How To Delete Etsy Shop In 5 Steps, With Photos

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How To Delete Etsy Shop In 5 Steps, With Photos

Running an Etsy shop can be a gratifying and even lucrative experience. However, after years of selling stuff online, you may want to delete your Etsy shop. The process can seem daunting, but it can be simple and hassle-free with the proper guidance. Our handy guide will show you how to delete your Etsy shop in a few steps. You’ll also learn what to do right before closing your store and the next steps. 

Things to Do Before Deleting Your Etsy Shop

Closing your Etsy shop is a significant step, and you’ll want to do a few things to ensure a smooth transition. First, inform your regular customers that you will be closing your store. This gives them a chance to make final purchases while preserving customer relationships.

If you plan on moving your business to another platform, you’ll want to give your customers a way to stay in touch. For example, you can create a final shop announcement or send personal messages to your frequent buyers. Finally, consider your existing inventory. If you have remaining stock, you might want to host a clearance sale leading up to your store closure. 

Step 1: Process Any Outstanding Orders

Before closing your Etsy shop, you must resolve all your outstanding orders. Ensure you ship all the items customers have bought online and process all payments. If you still have open orders, ensure you fulfill them or refund your customers. This maintains your professional reputation and prevents any issues arising after closing the shop.

Step 2: Settle Any Outstanding Etsy Payments

Etsy requires you to pay all outstanding bills and fees associated with your shop before closing the store. To do this, go to “Finances” and then select “Payment Account.” Here, you can view and settle any outstanding balances. Remember, it’s crucial to maintain good standing with Etsy, especially if you plan to return at some point in the future.

Sort out any due bills first before you shut your store.

Step 3: Deactivate Your Listings

You can start deactivating your listings once orders have been fulfilled and your bills paid. To do this, navigate to your Shop Manager dashboard’s “Listings” page. You can select each product individually and click “Deactivate” or choose multiple items at once using the checkbox feature.

Go to listings and deactivate your products.

Step 4: Navigate to Your Shop Options

Now that your shop is in good standing and your listings are deactivated, you can close it. Go to your Shop Manager dashboard, then “Settings,” and select “Options.” This will bring you to a page titled “Shop Options.”


You will find the option to close or disable the shop under Shop Manager.

Step 5: Delete Your Etsy Shop

Next, click on the “Close Shop” tab. If you have an available balance, you’ll be alerted to pay before closing your account.

Etsy requires you to provide a reason for closing your shop. This feedback helps Etsy understand why sellers choose to leave and can inform any improvements to the platform in the future. After selecting your reason and providing additional comments, you can hit the “Close Shop” button. You’ll receive an email from Etsy confirming your shop’s closure.

Select the reason for closing the shop from the drop-down menu and then click the Close Shop button.

Here is a step-by step video for further reference. This video also includes information on deleting your Etsy account if you choose to do so:

Alternatives to Closing Your Shop

Maybe you don’t want to close your shop fully but want to take a break from running your store. If that sounds like you, then you have some options available. One option is to set your shop to “vacation mode.” What this does is temporarily suspend your shop without permanently closing it. Your listings will be deactivated, but you can easily reactivate them later. This is an excellent option if you’re planning a short break or need time to restock.

Reopening Your Shop in the Future

If you decide to return to Etsy in the future, you can always reopen your shop. To do this, go to “Shop Manager,” then “Settings,” and select “Options.” You’ll find the “Open Your Shop” section. Etsy will reserve your shop name during your absence. So, you can use the same name if you reopen the shop. However, you will need to recreate listings and shop sections.

What Happens After Your Shop is Closed?

Once your Etsy shop is closed, you will no longer appear in the marketplace, and all your listings will be removed. However, your account information, including your sales history and reviews, will remain. You can still log into your Etsy account and view this information, but you cannot sell items unless you reopen your shop. Remember that your shop name will remain unavailable for others to use, even after closure.

Moving Forward After Deleting Your Etsy Shop

Upon successfully closing your Etsy shop, the next step primarily depends on your circumstances and plans. If you’re transitioning to a different e-commerce platform, it’s crucial to begin setting up your new online presence as soon as possible. If you’re stepping away from online selling entirely, you may wish to maintain some form of communication with your loyal customer base. They may be interested in following your future endeavors.

Remember, it’s okay to close an Etsy shop. Sometimes, it’s the best decision for your personal and professional growth. The skills and experiences you’ve gained from running your Etsy shop may be helpful in the future.

Wrapping Up

As you can see, closing your Etsy shop is a significant decision and should be taken seriously. The steps above will guide you through closing your shop while maintaining a good relationship with your past customers. If you want to take a break from your store and return later, you can always put your store on vacation mode instead. Plus, you can always reopen your shop in the future with the same name if you do decide to come back. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you still access your sales data after closing your shop?

Yes, after closing your shop, you can still log into your Etsy account and access your sales history.

Can you open a new shop with the same name later?

Yes, your shop name will remain unavailable for others to use, even after closure. So, if you decide to reopen, you can use the same name.

Can you close your shop with outstanding orders?

Etsy requires you to fulfill all open orders before closing your shop. It’s crucial to either ship these orders or issue refunds to maintain a good reputation.

What happens to shop reviews after closing your shop?

Your shop reviews will be retained by Etsy even after shop closure. They will be available for you to view after logging into your account.

Can you temporarily close my shop instead of permanently closing it?

Yes, Etsy offers a vacation mode feature that allows you to temporarily suspend your shop without permanently closing it.

How do you inform your customers that you’re closing your shop?

You can inform your customers through a final shop announcement or via personal messages. Whatever is the most appropriate for your store and customer relationships.

What are the options for remaining store inventory?

You can host a clearance sale before closing your shop, or you can plan to sell your remaining inventory on a different platform.

Can you still buy on Etsy after closing your account?

Yes, you can delete your Etsy shop, but still keep your account active. That way you can still make purchases on the platform.

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