How to Delete Devices from Alexa App in 5 Steps

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How to Delete Devices from Alexa App in 5 Steps

Smart assistants like the Amazon Echo are great for integrating multiple devices at home. Simple voice commands bring devices like Smart light bulbs, robot vacuum cleaners, smart plugs for electrical outlets, and even thermostats brought under control.

However, someone might want to remove an Alexa-compatible device. You’ll need the Alexa app for iOS or Android. Amazon makes this easy, thankfully, with the Alexa app controlling device removal and various other functions. Below we show you the steps to remove a device from your Alexa app.

What is the Alexa App?

The Alexa app acts as a user interface and an extension of the Amazon Echo. It is compatible with Android and iOS mobile devices and connects through Wi-Fi to control the Echo. Amazon has packed in a fair bit of functionality, with users able to access their Amazon e-books, listen to music, make video calls, control their Alexa devices without commands, and add or remove Alexa-compatible devices.

An absolute must for Echo owners, the Alexa app makes controlling the device a breeze. Alexa is on Google Play, Apple App Store, and Amazon devices like the Kindle Fire.

The app is free of charge, only requiring users to have their own Amazon account. It can also act as your phone or tablet’s smart assistant, but you may find Siri or Google Assistant a better fit.

Why Would You Remove Alexa Devices?

People remove a device from Alexa for many reasons. Maybe you bought items that are incompatible might. Or, your Alexa device could also be faulty or malfunctioning, requiring a return or replacement. A user could not have the Alexa-compatible device in their home anymore, replaced with a newer or better model.

Removing these devices also helps with organization, and it is a benefit to have a wider appraisal of everything in your home. Having a smart home does require a degree of organization and management beyond the traditional home. Cluttered lists of items could lead to inefficiency and confusion, leading to home management woes. It is also just outright messy from an organizational viewpoint.

Step 1: Download the Alexa App

Alexa ap is available on Google Play and the Apple App Store.

Start by downloading the Alexa app. After installation, enter the details for your Amazon account. The account should already have the Echo as part of the devices listed under it.

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Step 2: Navigate to Devices

On the devices panel, you can add, remove, or configure what’s running on your network through the Echo.

Navigate to the devices panel after logging into your account.

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Step 3: Go to All Devices

You can view all the devices on the network.

At the top of the devices section, there should be a series of selections like Echo & Alexa, Lights, and so on. From this top bar, you’ll want to swipe over completely to the right, where a selection called All Devices is located.

Step 4: Forget Alexa Device

Tapping on the device will bring up its full details.

From the all devices screen you’ll want to select whichever device you’re planning on removing. At the bottom of this screen is the option Forget Device. Pressing this will remove the device from your app, and it’ll no longer be an Alexa device you can control through your Echo.

Step 5: Delete Device Apps

This could be an optional step if there isn’t an accompanying app. You’ll want to navigate to the home screen and delete the app on your phone or tablet. On iPhone, this is accomplished by doing a long press on the app icon until all the icons shake. From there, tap remove app and the device’s app is deleted.

What Are Other Options for Removing Devices?

If the above steps don’t work, there are other ways of removing unwanted devices from your Amazon Echo. It is a bit drastic, but a full reset will place the Echo in factory default settings. You’ll lose settings like alarms, reminders, and scheduled tasks.

A factory reset is like setting up the device new from the box, and as a result, it can be a time-consuming effort. However, this might be the only option left if a device cannot be removed. In addition to a factory reset, if the steps above leave you with any lingering questions, here’s a video from YouTube we believe will clarify the process in removing any unwanted devices.

Alternatives to the Amazon Echo

Home smart assistants have been around for a few years now, and as a result, there are many alternatives to Amazon’s Echo.

There are offerings by Sonos, whose Sonos One can support Alexa and Google Assistant. This smart speaker is on the pricier end but promises improved sound quality. Those used to the Amazon ecosystem can still utilize Alexa and all Amazon services, but audiophile quality.

Google also offers an alternative, Nest Audio, which offers similar functionality to the Echo but only supports Google Assistant. It is comparable price-wise to the higher-end Echoes from Amazon, and may prove a great option for Android users who have grown accustomed to the smart assistant on their phones.

For those film and TV buffs, Yamaha’s YAS-209BL might prove as an enticing alternative. This soundbar functions the same as any other smart speaker, but with much clearer and more detailed sound due to the speaker size. The added benefits come from enhanced compatibility with Amazon Fire TV products.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it difficult to remove a device from Alexa?

Not at all, the companion app provided by Amazon makes managing Alexa and the Echo easy. It can be accomplished in very few steps and doesn’t require some complicated process.

Can I add deleted devices back to Alexa?

Of course, the Alexa app simply removes the ability for Alexa and your smart device to interact. You’d have to go throw the same setup again to reintroduce the device to Alexa, but it isn’t a permanent alteration unless you want it to be.

My Alexa app isn't recognizing my device, is it because of removing it?

It’s difficult to say for sure, but most smart devices might have specific instructions on how to set them up with Alexa. Check the manufacturer’s website for setup guides or other resources before giving up. If it can’t be fixed with online resources, reaching out to their support staff may be the best bet.

What sort of devices are compatible with Alexa?

Alexa-compatible devices range from LED light kits, smart plugs, door locks, televisions, and so much more. Compatible devices benefit from control in the form of scheduled tasks or being voice-activated.

Is it worth having a smart speaker?

Installing a smart speaker in your home has some benefits. You can automate tasks, set up scheduled events where compatible devices activate at specific parts of the day, listen to streaming music and your favorite podcasts, and a whole lot more.

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