How to Delete Your Instagram Account Permanently

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How to Delete Your Instagram Account Permanently

Key Points:
  • Deleting your Instagram account is only possible through three methods, an iPhone, a computer browser, and a mobile browser.
  • Instagram doesn’t immediately delete your account. After 30 days, all information will be permanently deleted.
  • Deleting your Instagram account on the computer is arguably easier than doing it through the app.

Deleting your Instagram is sometimes a necessary thing. Whether it’s time to remove yourself from social media officially or you plan on making a different account, deleting your Instagram is a long-term and permanent option that is available.

Thankfully, it isn’t too hard to delete your account, although it does have a few steps to find the option.

Today, we will show you exactly how to delete your Instagram account permanently, plus the difference between deleting and deactivating your account. Let’s get started!

6 Steps to Delete Your Instagram Account on Your iPhone

Deleting your Instagram account is only possible through three methods, an iPhone, a computer browser, and a mobile browser. The best option for Android users is to use a computer or a mobile browser.

Step 1: Tap Your Profile Picture

The first step to deleting your account is to open the app and select your profile. Once the app is open, you can tap your profile image on the bottom right of the screen where your profile icon is. This will pull up your profile page with your photos and some options.

Step 2: Tap the Hamburger Menu and Tap Settings

Once you are on your primary profile page, look to the top right of the screen for the hamburger menu. This menu looks like three horizontal lines and is a commonly used button to represent further menu options. Once the hamburger menu is selected, tap on the gear icon labeled “Settings.”

Step 3: Select the Account Menu and Select “Delete Account”

Once you are in Settings, look for the option that reads “Account.” From this page, you can manage your account and see some other options. From here, select the “Delete Account” option.

Step 4: Tap “Delete Account” and Confirm Your Selection

Tap the option, then tap again to confirm your selection. Since this is a permanent option, Instagram has multiple confirmation menus and pop-ups.

Step 5: Select a Reason to Delete Your Account

Once you have confirmed you want to delete your account, Instagram requires that you select an option from a drop-down menu explaining why you are deleting it. Read through these options and select the one that most fits your situation. Once you have selected the option, you can move on to the final confirmation.

Step 6: Final Confirmation

After selecting a reason, you will be asked to enter your password. After your account password has been entered, you will then be given an option to officially delete the account.

Delete your instagram account
Deleting your Instagram is easy with these simple steps!


Important Note:

Instagram doesn’t immediately delete your account. This is stated on their official website:

“After 30 days of your account deletion request, your account and all your information will be permanently deleted, and you won’t be able to retrieve your information. During those 30 days the content remains subject to Instagram’s Terms of Use and Privacy Policy and is not accessible to other people using Instagram.
It may take up to 90 days to complete the deletion process after it begins. Copies of your content may remain after the 90 days in backup storage that we use to recover in the event of a disaster, software error, or other data loss event. We may also keep your information for things like legal issues, terms violations, or harm prevention efforts. Learn more about this in our Privacy Policy.”

Instagram Help

Check out this informative video guide on the steps to take for a complete account deletion. Click to watch and regain control over your online presence.

3 Steps to Delete Your Instagram Account on Your Computer

Deleting your Instagram account on the computer is arguably easier than doing it through the app. This method works for all accounts and devices, even users on Android or other platforms.

Step 1: Go to the “Delete Your Account” Page

The first step is to head to the official “Delete Your Account” page. Simply tap the hyperlink on this article, or find the website on Instagram’s website. If you are already logged in on your browser, the site will automatically pull up. If not, you may need to enter your account details and potentially tap on the link again.

Step 2: Select a Reason and Re-Enter Your Password

Once you are on the site, the steps are similar to the iPhone method. Instagram requires that you select a reason for leaving so they can give an alternative option to you deleting your account. Once a reason has been selected, you will then need to re-enter your password in order to ensure it’s actually you trying to delete the account.

Step 3: Confirm Deletion

Confirm your password and click the blue delete button.

After your password has been entered, simply click or tap on the blue box with your profile’s username. Once selected, you will have 30 days to log back in and change your mind.

What is the Difference Between Deleting and Deactivating Your Instagram Account?

When it comes to your Instagram account, there are two options that are available to you, both of which are useful to understand. Let’s go over them now.

The first option that most people will take before deleting their account is deactivating it. Deactivating an Instagram account is essentially the first step before full deletion. Deactivating your account will remove your profile from Instagram, hide your photos, and make it impossible for anyone to find you. This deactivation is only temporary, however, and you can reactivate the account at any point. Keep in mind that you can only deactivate your account once a week.

The difference between deactivating and deleting your account is one of permanence. When you deactivate your account, you can reactivate it without any problems. Deleting the account, however, is a permanent option that cannot be recovered. Once deleted, all photos are gone, all likes are removed, and your username will become available for anyone else to use.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is deleting your Instagram account permanent?

Yes, deleting your Instagram account is permanent, although you have 30 days to change your mind.

Is deactivating an account the same as deleting it?

No, deactivating an Instagram account is a temporary option that can be reversed at any point in the future. Deleting your account removes all data and can’t be reversed after 30 days.

Should I delete or deactivate my Instagram account?

You should delete your Instagram account if you want to permanently delete all data associated with a profile and have no desire to ever use the account again. You should deactivate the account if you may want to turn it back on at any point in the future.

Does Instagram delete my data after I delete the account?

Instagram says that they take up to 90 days to totally delete your account information after deletion.

Can I delete Instagram on Android?

There is currently no option to delete your account through the official Instagram app on Android, although you can just use the official Instagram website.

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