How to Delete a Facebook Business Page in 8 Steps, With Photos


How to Delete a Facebook Business Page in 8 Steps, With Photos

Key Points

  • Rebranding, privacy, and closure are three compelling reasons to delete a Facebook business page.
  • Deleting a Facebook business page can help align your online presence with a refreshed appearance.
  • Deleting a page is a necessary precaution to undo the damage caused by hacking or privacy issues.
  • Deleting an inactive business’s Facebook page prevents potential customers from being misled.

There are more than 80 million unique Facebook business pages on the social media giant. Beyond this figure, more than 160 million businesses have used Facebook to interact with customers before. However, not everyone sees success on the social media platform. Sometimes, it’s better to delete the page. While this sort of decision is never easy, it doesn’t have to be so hard to do. If you’ve decided it’s time to part ways with your Facebook business page, we’ll help make the process go as simply and easily as possible. Just follow along with the steps and photos below.

Why Delete a Facebook Business Page?

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Social media can be a blessing or a curse for businesses. Sometimes it’s best to leave it behind.

You might be asking yourself what the point of deleting a Facebook business page is. To be clear, this action is a major decision that should not be taken lightly. However, there are a few compelling reasons that make it a necessary precaution. From changing your business’s branding to resolving a privacy issue to finalizing the closing of your business completely, it helps to know how to delete a Facebook business page (should the need ever arise). Before getting into the how-to, let’s go over these three reasons at length below.


When your engagement is down and your sales are low, some experts might encourage you to pursue an all-out rebrand. This is the term used to describe the process of changing your business’s image while retaining its core identity. A professional makeover, in other words. If your business has been on Facebook for a long time, it may be a smart idea to shut down the old page before you get to work on the new look. This ensures that your business’ online presence aligns with your refreshed appearance.


All too often, we hear about businesses that have seen their Facebook pages hacked by cybercriminals or their privacy infiltrated by scammers. If this has happened to you and you’ve failed to clean up the damage done to your Facebook business page, it may be a good idea to start from scratch. This is a complex, painful decision, but it’s possibly the only way to undo what’s happened to your business’s page. It’s sad to see it go, but your loyal patrons will surely come back and rejoin you on your new Facebook page.


Say it’s not a rebranding issue or a privacy problem at all. Let’s say you’ve decided to close your business altogether. In this instance, it’s probably best to delete your Facebook business page entirely. While some former customers may miss the opportunity to go back and revisit your business’s old posts, it’s not wise to leave an inactive business’ Facebook page live. This creates an illusion that you’re still in business, which may lead to disappointed potential customers. Consider taking the page down using the steps below.

How to Delete a Facebook Business Page

Rebranding, privacy, closure… Whether it’s one of the three reasons above or something else entirely, it can be a tough, emotional process to come to the decision to delete a Facebook business page. We understand this completely and are here to help streamline the difficult process for your ease. Now, log into your profile and follow the steps we’ve assembled below. We’ve included pictures for you to follow along with, as well. It’s best to complete these steps from a computer, if possible.

Step One: Click Pages

Facebook home page.
Click the Pages tab on the left side of your Facebook home page.

After logging into your Facebook account, navigate to your home page via the Home button or by clicking the Facebook icon. Then, click the Pages tab on the left side of your screen. This will take you to a list of all available pages linked to your personal profile.

Step Two: Select Business Page

List of Pages on Facebook profile.
Select the page you wish to delete from your list of Pages.

From the list of pages you manage, click the name of the page you wish to delete. Its location will depend on whether it’s an updated page or a classic page. This action will take you to the page’s home but keep you logged into your personal profile.

Step Three: Switch Now

Facebook page interface.
Click “Switch Now” to act as your page.

Now, on your Facebook business page, you’ll notice that you cannot manage the page just yet. This is because you’re still switched to your personal profile. Click the blue Switch Now button to change over to your business page’s interface.

Step Four: Go to Settings

Facebook page options.
Click “Settings” on the left side of the screen.

Now, acting as your Facebook business page, you’ll see a ton of new settings and features available to you. On the left side of the screen, look for the tab that says “Settings” (it’s the one with the gear icon next to it). Click it to reveal your Facebook page settings.

Step Five: Click Facebook Page Information

Facebook page settings.
Choose “Facebook Page information” from the list of settings.

Within your page settings, look for the tab on the left side of the screen that reads “Facebook Page Information.” Click it to reveal a list of advanced page settings.

Step Six: Hit “Deactivation and Deletion”

Facebook page settings.
Go to “Deactivation and Deletion” under your Facebook page information.

From the Facebook Page Information settings, navigate your cursor down to the bottom of the page. Here, you’ll find the Deactivation and Deletion tab. Click it to begin the final steps.

Step Seven: Choose Delete Page

Deletion and Deactivation settings on Facebook page.
Choose the “Delete Page” option from the list.

On the next page, you’ll see a pop-up menu asking you whether you’d like to deactivate or delete your page. Deactivation disables your page, but also makes it easier to reinstate it should you ever decide to do so. Deletion will remove the page from Facebook permanently. Make your choice, then click Continue.

Step Eight: Confirm Your Choice

Pop-up window when deleting Facebook page.
Enter your password to finalize the deletion of your Facebook business page.

Follow the on-screen prompts to confirm your choices. One page will ask if you’d like to download your page data before it’s removed from the site. This might be a good idea for your records. On the final page, you’ll be asked to enter your password to make your decision final. This is a last-ditch security measure to ensure a hacker, cybercriminal, or disgruntled admin isn’t maliciously deleting your page. Enter your password, click Continue, and wait for the process to complete. With this last step, your Facebook business page has officially been deleted.

Frequently Asked Questions

Will deleting my Facebook business page also delete my personal account?

No, deleting your Facebook business page does not impact your personal Facebook account in any way. They are entirely separate entities, and one’s existence or removal doesn’t have an effect on the other. However, deleting your personal Facebook account may impact your business page.

Can I recover a Facebook business page that has been deleted?

Unfortunately, once you delete your Facebook business page, you cannot recover it. Facebook permanently removes all content and settings associated with the page. Therefore, it’s crucial to be absolutely sure about your decision. If you’re unsure, you can always deactivate your page instead of deleting it.

What happens to my Facebook business page's content when I delete it?

When you delete your Facebook business page, all content, including posts, photos, videos, and other data, will be permanently erased. This content cannot be retrieved or restored. This is why it’s important to back up any essential information before proceeding with the deletion of your page.

Will deleting my page stop any upcoming ad campaigns?

Yes, if you have active ad campaigns associated with your Facebook business page, deleting the page will also delete those campaigns. Don’t delete your account until you cancel the ad campaigns and get your money back. Otherwise, you may negatively impact your business’s all-important advertising efforts.

Can I transfer ownership of a Facebook business page?

Yes, you can transfer ownership or assign someone else as an admin. This is a good alternative to deleting your Facebook business page, especially if you no longer want to manage the page but wouldn’t mind it continuing under someone else’s control.

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