How to Delete Your Threads Account

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How to Delete Your Threads Account

Key Points

  • Deleting a Threads account will permanently delete your Instagram account as well.
  • Deactivating your Threads account is the best option if you want to keep your Instagram account.
  • To deactivate your Threads account, open the Threads app, go to your Threads settings, select “Account,” and click “Deactivate profile.”
  • You can reactivate your Threads account by logging in with your username and password.
  • To permanently delete a Threads account, you need to do so through the Instagram app by selecting ‘Deactivation or deletion’ under ‘Account ownership and control’.

If you recently jumped into Threads but found out it wasn’t for you, then now is a good time to close your account. The only problem is that deleting a Threads account is more difficult than it should be. For instance, if you look for a button to delete your Threads account, you won’t find one.

Because Threads is piggybacking off Instagram, the two accounts are connected. That means deleting your Threads account will permanently delete your Instagram account too. The solution is to simply deactivate the Threads account so it is no longer visible to other users.

Delete Your Threads Account

Deactivating your Threads account is the best option if you no longer want to use the platform but you still want to keep your Instagram account. Deactivating the account is pretty straightforward, and you can do it in five simple steps. The one upside to deactivating your Threads account is that you can always reactivate it in the future. Now, let’s get your account deactivated.

Step 1: Open the Threads App

The first thing you need to do is open the Threads app. Threads is only available on mobile devices right now, so you will need to use your phone or tablet. If you have already deleted the Threads app, you must reinstall it.

How to Create a Threads Account
If you have already uninstalled Threads, you will need to reinstall it to deactivate your account.


Step 2: Go to Your Threads Settings

Once the Threads app is open, go ahead and sign in if you aren’t already. Be sure to sign into the account that you wish to delete. Then, click on the profile button on the bottom right side of the screen. Once you reach your profile page, click on the two dashes at the top right to bring up the menu.

Delete Threads Account
Tap the profile icon at the bottom right-hand corner, then tap the horizontal lines at the top right.


Step 3: Select “Account”

With the Threads menu open, you should see a number of different options. You may notice that this menu is similar to Instagram’s; however, many options are missing. Click on “Account” to continue to get to the next menu.

Delete Threads Account
Next, click on “Account” on the left-hand side to get to the next menu.


Step 4: Deactivate Threads Profile

Once you get to the Account menu, you reach another page with only a few options. This is where you can find various privacy policies and agreements that you accepted when you began using Threads. Click “Deactivate profile” on the Account menu to close your Threads account.

Delete Threads Account
Tap on “Deactivate profile” at the top of the Account menu to close your Threads account.


Step 5: Confirm Deactivation

After choosing to deactivate your Threads account, one more window pops up to confirm the deactivation. Simply click “Deactivate Threads profile” and confirm when the next pop-up opens. After deactivating, Threads takes you back to the login screen. You can only deactivate a Threads account once per week.

Delete Threads account

Tap on the button that says,

“Deactivate Threads profile” at the bottom of the screen.


Delete Threads account
Click on “Deactivate” in the pop-up menu to confirm you want to deactivate your account.


Step 6: Reactivate Threads (Optional)

If you decide that deleting Threads was a mistake, you can always reactivate your account. Because it is currently impossible to permanently delete a Threads account without deleting your Instagram account, you can always go back. To reactivate your account, click the homepage login button and enter your username and password. Logging in automatically reactivates your Threads account, so you can continue using it normally.

Delete Threads account
Logging in automatically reactivates your Threads account.


How to Permanently Delete a Threads Account

It is possible to delete a Threads account entirely, but you will need to do so through the Instagram app. From the app, click on your profile, then select the menu button on the top right. Next, tap “Accounts Center” at the top of the menu. Another menu will appear, and this time, you need to scroll to select “Personal details.”

You should now see your contact information and birthday. Choose “Account ownership and control” followed by “Deactivation or deletion.” If you have multiple accounts, you must select the one to delete. There is one final option that asks whether you want to deactivate or delete your account, then you will be asked the reason for deleting the account.

Take a Break From Threads

Another option you may have noticed on the deactivation page is to take a break from Threads. This function simply limits the amount of time you can use the app. This is a good option when you don’t want to get sucked into reading posts for hours on end, but you’re not ready to deactivate Threads or delete both Threads and Instagram.

Wrapping Up

There are so many social media platforms to try, but there is no sense in keeping an account open that you don’t use. If you don’t like using Threads, then consider deactivating your account. Closing out your old social media accounts means people can no longer see your profile. Additionally, deleting a social media profile entirely prevents bad actors from hacking your account.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why can't you permanently delete Threads?

You can, but this would require deleting your Instagram account. Threads accounts are currently connected to Instagram, so you cannot delete one without deleting the other. This should change in the future when Threads gets a full rollout.

Does Threads offer two-factor authentication?

Yes, you can use two-factor authentication with Threads, but you will have to enable it on Instagram. Threads will then require two-factor authentication when you sign in.

How can you protect your Threads account if you no longer use it?

The best way to protect your threads account is by using two-factor authentication and then deactivating your account if you no longer use it.

Can you deactivate a Threads account from a web browser?

No, because Threads is not accessible in a browser. You will have to deactivate it from the Threads app.

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