Deleting contacts could be a process, whether you left a job, ended a relationship, or don’t need a contact on your phone.

In this article, we will go through the 4 steps necessary for you to permanently delete contacts off your iPhone.

1. Open Contacts

Open up the Contacts app on your iPhone.

Firstly, find and open the Contacts app. The icon is a grey square in the 3 colored tabs on the side. An easy way to find it, if it’s not on the home screen, is to swipe down on your home screen (while your phone is unlocked) to open the search bar, and type in Contacts.

2. Tap the Contact You Want to Delete

Search for the contact you want to delete, either by scrolling to their name or typing their name in the search bar.

After you open the Contacts app, you will see a list of all your contacts on your phone in A-Z order. Find the contact you want to delete, and tap on it.

3. Tap Edit

Tap on the contact you want to delete, which will bring you to their contact page. Select Edit on the top righthand corner of the screen.

Now that you have the contact open that you want to delete, select the Edit button in the top right corner of the screen.

4. Tap Delete Contact

This will bring you to the Edit settings of the contact. Go to the bottom of the page and, in red, you will see Delete Contact. Tap it.

In the edit screen, scroll to the bottom, and you will see a red Delete Contact button.

The screen will prompt you to confirm that you want to Delete Contact. Press it again, and the contact will be deleted.

After selecting that button, a confirmation screen will come up. Select Delete Contact again. The contact is deleted, and your phone will take you back to the screen where you can see all your remaining contacts.

You’ve now successfully deleted the contact!

How to Delete Contacts on an iPhone Permanently FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions) 

Does iCloud keep deleted contacts?

You can restore your contacts from an earlier version that was automatically archived in iCloud.

How long do deleted contacts stay on your iPhone?

If you accidentally deleted a contact, the information will stay on your phone for 30 days so that you can restore it.

Are contacts stored on a SIM card or iCloud?

Unlike Android phones, contacts are not saved on SIM cards. Instead, iPhones store contacts on iCloud, so it is easier to transfer contacts between phones.

Does deleting your Apple ID delete your contacts?

If you delete your iCloud account, it will delete all your contacts off your phone.

Do deleted contacts stay blocked on iPhone?

If you delete a contact from your phone already on the blocked list, it will stay there just under the number instead of the contact name. That being said, deleting the contact will not automatically block it if you have not blocked a contact.

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