How to Download Apps on Samsung Smart TV in 3 Easy Steps, With Photos

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How to Download Apps on Samsung Smart TV in 3 Easy Steps, With Photos

One of the best things about Samsung Smart TVs is their improved functionality and versatility, which allow you to stream content, play games and use various apps. With the improved functionality, you can get the most out of your smart TV. So, how do you download apps on the Samsung Smart TV?

Below are steps and photos to download apps to your Samsung Smart TV. It only takes a few minutes and you will have hours of extra fun, so read on.

How to Download Apps on Samsung Smart TV in 3 Easy Steps

You need a WiFi connection to download the apps. So, if you haven’t connected your Samsung TV to the Internet, that’s the first thing you need to do. Once you’re ready, here are the steps to download almost any app on your Samsung TV!

Step 1: Open the App Menu

how to download apps on samsung smart tv
Locating the Apps menu.

Turning on the TV is the first step to downloading apps to your Samsung Smart TV. After that, you should open the menu with the remote control.

It is important to know that you can download apps not only with the remote control, but also with the physical buttons on the Samsung TV. These are just below the Samsung logo in the middle of the TV.

If you use a remote control, depending on the model and version of your Samsung TV, you have one of the two buttons to open the menu. You can use the home button or the three-line button to open the menu.

Step 2: Find the App or Select One From the Suggested Apps

how to download apps on samsung smart tv

Searching for the app.

In the menu you opened in the previous step, you will now see the Apps icon. Use the keys to open it. The Apps function on a Samsung TV is similar to the Google Play Store and it helps download any apps available for your TV.

When you are in the Apps, you need to click on the search icon to enter the name of the app you want to download. When you enter the name, a list of available apps with the same or similar name will appear. Scroll down to select the app you want and click on it once to open the app page.

On the app page, you will see an Install button that will allow you to download and install the app on your Samsung TV.

Step 3: Install the Apps and Add Them to the Home Screen

how to download apps on samsung smart tv
Downloading the app.

When you click the Install button, the selected app will be downloaded onto your Samsung TV. You can access it from the Apps menu. All installed apps are located in the Apps menu.

Adding apps to your Samsung smart TV is just that simple. Watch YouTuber Michael Saves demonstrate how in under two minutes.

Sometimes, some of the most frequently used apps will be displayed on the home screen of your TV. However, you can move the app position so that you can access a frequently used app from the Home screen.

how to download apps on samsung smart tv
Checking that the app has been added to the Home screen.

While most users find a way to install the actual app, not many users know how to move and add it to the home screen. Therefore, we strongly recommend that you try the Move feature to group your favorite apps on the Home screen and access them with just a few clicks.

How to Delete or Lock Apps on Samsung Smart TV?

Now that you know that you can move your app around on the different pages and screens of your Samsung TV, it’s time to learn that you can also lock apps. App locking restricts access for users by adding a PIN code that appears before the app opens.

You can set a different PIN for each app you want to lock and grant access only to the people you think should have it. The same function allows you to unlock the app, which does the opposite.

This feature allows you to remove the PIN code that is required to open locked apps. You can also delete apps that you no longer use so they don’t block the Apps menu, but also to free up storage space on your TV.

If you use an app that requires personal information, or if you upload content to the app that you don’t want others to see, we strongly recommend that you lock your apps. It’s also a useful feature to prevent children from accessing apps that aren’t appropriate for their age.


Downloading apps is super easy on the Samsung TV, and it’s something most users will be able to get done in minutes. However, apps come with additional features not many users might know.

Therefore, these simple but useful tricks will help get you to use your apps in a smarter way. Of course, we highly recommend installing as many apps as you can and need to expand the functionality of your TV and enjoy more content.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long does it take to download apps on Samsung Smart TV?

It takes a couple of minutes, on average, for the app to be downloaded and installed.

How many apps are available for a Samsung Smart TV?

There are over 200 apps offered by Samsung across various categories.

Is there a limited storage for apps on your Samsung Smart TV?

Yes, Samsung Smart TVs usually come with 8GB of storage.

Does Samsung TV come with presintalled apps?

Yes, Samsung preinstalls some of its apps to the TV so it’s available for users to get started and download more apps that meet their preference.

Is locking the apps necessary?

No, it’s an optional feature that is useful if you want to restrict other users from accessing certain apps.

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