How To Delete Venmo History: Step By Step With Photos

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How To Delete Venmo History: Step By Step With Photos

Venmo is a convenient app for sending and receiving money. You don’t have to write or sign physical checks anymore. Simply open the app, choose the recipient, enter the amount, and voila! Your payment will complete within a few seconds. You can access your transactions anytime, but can you delete Venmo history?

One nice thing about Venmo is it’s fun to use. It adds a social media touch to a payment app, allowing your friends to see who received what, from whom, and for what. While that’s amazing, it’s not a good thing for people who want to keep their payments private. 

Unfortunately, you can’t delete Venmo history. You can only change the app’s settings and make your transactions “Private” from “Public.” This way, your transactions will only be visible to you and the recipient or sender. So, how can you do that? Read on to learn the process and who can see your transaction history.

Who Can View Your Venmo Transaction History?

Venmo transactions are public by default, meaning they’re visible on your Public feed. Anyone with access to Venmo developer API can view your transactions without downloading the app. 

Also, Venmo works similarly to a social platform. Your friends can see your activities or transactions on their feeds. So, now the question is, “what can your friends see about your payments?” They can view your transaction’s time, purpose, and date, along with the recipient’s and sender’s names and pictures. 

Not only that, but your friends can also see the notes or messages you attach to the transactions. For your relief, no one can see the monetary value! Regarding Venmo, the platform can view and access every transaction and information. 

Venmo states on its website it has integrated encryption protocols. So, your personal information is secured with the app. Venmo shares some user data with third-party apps to improve its transaction security and prevent scams. Fraudulent activities are pretty prevalent on the platform.

You can learn more about the type of Venmo collects and for what purpose from its Privacy Policy. Navigate to “Information We Collect” to find the option. So, simply put, you don’t have to worry about Venmo viewing your data, but other unknown people who can see and misuse your information.

How To Delete Venmo History? Make It Private!

By now, you must know that you can’t actually delete Venmo history. But you can make your past, current, and future transactions private from the public. It will then restrict access to your Venmo account to only the sender and the recipient. 

Remember, once you make your transactions private, you can’t change them back to the public. This means you can change your Venmo history from public to private, not private to public. That’s just the platform’s rules! 

So, if you’re still willing to make your Venmo history private, follow the below steps:

Step 1: Launch the Venmo App 

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Venmo app is accessible from your home screen.

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First, open the Venmo app on your smartphone. The app is available on both Android phones and iPhones.

Step 2: Navigate To the Hamburger Icon

Click the 3-dash line on the left of your screen.


Now, look for the “hamburger” icon or three bars on your home screen to open the menu. It is present in the upper left corner of your screen. Tap it once you find it. 

Step 3: Tap Settings

Go to Settings.


A side menu with your profile picture and username will open on your smartphone. Find “Settings,” the second last option on the menu, and tap it. 

Step 4: Choose Privacy

Privacy is under Settings.


From the Settings menu, look for “Privacy” and tap it. It will be the third option with a lock present next to it. 

Step 5: Select Past Transactions

Go to past transactions.


The next screen will open the Privacy menu with many options. Don’t focus on them for now; we will discuss them later. Look for the “More” section on the bottom and tap “Past Transactions,” the first option. 

Step 6: Change Transactions To Private

Set your transactions to private.


Tapping the Past Transactions option will give two options for you to choose from. The first will be “Change to Friends” and “Change All to Private.” If you’re sure to delete Venmo history by making it private, tap “Change All to Private” and confirm the prompt on the confirmation pop-up on the screen’s bottom. 

You’re done! All your Venmo transactions have become private, only visible to you and the receiver. There will also be a “Cancel” option on the pop-up notification to allow you to cancel the process if you change your mind. 

Can You Hide One Transaction From Your Friends?

If you want to hide a specific Venmo transaction from one person, not the entire list, you can do that too. Follow these simple steps.

Step 1: Select Your Profile Photo

Navigate to your Venmo profile.


Launch the Venmo app and log in with your ID if you haven’t already. Then, click on your profile photo present on the screen’s bottom. The next screen will open the list of transactions you’ve made over time, with the most recent ones on the top. 

Step 2: Choose Transactions You Want To Make Private

Choose all the transactions you want to hide from everyone.


If any payments already have a “padlock,” it means they’re private. You’ll now only have to make those transactions private that have a “globe” icon (showing visibility to the public) or two overlapping persons (indicating visibility to only friends).

You can also check the privacy level of every transaction from the blue ink present next to the time. If the payment is publicly available, it will show “Public.” Similarly, it will show “Friends” when the transaction is set to friends only. 

Step 3: Select Private

Click Private to restrict viewing.


Finally, tap “Private” to quickly hide your transaction(s) from your friends. The payment will only be available to you and the sender or recipient. 

The best part? It will remain private even if the sender or recipient hasn’t made their transactions private. No one can view your payment history once you change its privacy, not your friends or theirs. 

Remember, this method will only make those transactions private that you chose. So, follow the first method to make all your previous transactions private. 

How To Make Future Transactions on Venmo Private?

So what if you can’t delete Venmo history? You can make all your previous and future payments private. Yes, not only the past, but you can also hide your upcoming transactions on Venmo from everyone. Sounds impressive, right?

Follow the below steps to go utterly private on Venmo:

Step 1: Open the Menu

Click the 3-dash line on the left of your screen.


On the Venmo app, tap on the “hamburger” icon or three-bar menu in the upper left corner of your screen. A side menu will open. 

Step 2: Choose Settings

Under settings, you can customize your account.


Find the “Settings” option on the menu available towards the bottom. Choose it to proceed further.

Step 3: Tap Privacy

Click on the Privacy option under Settings.


Now, look for “Privacy” on the next screen and select it. It will be the third option. 

Step 4: Select Private

When you set transactions to private, only you and the sender can view the details.


Choosing the “Privacy” option will expose you to multiple options. This time, focus on the middle three options in the Default Privacy Setting section: Public, Friends, and Private. Select “Private,” the third option with the padlock icon. 

Step 5: Confirm the Settings

Tap “Change Anyway” to complete the process.


A confirmation pop-up will appear on your screen after tapping the “Private” option. All your future transactions will be private, so you no longer have to worry about how to delete your Venmo history.

Remember, making your transactions private will also hide them from the recipient’s or sender’s friends. That’s applicable even if that person has set their transactions to public or friends-only. This shows Venmo prioritizes its users’ privacy and ensures it in every way possible. 

Can You Delete Venmo History by Deactivating Your Account?

Venmo keeps a record of all the transactions made on the platform. So, even if you deactivate your account to delete Venmo history, it won’t give you the desired results. Your account details will be in Venmo’s system for the foreseeable future.

This also means that your Venmo friends can easily see your transactions, including the other party of each payment. 

Therefore, there is no way you can delete Venmo history, but you can follow the above methods to change your transaction settings to private from public. It will restrict access to all your past and future payments!

Is Venmo Secure?

Like any platform which allows you to send and receive money, there are always going to be some risks involved with Venmo. However, Venmo is generally a secure platform for sending and receiving money, although that doesn’t mean it can’t have loopholes. There are a few reports of Venmo accounts being hacked, despite the encryption that Venmo uses to protect your data. Plus, there’s always the added risk of you accidentally sending money to the wrong person.

Safety Tips When Using Venmo

As a regular user, you can do a couple of things to ensure safe transactions on Venmo, besides changing your history to private.

So, what more can you do if you can’t delete Venmo history? Here are some extra steps to secure your Venmo account:

  • Choose Your Unique PIN Code. First, enable the PIN on your Venmo account. So, when someone tries to access your account, they must always enter their PIN. Ensure you choose a unique PIN code. Avoid birthdays, phone numbers, or things like that. If your smartphone has a fingerprint ID feature, enable it for added security. 
  • Add Layer of Protection. You can also add multi-factor or two-step verification to your Venmo account. You will get an email or SMS with unique codes whenever someone tries to access your account. You’ll have to provide this code every time accessing your account. 
  • Log Out of Venmo. If someone else uses your laptop or smartphone, you should log out of your Venmo account after using it. However, if you lose your phone with your Venmo account logged in, you should immediately log out from your laptop. Go to Settings and remove your phone’s session.


You can’t delete Venmo history, but you can make your transactions private to hide them from the public. Just follow the above steps to change your Venmo account’s settings to private. You have three options: hide your one transaction, all of them, and change all the future ones to private. 

Once you’ve made your previous and future transactions private, neither your nor the other party’s friends can access them. That’s applicable even if the sender or recipient doesn’t have strict privacy.

How To Delete Venmo History: Step By Step With Photos FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions) 

Can everyone access Venmo transactions?

All the transactions on Venmo are public by default, as the platform works like a social media app. Everyone can access your payment details, including your friends and the recipient or sender’s friends.

How far does Venmo record transactions?

Venmo starts recording your transactions as soon as your account is set up. You can easily access your history with the help of date filters, but there is a limit. You can only view your payments made in the previous 90 days simultaneously.

Can I delete my account to delete Venmo history?

Deleting your account won’t clear your Venmo history. Not only that, but it won’t also remove your bank account information and transaction history.

How do I hide past transactions on Venmo?

You can hide your past transactions on Venmo by opening the menu bar and clicking the “Settings” option. Then tap “Privacy,” “Past Transactions,” and choose your desired settings. You can make all your transactions or only one or two private. Not only that, but you can also hide your future transactions from everyone on Venmo.

Where are the history details on Venmo?

You can view your history details on Venmo from the app’s “Me” tab. Simply tap the magnifying glass to search for a specific transaction. You can also download a CSV file of your Venmo transaction history by choosing the “Download CSV” button located beside the “View” option.

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