How to DM on Twitter in 7 Steps

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How to DM on Twitter in 7 Steps

Sending messages is crucial, if not among the main reasons, for using any social media platform. When using Twitter, you may need to have one-on-one communication with another Twitter user either for personal or business reasons. 

To meet this need, Twitter developers created the DM (direct message) feature that allows you to send messages directly to the receiver’s inbox. Thankfully, the Twitter DM feature is available whether you use Twitter on the web or the Twitter app. Let’s dive in and get tips on how to DM on Twitter. 

Method 1: How to DM on Twitter on the Web

Here are the steps to send a direct message through twitter.com 

Step 1: Log in to Twitter 

Go to your Twitter account.


Open your browser and log in to twitter.com. Enter your account details or create an account to continue. 

Step 2: Open the messaging feature 

Open Twitter messages.


Select messages on the left sidebar to open messages. Click on the envelope icon next to the messages header to open the messaging field. 

Step 3: Enter the receiver’s address 

Enter the receiver’s address


Enter the name of the person you want to send a text.

In the address box, enter the name(s) or @username(s) of who you want to send a message (group messages can include up to 50 people). The address is the Twitter username of the person you want to DM.

Step 4: Type your message  

Tap on next and start typing your text.


Click next at the top-right corner and start typing your message in the field at the bottom of the page.

Step 5: Send the message 

Hit the send icon in the bottom left corner. 


Click the airplane icon next to the new message field to send the message. Pressing enter will also send the message. To start a message on a new line, use Shift+Enter. You can also send a GIF, picture, or emoji by attaching them to the message through the icons provided.

With those steps in mind, you should now know how to direct message anyone on Twitter. If you’re still a little confused or if you just prefer to watch a tutorial video on the matter, we found this perfect step-by-step guide on YouTube.

Method 2: How to DM on Twitter through the Mobile App

Here are the steps to send a direct message if you have the Twitter app on your Android, iPhone, or iPad.

Step 1: Open the Twitter app

Log in to your Twitter account.


Open the app, create an account, or sign in with your Twitter account details to continue. 

Step 2: Open the messaging feature

Click the message icon.


Click on the envelope with a plus at the bottom right corner to send a new message. 

Step 3: Enter the receiver’s address

Enter the username you want to text. 


Tap on search for people and groups and enter the name of the person you want to message 

Step 4: Select the receiver’s address

Tap next.


Select the name of the person on the list and tap Next at the top right corner 

Step 5: Type your message

Enter your text.


Type your message on the message page. Attach a video, photo, or GIF using the icons next to the message field.

Step 6: Send the message

Click on the send icon.


Click on the airplane-like icon next to the message to send it. 

Method 3: How to DM on Twitter Using Third-Party Websites

Third-party websites are tools not managed by Twitter but can be used to send Twitter DMs. Although some of these websites are legit, be careful when using them and permitting them to access your account. 

Some third-party websites you can use to send DMs on Twitter are Tweet Hunter, SocialOopmh, and CrowdFire. Follow these steps to send a DM using a third-party website:

Step 1: Log in to the website 

Log in to the Tweet Hunt Pro website and authorize the app.


Use your Twitter account username and password to login into the Tweet Hunt Pro website.

Step 2: Select write a tweet, then click on advanced options 

Tap on advanced options.


Step 3: Under advanced options, change settings and turn on auto DM

Turn on auto DM.


With the auto DM, any message you send with an address is automatically sent to the receiver’s inbox, not to their feeds. 

How to Pin DMs on Twitter

Pinning direct messages places the conversations of your favorite or most contacted people on Twitter at the top of your inbox. Besides, you can easily find them when you want to send a direct message. Twitter allows you to pin up to six conversations. These conversations will appear at the top of your inbox in the order that you pinned them.

Method 1: Pinning DMs on Twitter Through the Web

Here are the steps for pinning DMs when accessing Twitter through the web

Step 1: Log in to Twitter and go to the Direct message inbox 

On the left menu, select Messages.


Step 2: Select Pin conversation

Select pin conversation by clicking the more icon.


Open the conversation you want to pin and click on the three dots next to it to open more options. Under more, select pin conversation.

Method 2: Pinning DMs on Twitter Through the Twitter App

Step 1: Open the app and navigate to the direct message inbox. 

Select the direct messages.


Open direct messages by clicking on the message icon on the bottom right corner of the screen. 

Step 2: Pin the conversation 

Hit the pin conversation option.


Tap and hold the conversion you want to pin and select pin conversation. To unpin the conversation, press and hold the conversation and select unpin conversation. 

You can unpin conversations.


Steps to Turn On Read Receipt Feature on Twitter

You can know if somebody reads your message through Twitter’s read receipt feature. However, you must turn it on in your account to use this feature. Here are the steps:

Step 1: Open your Twitter account and click on more at the left side panel

Open more options.


Step 2: Open Twitter settings 

Tap on the settings icon.


Under the menu, select settings and support. This will take you to the settings menu, where you will select privacy and safety. Under privacy and safety, select Direct messages on the right side menu. 

Go to settings and privacy.


Hit the privacy and safety.


Click direct messages.


Step 3: Enable show read receipts

Activate read receipts. 


Check the box next to show read receipts to let people you messaged know when you see their messages. 

Enabling Read Receipts on the Twitter App

Step 1: Open Twitter and then the Twitter menu 

Tap on the profile icon.


Open your Twitter app on your device and click on the profile icon at the top left side to open the menu. 

Step 2: Open settings 

Open Twitter settings.


Select settings and support, then click settings and privacy

Step 3: Go to privacy and safety

Go to privacy and safety. 


Under settings, select privacy and safety to manage the information you see and share. 

Step 4: Enable Read Receipts 

Select direct messages.


Under privacy and safety, select Direct messages and turn on the button next to send read receipts. 

Turn on send read receipts.


Points to Remember about Sending DMs on Twitter

  1. You send a direct message to somebody you follow, and they follow you back. However, the recipient can receive the message if they do not follow you, but they have allowed message requests from anyone in their privacy and safety settings. 

This setting is common for most business accounts. You can also send a message to someone you are not following if you have a previous inbox conversation with them. 

  1. Twitter has a DM limit of 1000 messages per day. These messages are counted per account regardless of whether you access the account through the app or the web. 

Additionally, the messages have a limit of 10,000 characters. If you try to send a DM but fail, you might have exceeded one of these limits.

  1. You can’t send a Twitter DM to someone you have blocked or who has blocked you. First, unblock the person if you want to send them a message. 
  2. If you are sending Twitter messages to a group, you don’t have to follow each other to send messages. Instead, everyone in the group will receive the messages even if they have not turned on the ‘receive a message from anyone setting.
  3. You can send and receive Twitter messages using your phone’s messaging app. To do this, connect your Twitter account to your mobile phone by adding your number to your account. 


Almost everything you do on Twitter, including likes, comments, and mentions is transparent. Therefore, if you need to send private or sensitive information, you can use direct messages. Besides, DM is also an excellent channel to communicate what you can’t complete in a tweet of 240 characters. This feature is also suitable for businesses that need one-on-one conversations with current or prospective customers. Therefore, learn to use Twitter DM from the steps above and get the best out of it. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I send or receive DMs if my account is protected?

You can still receive or send DMs on Twitter even if your account is protected, but you have to enable the Receive Messages from Anyone Option. However, even if this feature is on, you will not receive or send messages from people you have blocked or who have blocked you.

How can I stop someone from sending me DMs on Twitter?

To stop receiving DMs from someone, you can consider blocking them. However, if you don’t want to block them, you can uncheck the box to receive direct messages from anyone and then unfollow them.

How can you know if someone blocked you on Twitter DM?

Twitter has no way of informing you if someone has blocked you. However, you can tell whether or not they blocked you by checking whether you can see their profile picture.

Why are my Twitter DMs not being sent?

If your DMs are not being sent, you probably exceed the limit of 1000 DMs per day or 10,000 characters per DM. Otherwise, Twitter may have blocked you from sending DMs if you sent something that violates their terms and conditions. The recipient may also have blocked you or stopped following you.

What happens when I delete DMs or conversations?

When you delete DMs, they will no longer appear in your message inbox. However, they will not be deleted on the receiver’s end, and they can still DM you.

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