How to Delete Your eBay Account in 6 Steps, With Photos

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How to Delete Your eBay Account in 6 Steps, With Photos

eBay is one of the world’s largest online marketplaces. The company provides a platform for millions of sellers who offer their goods to potential buyers worldwide. The main reasons eBay is one of the world’s most popular destinations for online shopping are its competitive pricing and easy-to-use interface. While over 138 million users find eBay their go-to shopping platform, you, for whatever reason, may want to leave the platform. Perhaps you have found a better marketplace that offers better services, or maybe you have concerns about data privacy and security. Whatever the reason, deleting your eBay account isn’t as straightforward as the company might make you feel. The process requires you to take several meticulous steps. And once you finish, it might take up to 60 days to close the account entirely if you have any pending transactions.

This article will walk you through all you need to know about how to delete your eBay account. We’ll also offer guidance on what you should consider before doing so and information on what to expect after deleting the account. 

What to Consider Before Deleting Your eBay Account

Before deleting your account, keep in mind that you won’t be able to restore it. eBay will permanently delete all your transaction history, feedback, and account details from its servers. If you are sure you will not regret losing all that data, you can proceed with the process. 

Still, eBay has a few conditions you must meet before it allows you to close the account. These include:

  • Ensure you pay any outstanding fees and any other associated selling costs. Such expenses include any due balance on your account, like fees for listing items and final value fees. Also, ensure that the available funds in your account stand at zero. 
  • Ensure you don’t have any pending transactions on any of your items. Pending transactions often cause issues between eBay sellers and buyers. As such, you must complete any standing transaction and ship any sold item before shutting down your eBay account. 
  • Cancel any subscriptions. eBay’s store subscription allows sellers to bring their listings to a branded digital location and gives them access to tools needed to manage their businesses. You must cancel this subscription or any other membership plan to prevent future charges or fees. 
  • Close any open bids on your items. If you have any open bids, it means you have open transactions yet to complete. 

Once you’ve considered all these factors, proceed to delete your eBay account. Remember that the process can be lengthy, and you may be required to confirm your identity and answer some security questions to complete the deletion process. 

Step-By-Step Guide to Deleting Your eBay Account

The following is a detailed step-by-step guide to help you close your eBay account.

Step 1: Log in to Your eBay Account

Delete eBay Account, log in
Sign in with the email or username of the account you would like to delete.

The first step is to log in to your eBay account. eBay’s sign-in page will give you several options to log in. The first option is to use your email or username. Other options include using your Facebook, Google, or Apple profiles.

Step 2: Open My eBay

Delete eBay Account, home page
“My eBay” is at the top right of the page, next to the bell icon.

Once on the website, head to the top right corner and click My eBay. If you click the drop-down, several menu items, including purchase history, saved sellers, and summary, will appear. You can click My eBay or Summary. Both will direct you to the same page. 

Step 3: Select the Account Tab and Then Close Account

You’ll see several tabs on the My eBay page, including the Account tab. Click on it to open a page with more information about your account. For example, payment information, personal information, selling, donation preferences, and account preferences. 

Under the Account Preferences section, choose the last option, Close Account. eBay will take you to a page with information about what happens after you delete the account, what you stand to lose, data deletion, and the type of data the company will retain. 

Step 4: Select Close Account

Delete eBay Account, Close account
Read through all the information before clicking on “Close account” at the bottom of the page.

Read through all the information carefully. Once you finish, you’ll see a blue tab with the words Close Account

Step 5: Give a Reason Why You Want to Close Your Account 

Delete eBay Account, Close account reason
Select the reason why you are closing your account from the drop-down list.

Following that, eBay will take you to a new page and ask you to explain why you want to leave the platform. Select your reason from the drop-down. Whatever the grounds for closing the account, eBay usually requests a more elaborate explanation. For instance, if you select billing issues, eBay will want to know whether the fees were too high or if you had problems with payment. 

Step 6: Submit Your eBay Account Closure Request

At the bottom of the screen, you’ll see a Submit tab. Check the confirmation button right above the Submit tab to proceed. Once done, click the Submit button. 

A page will open telling you they have received your request to close the account. The company will send you an update on the status of the account closure request within 24 hours. 

Delete eBay Account, Close account acknowledgement
eBay has now officially received your request to close your account!

While this step-by-step video is for the eBay app, the steps overlap for further reference:

What Happens After Requesting Your eBay Account Closure 

Usually, it takes 14 days for eBay to close your account. However, the process may take up to 60 days if there are issues with your account. This happens if you have had transactions, claims, disputes, or payments in the past 30 days. Because of this, most people find closing an eBay account quite an uphill task. 

However, once the period elapses, eBay will permanently close your account. If you change your mind before then, you can contact support to help you reopen the account. The account must be in good standing – not suspended or restricted – in order to be reopened. 

Once eBay shuts down your account, there isn’t much you can do besides creating a new account. Note that closing the account means you are closing all eBay businesses associated with that account. Anything that relies on that identity, like the eBay Partner Network (EPN), will go offline forever. 

Here’s a summary of what happens once you delete your eBay account:

  • You won’t be able to retrieve contacts, sales information, feedback, or purchase data.
  • Accusing your profile and My eBay pages will be impossible.
  • You won’t be able to appeal for a reinstatement.
  • Accessing any other eBay site will be impossible.

What Happens to Your Data When You Delete Your eBay Account?

Data helps online marketplaces understand users, improve services, and make informed decisions. Such information allows companies to tailor their marketing strategies and offer a personalized experience. While data is crucial to businesses, users often need some convincing to give out their data. Thus, most people wonder what happens to their data once they delete an eBay account. Here’s what you need to know. 

Once the company approves your request to delete your account, eBay will delete most of your data. The company also uses methods such as anonymization, direct deletion, aggregation, and pseudonymization. You’ll also have to delete any cookies, cache, and history from all the browsers you used to log in. Doing so ensures you don’t receive any targeted advertising.

However, eBay retains some data, like your request for account closure and the company’s response. Moreover, some personal information must be retained to comply with the company’s legal retention and financial obligations. This data is also crucial because the company can use it to settle any balances owed or to defend against legal battles. Eventually, eBay will delete the data when it no longer needs it. 

Closing Thoughts 

If you want to leave the eBay marketplace, all you need to do is close the account. While it sounds like an easy endeavor, the process can be exhausting. You must submit your request and wait for an email within 24 hours. It will take another 14 days to process your account closure, but if you have had any transactions within the past 30 days, you’ll have to wait 60 more days. 

However, you shouldn’t despair because the steps above have clearly detailed all you need to know. Still, remember that once you close your account, there’s no turning back. If later you would like to return to the platform, simply create a new account.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why is eBay not deleting my account?

Usually, it takes 14 days for eBay to close your account. However, if you’ve had a transaction or dispute within the past 30 days, eBay will take 60 days to close your account.

How do I know if my eBay account has been deleted?

eBay usually sends an email notifying those who deleted their accounts that their data has been deleted. You also won’t be able to log in to the account and access the history, sale information, or feedback messages.

Can I have two eBay accounts?

Yes, eBay doesn’t limit the number of accounts you can have. However, the company has policies that users must follow if they operate multiple buyer and seller accounts.

How do you know if an account is permanently deleted?

The best way to know if your account has been permanently deleted is to wait for the email from eBay. However, you can ask a close friend to search for your profile, and if they don’t find it, just know that eBay has closed your account.

Can I start a new eBay account?

You can always create a new eBay account using a different email address. Go to the signup page and choose the best method for your needs.

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