How to Delete a Microsoft Account Permanently

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How to Delete a Microsoft Account Permanently

Key Points

  • Before deciding to delete your Microsoft account, there are several factors to consider. For example, you will lose access to all data and associated products and services.
  • You will also lose access to your Hotmail account, so be prepared for that as well.
  • If you change your mind, you have 30-60 days to reverse the process.

Almost every proud Microsoft Account holder would want to keep their account. But some choose to delete their Live accounts for some reason. Whether you have multiple accounts and want to maintain just one or need to switch to another email provider, Microsoft allows you to close your account permanently. Read on to learn how to delete your Microsoft account permanently and the products and services you’ll lose for terminating your Microsoft account.

The Associated Products and Services

Microsoft accounts are linked to different products and services. When you close your account, you give up access to all of them. Here is what is at stake:

  • Email: Any Hotmail or Outlook email addresses associated with your Microsoft account.
  • OneDrive: Any files or media backed up on your OneDrive account will be lost.
  • Xbox Live: You’ll lose your Xbox Live Gamertag and any remaining Xbox Live subscription time or Game Pass time remaining on the associated account. 
  • Skype: Microsoft will delete your Skype username and your contact list.
  • Microsoft Office Products: If you currently hold a Microsoft Office subscription or license code, it will stop functioning once your account is erased. 
  • Microsoft Certifications: Data Engineering, Developer, Solutions Architect, Security Engineer, and other certifications are linked to Microsoft accounts. Closing your account will erase your test history and certifications. Think about your decision, as your certifications may be useful in the future. 
  • Microsoft Reward Points and Account Balance: You also forfeit your account balance and any accrued rewards points when you close your Microsoft account. If you ever registered a gift card to your Microsoft Account, you would also have to give it up.

Login into your account and verify there are no active subscriptions and gift card balances. Review different account sections you’ve used in the past and redeem available account credits so you won’t lose them. Take a moment to cancel subscriptions set to bill you in the future. Microsoft could continue billing you if you don’t properly cancel your subscriptions before erasing the account.

Account Closing Process

1. Go to Close your account on your browser

You will be asked to sign into the account you want to close.

The Sign In screen to sign in to your Microsoft account.
Sign in to your Microsoft account.


2. Confirm that the page shows the Microsoft account you want to close, then click next

The verification screen for the Microsoft account you want to close.
Verify the correct account is displayed and click Next.


3. Mark your Hotmail account for closure

Now you’re in the final stage of the closure process. Scan down the page and check each box to agree to close your account permanently. You’ll lose all the services, products, and data that you’ll lose access to as you fill in these boxes.

Verification screen for closing a Microsoft account.
Review each item and check the boxes indicating you agree.


Read the information closely and back up any information you don’t want to lose before closing your account. Double-check all of your linked accounts before moving ahead with this process. If you fail to check any of the boxes, Microsoft won’t allow you to close your account.

4. Wait for the Account to Close Completely

After you review the checklist and confirm you want to close your account permanently, Microsoft will terminate your account. You have 30 to 60 days to decide if you want to keep your account. It’s impossible to skip over this waiting period, so you must wait a minimum of 30 days for your account to disappear. If you have all the information backed up and you’re ready to say goodbye to your account, there is nothing else for you to do at this point.

The below video from How-To Guide visually walks you through how to delete a Microsoft Account.

Reopen a Closed Account within the Grace Period

Have second thoughts about closing your account? You have 30 to 60 days to reverse the process. Visit accounts.microsoft.com, sign in to your closed account, and request to have your account reinstated. You’ll have to verify the account using one of the linked methods before you can access the account. Any account balances or subscription time left on your account will be available.

Your subscriptions will continue counting down even while your account is in its grace period for closing. Using this tool, you can reinstate a closing account before it’s gone for good. Otherwise, you’ll have to create a brand-new Microsoft account. You won’t have any of your old services or data on a new Microsoft account, and you will have to obtain new subscriptions, services, and software on the account. 

Final thoughts

Microsoft allows you to close your account for good. Whether you’re just fed up with Microsoft’s products and services or you want to close down extra accounts you aren’t using, it’s easy to get rid of an account you don’t want. Remember that once you’ve completed closing your account, your account will disappear in 30 to 60 days. You’ll lose all your data and subscriptions.


Frequently Asked Questions

How to sign into a Microsoft Account

Visit account account.microsoft.com and input your account information accurately to access your account.

What can I do if I can't access my Microsoft account?

If you can’t access your account use the account recovery options that are available to you. Choose the reset your password and supply an email or phone number to reset the password effectively. If these methods don’t work you will have to contact Microsoft customer support directly for help.

Why Microsoft account is important?

A Microsoft account is important because it gives you access to a wide range of different Microsoft account services and products. The account allows you to access Xbox Live, Outlook, Microsoft Office, Technical Certifications and much more.

What is a Microsoft account used for?

A Microsoft account is used for Xbox, Minecraft, Microsoft Office, Outlook, Skype, Onedrive and many additional services.

Why is a Microsoft account used for Minecraft?

Minecraft is owned by Microsoft and all the different Minecraft services are linked together through a Microsoft account today.

What Microsoft account do I need for Minecraft?

Link the Microsoft account that you purchased Minecraft on originally. If you didn’t purchase Minecraft on an account you can link any Microsoft account that you own.

Is a Microsoft Account free?

Yes, it is free to obtain a new Microsoft account. Many services that can be linked to a Microsoft account come with a fee or purchase cost though.

How to delete a Microsoft account.

Visit the accounts.microsoft.com website link and choose the

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