we have shared above, you can use the desktop version to share it. Your options include:

  • Getting a shortened link for the pin that you can share
  • Using the Facebook icon to share your pin with your Facebook Friends
  • Using the Twitter icon to post your location on Twitter
  • Embedding your pin on your blog or website by copying the HTML code

Note: Though you cannot use the Google Map app to share pin locations with an iOS device, you use the native Share menu on your device. You also won’t be able to embed maps using iOS or macOS. 

Final thoughts 

As you can see, using pins in Google Maps is extremely easy. Once you get used to dropping pins of your favorite places or important locations, you’ll quickly share places with friends and colleagues or find accurate directions to new locations. 

How To Drop A Pin On Google Maps (Desktop, and Mobile) FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions) 

Can I remove a dropped pin?

You can remove dropped pins from Google Maps. If you’re using an Android or iOS smartphone, delete your dropped pin by tapping on the ‘X’ in the text box of the pin. On a desktop, delete the pin by clicking the ‘X’ on the information box at the bottom of the screen.

Can I access the pins that I dropped offline?

It is possible to access your maps and pins when you haven’t got internet connectivity. Save your pin and make sure that you have saved Google Maps for offline use. This enables you to access the pin and its related information like opening hours or phone numbers even if you’re in airplane mode.

How do I change the privacy on my pins?

You can make your custom pins public by changing their settings. 

  • Click on the share tab on the map menu
  • Click on ‘Who has access’ and choose ‘Change’
  • Select from options that include ‘Private’, ‘Specific people‘, ‘Anyone with the link‘, or ‘Public on the web’.

If you make your map public, you can also further change the settings to make your map editable by the public. 

Can I mark my location on Google map?

Yes, you can. Sign into Maps on your device, then create or open map. Click add marker then select layer, and click where to add place. Give the place a name then click Save.
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