How To Delete (Close) PayPal Account Permanently: In 4 Steps, With Photos

How To Delete (Close) PayPal Account Permanently: In 4 Steps, With Photos

Almost every online service people use has a half-dozen accounts sitting idle. Leaving an old Netflix account open typically doesn’t cause any problems, but banking platforms and payment apps are a different story. That includes PayPal, a popular payment service.

Wondering how to close PayPal accounts permanently? Our guide can help you accomplish that. Plus, we’ll tell you what happens if you decide to pull the plug and delete PayPal.

Things to Know Before Closing a PayPal Account

PayPal allows users in supported countries to sign up and send or receive money. It’s popular with consumers and small business owners, including sellers on Amazon and eBay. Linking PayPal to your bank account only takes a few minutes, but deleting the account and its ties requires a few extra steps and forethought.

You can download statements from your PayPal account in this area.

Before deleting a PayPal account, withdraw any balance in the account. Failing to do so will result in the loss of funds, and any pending invoices will also be canceled. Once your account is closed, it’s gone forever, including transactions. If you want to save your PayPal history, you’ll need to log into the site and follow these steps.

To find tax records associated with your account, go to Settings>Statements and Taxes. From here, you can find tax documents from the current year or previous ones. We recommend delinking any account linked to your Paypal for additional peace of mind.

While it’s not something you’ll need to worry about with a closed PayPal account, it only takes a few minutes to unlink bank accounts and other services. To access payment methods, click on Wallet to find your financial data. You’ll see any cards or accounts linked to PayPal on the left side of the screen. Click on the card, and scroll down until you see the option to remove it.

How to Delete PayPal Accounts Permanently

Once you’ve withdrawn the balance from your PayPal account and are sure you want to delete it, follow these steps to close it permanently.

1. Login via PayPal

Using a browser, go to PayPal and sign into the account you want to delete using the login prompt on the screen.

Sign into your PayPal account.

2. PayPal Settings

When logged in, click on the gear icon on the top right side of the page. This will take you to your primary PayPal account page.

3. Close your Account

Go to close your account on the page’s bottom.

Scroll to the bottom of the screen and choose the section called Close your account to begin deleting PayPal.

4. Confirm and Delete

From this pop-up menu, you can confirm your email address or contact the company if you have any questions. At the bottom, you can choose to have the company delete your data before your account is closed. If you’re ready to delete PayPal, click on Delete account to finish the process.

Click close account to finalize the deletion.

Why Can’t I Close My PayPal Account?

Don’t get frustrated if you followed our steps and cannot close your PayPal account. It happens more often than you think, and it’s easy to clear up once you know the reason behind it.

One primary reason you can’t close a PayPal account is an unresolved issue. These include disputes, pending transactions, and accounts restricted by PayPal.

If you’re an online seller with an outstanding dispute, you won’t be able to close your account until you settle it. You can find that out by going to the Resolution Center of your PayPal account. Pending transactions should show up from the Dashboard section of your account. If you can’t find any, you can dig deeper into the finance settings to ensure there aren’t any problems.

As for account restrictions, that can happen if you violate the company’s acceptable use policy. Another reason is when your account is marked as high-risk. PayPal temporarily locks or restricts accounts if they detect fraudulent or suspicious activity.

If you’re still having trouble closing your PayPal account and don’t see any pending transactions or unresolved issues, you’ll need to contact PayPal support to get help.

The Wrap-Up

Closing an online account can seem daunting, especially when it involves financial data. However, deleting and closing a PayPal account couldn’t be easier and is a good idea if you no longer use the platform. Just remember, once your account has been deleted, your information is gone for good, and you’ll need to make a new account to use PayPal again.

To see the process in action check out the video below which will walk you through the process.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are you able to sign back up with PayPal using the same information?

Yes, you can make a new account using the same bank and email account.

Can you delete a PayPal account from the app?

Yes, you can delete an account from the PayPal app by accessing the settings under your profile.

Should I stop automatic payments before deleting a PayPal account?

All links to your account will be automatically removed from PayPal once your account is closed.

Can you delete a PayPal account without logging in?

No, you will need to have full access to the PayPal account you want to close.

Can you close the PayPal account of a deceased relative?

Yes, but you will need to contact PayPal and be the executor of the estate.

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