How to Delete a Facebook Page in Easy Steps, With Photos

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How to Delete a Facebook Page in Easy Steps, With Photos

Key Points

  • Deleting a Facebook page can be done through the browser version or the mobile app.
  • Deleting a Facebook page is a permanent action, but there is a 30-day grace period to reactivate the page.

Facebook is an amazing platform for connecting professionally, communicating with your friends and family, and killing time scrolling down the news feed (let’s be honest). All in all, Mark Zuckerberg did something ingenious when he came up with the idea. However, sometimes you might need to take a break from social media and make your life a little more private. Other times, you may have a page that just isn’t working for you anymore. If you’re struggling to figure out how to delete your Facebook page, we understand. The platform is pretty consistent with updating its interface and shuffling things to unknown places. We’re going to break down the process into simple steps here, so you can clean up your digital footprint.

How to Delete a Facebook Page on a Desktop

Firstly, we’re going to show you how to delete your Facebook page using the browser version. Let’s get started.

Step 1: Login to Facebook and Click Your Profile Picture

Of course, the first step requires you to go to https://www.facebook.com/ and log in. After this, click your profile photo in the top-right corner to open up a menu.

Facebook home page.
Login to your Facebook account to begin.


Step 2: Switch to Your Page

Now, you should see some blue text saying “See all profiles”. If you click this, it should bring up your other profiles and pages. Then, click the page you want to delete to switch to it.

Switching to page.
Switch to your page in the top-right corner.


Step 3: Open Page Settings

For the next step, click your profile photo again, and then click “Settings and privacy” from the drop-down menu to open the page’s settings.

Page settings.
Page settings can be found in the drop-down menu.


Step 4: Open Privacy Settings and Page Information

Next, click the “Privacy” tab in the left menu to open the privacy settings. You should then see a tab underneath called “Facebook Page information”. This is where you need to go.

Facebook page information settings.
You’ll need to go to your privacy settings to continue.


Step 5: Open Deletion Settings

Within this menu, you’ll see “Deactivation and deletion” at the bottom. Click this.

Deleting a Facebook page on desktop.
The option for deletion is found within the “Facebook Page information” submenu.


Step 6: Choose to Delete Page 

Here, you’ll have two options: either deactivation or deletion. Whereas deletion is permanent (after a 30-day grace period), deactivation will temporarily hide the page from the public. For the purposes of the article, we’ll continue illustrating how to delete the page. Click this option, and then hit Continue.

Delete Facebook page menu.
You can either deactivate or delete your Facebook page at this stage.


Step 7: Confirm Selection

The next page gives you the option to download your page’s data, such as photos or videos, or transfer it, i.e., to a cloud service. Use these if you desire. If not, go ahead and click Continue again to proceed.

Delete Facebook page confirmation.
You can store your page data before deletion if you wish.


Step 8: Confirm to Delete Your Facebook Page 

Finally, the last window prompts you to confirm the deletion. Remember that you have 30 days to reactivate the page, which can be done from the privacy settings of your main profile.

Confirmation to delete Facebook page.
If you want to cancel the deletion, you can do so within 30 days.


How to Delete a Facebook Page on the Mobile App

Since a lot of us prefer to use Facebook when we’re on the go, it only makes sense to demonstrate the process for the mobile app as well. Let’s go!

Step 1: Login and Go to Your Profile

As before, log into Facebook, but this time, tap the three horizontal lines in the top-right corner to open your profile settings.

Profile settings on Facebook mobile.
To start, login and go to your settings.


Step 2: Go to Page Profile

Secondly, tap the down arrow next to your main profile name to bring up your other profiles and pages. From this menu, tap the page you want to delete.

Switching to page on Facebook mobile.
Switch to your page.


Step 3: Open Page Settings

For this step, tap the gear icon in the top right to open the page’s settings. Next, tap “Page settings” at the top.

Opening Facebook page settings.
Page settings can be found by tapping the gear icon.


Facebook page mobile settings.
Page settings is at the top.


Step 4: Open Access Settings

If you scroll down a little, you’ll see the “Facebook Page information” tab that we’re familiar with. But this time, you want to tap “Access and control”.

Facebook page information settings for mobile.
“Access and control” is under the “Facebook Page information” menu.


Step 5: Tap Deactivation and Deletion

Now, tap the only option that’s there, “Deactivation and deletion”.

Facebook page deactivation and deletion on mobile.
Once again, you have the option to deactivate or delete your page.


Step 6: Choose to Delete Page

As with the other method, you have the option to deactivate or delete. Go ahead and choose to delete it if you wish.

Deleting Facebook page on mobile.
Choose “Delete Page” and continue.


Step 7: Continue to Deletion

In contrast, the app has a difference here in that it allows you to choose a common reason for your deletion to see if Facebook can help you with your concerns. If you’re sure you want to delete, tap Continue.

Facebook can advise you on your concerns.
Facebook can advise you on your options before deletion.


Step 8: Confirm Selection

You can also download or transfer your data at this stage, or even archive it in your activity log. Once you’re happy, proceed by tapping Continue.

Saving page data on Facebook mobile.
Transfer or download your data first if you desire.


Step 9: Confirm Deletion

Lastly, you’ll have to confirm twice on the mobile app to delete your page. Once you’re sure you want to continue, tap Continue and then Delete Page to delete your Facebook page.

Facebook confirmation.
The first confirmation page.


Final confirmation.
The page will be permanently deleted after 30 days.


How to Delete a Facebook Page: Wrapping Up

Once you know how to delete a Facebook page, it’s a pretty easy process to follow. In summary:

  • On the desktop, login and click your profile picture.
  • Click “See all profiles”, and click the page.
  • Click your profile again and then click “Settings and privacy”.
  • Click “Privacy” on the left, then “Facebook Page Information”.
  • Choose “Deactivation and deletion” at the bottom, and then follow the prompts, saving your data if you wish.
  • For the mobile app, login and tap the three horizontal lines on the right.
  • Tap the down arrow and then tap the page you want to delete.
  • Next, tap the gear icon, and then “Page settings”.
  • Scroll down and tap “Facebook Page Information”, and then tap “Access and control”.
  • Tap “Deactivation and deletion”, and confirm as before.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I delete my Facebook page?

The process is a little different depending on whether you’re using a desktop or mobile device, but you’ll need to access the page’s settings, and then find the deletion option by following the steps in the article.

Can I delete a Facebook page instantly?

There is a 30-day grace period for deleting Facebook pages, meaning that you can undo the process within this time. It will, however, be hidden from the public instantly.

What's the difference between deletion and reactivation?

Deletion will permanently remove your page once the 30-day period is up. However, deactivation will hide the page and its posts from the public. This way, you can hide your page’s presence without having to remove it forever.

How do I reactivate a Facebook page?

You’ll need to go to the information for your main profile, which can be found in your privacy settings. Here, you can reactivate a page so that it’s visible again.

How do I cancel a page deletion?

The method for canceling a deletion is identical to reactivating a page. You can do this from your privacy settings.

Can I recover a deleted page?

No, once the page has been permanently deleted, all its content (i.e., videos, comments, photos, and posts) is gone forever. Make sure you want to do this before proceeding.

How do I save my data and delete a page?

If you have valuable data on a page that you want to save, you’ll be prompted to do so before deletion. You can either transfer this to a storage service, i.e., a cloud service, or download it to your device before deletion. On the mobile app, you can archive the content to your main profile instead, which will be visible in your activity log.

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